An Autumn Walk in the 100 Acre Wood

I am not a fan of the cold, I think it’s fair to say. But hibernating for six months of the year just isn’t an option, with two very active little twin boys to entertain. Embracing the changing seasons is something that I’ve learnt to do, ever since becoming a mother. A few weekends ago, in search of adventure, we wrapped up warmly and headed of to the forest where I spent much of my childhood. It is beautiful at any time of year; but never more so than in the autumn. The trees — dressed in their seasonal finest — a riot of colour. Their last swan-song before the leaves drop and winter takes a hold. We’d gone with the intent of looking for woodland creatures but it never takes too much to distract the attention of my two little sons and before too long they were swinging from trees and playing hide and seek. I love the forest. If you stop and listen there are so many different sounds. Birdsong, the rustle of leaves high above in the trees but at this time of year, it’s also rutting season so occasionally you hear the bark of a fallow… Read More

242 weeks and 3 days | Energy, puddle-jumping & Kidunk

Energy. It’s a weird thing isn’t it? Too little of it has me feeling listless and unenthusiastic. Too much has me feeling antsy and climbing the walls. The boys seem to have just the right amount. Like a pair of little Duracell bunnies, their seemingly boundless energy keeps them going from sun up to sun down. Never without full enthusiasm — and never bored. (yet) Maybe that’s something that comes with age. The balance of energy definitely seems to shift as we get older. But, for now, their energy is something to be applauded — and harnessed. I want them to be able to embrace all that being little has to offer. All the mud, the water, glitter and paint. I want them to grab the very fabric of life, with both hands. But, to do this, they need to be suitably attired. Waterproof clothing can get so hot. The boys sweat like a couple of little boil-in-the-bag chickens every time they’ve gone for an adventure in their splash suits. But over the summer we discovered THE most amazing play clothing; perfect for the boys to wear when they’re off on their adventures. Kidunk Kidunk is the brainchild Tina and… Read More

Good Foundations {In praise of pretty lingerie}

One of the things that will stay with me to the grave, is my mum (when I was about 12 or 13) occasionally saying, before I went anywhere. ‘I hope you’ve got clean pants on? You never know when you’ll be hit by a bus’. It’s SUCH a weird thing to say but really really resonated with me. And is eerily true. When we were skiing in March and I had my accident, I was in the back of the ambulance it suddenly flashed through my mind then. ‘OHMYGOD. I hope I’ve got good knickers on.’ Not — ‘how long am I not going to be able to walk for?’ or ‘am I insured’. But worrying about the state of my underwear. Crazy. (Thankfully they were presentable black ones, just in case you were wondering.) Although, this brush with danger — and impromptu sharing of my choice of undergarments with a total stranger — led me to have a really good cull of my underwear drawer when I returned home from Tignes. Greying, ugly underwear was binned. Mismatched bras and pants were replaced by sets of pretty lingerie. My very favourite sets are these by Fantasie Lingerie. So beautiful, with… Read More

Happiness is: {The perfect faux suede biker jacket}

This time of year is a bit challenging weather-wise isn’t it? Too warm to wear a winter coat, too cold not to. And here-in lies the problem. What is a girl to do? I’m definitely not wanting to give in totally and dig out my winter woolies just yet. The weather has only just turned and — not wanting to put a dampener on things — we’ve got months of cold weather ahead. Anyway — I’ve come accross the perfect transitional jacket and just wanted to share my findings! The lovely folk at River Island sent me this cute little faux suede biker jacket, back in the summer, and it’s totally coming in to it’s own at the moment. It’s perfect for this time of year. It works so well with jeans but also looks fab over dresses with chunky knit tights. I went for the light grey version but — if that doesn’t float your boat — there are eight different colourways to choose from. There’s a gorgeous autumnal burgundy or if you want to make a real statement — and stand out from the crowd — it’s also available in hot pink. And at a bargainous sixty quid, it’s a… Read More

Seasonal Skincare featuring Green People

Aaah autumn. The leaves changing colour and falling. A nip in the air. The transition from light, summery clothes to heavy knits and boots. And dry skin caused by central heating. Yep. The changing seasons play havoc with my skin. Seasonal skincare certainly wasn’t on my radar when I was younger (nor eye-cream for that matter either); but as I get older I definitely feel the need to up the ante, at this time of year, to give my skin an extra boost. I spoke recently about a range of products I’d been using throughout the summer but, to mix it up a little, I’ve been alternating them with some gorgeous organic skincare products from Green People. Green People are celebrating their 20th anniversary this year — a feat for any business given the current economic climate —  but particularly one that began life from such humble origins. Charlotte Vøhtz’s mission to create a truly organic skin care brand originally started in 1994, when she was unable to find natural products for her small daughter’s sensitive skin. She discovered that many so-called ‘natural’ skin care brands used almost entirely synthetic ingredients. And, crazily,  you only need to have less than 1%… Read More

Colour Your World | #24 Pink Yarrow

I’ve not done a Pantone post for so long!! The last one was back in April, so I thought it was high time for another. Colour is such a tonic isn’t it? It brightens up the dullest of days and definitely forms the largest part of my wardrobe. I’ve never been one of the chic, black brigade; I’ve tried — in vain — to be dark and interesting. But it’s just not me; I always end up feeling drab and dull. Funnily enough, I wrote a couple of years ago about my love of colour and print, in fashion. I used to dither about what colours suited me but then one of my best girlfriends and I had our colours done and it magically transformed the way I felt about shopping for clothes. One of the best things EVER. Knowing what colours to wear makes it much, much easier to find things that suit you. And — in a weird way – it totally took the stress out of shopping as I had a clearer idea of what I should be looking for. I soon began to gravitate towards the colours that I knew worked well for my skin tone… Read More

Looking as young as you feel | Sanctuary Spa Products Review

I’ve spoken before about my beauty regime and how it’s changed over time. Much as I still like acting like an overgrown child — cavorting around a festival field wearing a glitterball on my head — my body and skin (annoyingly) are definitely not still in the first flush of youth. These days, I need a little bit of help to keep them looking as young as I feel. Water intake definitely improves skin-tone and elasticity — there’s no doubt about that.  Good diet and exercise too. But what other things can you do? Once your twenties and (whispers) thirties are behind you, you need a little help to keep things looking their finest. Sadly, the days of slapping a bit of cheap moisturiser on and hoping for the best are long gone. So in my endless pursuit of a more youthful complexion, I’ve recently been testing out some products by Sanctuary Spa; and I’m so excited about them, I wanted to share my findings with you. Salt Scrub Now, I’ve been using their salt scrub for years. I think I may have first bought it when I was getting married — and that was in 2001 — and I’m faithful to… Read More

Regaining my mum style and my sense of self

Mum style. It’s a term that gets bandied around a lot these days doesn’t it? Women pushing against the ‘frumpy mummy’ stigma and trying to remain cool and fashionable, with little ones in tow. Personally, I don’t feel as though I’ve ever been particularly ‘fashionable’ — even when I was in my teens and twenties. I like fashion and I love clothes but being a slave to the high-street — or cutting edge trends — has never really been high up on my list of priorities. But one of the things I do notice about my style since I had the boys, is that there seemed to be a list of things that suddenly became off-limits. I stopped wearing very pale colours. I had my colours done a few years ago and weirdly white was on my list of shades never to wear — but suddenly other pale colours like cream, ivory and stone also got shelved when I had the twins. Long necklaces too, because they always got tugged by tiny, grabbing hands. Anything in a lacy or delicate fabric that could pull — or damage easily — also got put to one side. I didn’t wear too many clothes that needed dry cleaning either; why would you when they’d… Read More