Colour Your World | #24 Pink Yarrow

I’ve not done a Pantone post for so long!! The last one was back in April, so I thought it was high time for another. Colour is such a tonic isn’t it? It brightens up the dullest of days and definitely forms the largest part of my wardrobe. I’ve never been one of the chic, black brigade; I’ve tried — in vain — to be dark and interesting. But it’s just not me; I always end up feeling drab and dull. Funnily enough, I wrote a couple of years ago about my love of colour and print, in fashion. I used to dither about what colours suited me but then one of my best girlfriends and I had our colours done and it magically transformed the way I felt about shopping for clothes. One of the best things EVER. Knowing what colours to wear makes it much, much easier to find things that suit you. And — in a weird way – it totally took the stress out of shopping as I had a clearer idea of what I should be looking for. I soon began to gravitate towards the colours that I knew worked well for my skin tone… Read More

Colour Your World | #23 Pantone Lilac Gray

I’m so behind on my Pantone posts. I didn’t manage to complete all the colours from last year’s colour predictions — even though I’ve already showcased this year’s colour of the year. But made a pact with myself to carry on with them. So, here’s the next in the series; Pantone Lilac Gray. Of all the colours I’ve showcased so far,  it has been the most difficult to source products for. Slightly more red than standard ‘grey’, this warmed up shade has definitely more than just a hint of lavender. It’s such a beautiful, restful colour — and I found quite a few interior pieces to fit the brief — but fashion was a different story altogether. Although grey is HUGE at the moment, most of the pieces available online are your bog-standard school uniform kinda grey. Not this subtly different  shade. So please bear with me. Whilst these picks are not ‘exactly’ Pantone Lilac Gray, they certainly give a flavour of it. The gorgeous sneakers from Air and Grace are a winner — they’re metallic silver leather but have the most amazing iridescent detailing that looks silver-grey in some lights, lilac in another, so I figured that was all bases covered! Colour Your World |… Read More

Colour Your World | #22 Pantone Greenery {Colour Of The Year 2017}

I can’t believe I’m into my third year of  Pantone posts! When this series began I didn’t really have any agenda; I just loved looking at the colours and creating boards to tie in with them. Amazing that we’re into yet another year. And to kick off this year’s colours, it seems right and proper to start with the colour of the year 2017. Pantone Greenery. Of which, Laurie Pressman of the Pantone Institute says: ‘Bringing forth a refreshing take, Greenery is a tangy yellow-green that speaks to our need to explore, experiment and reinvent. Illustrative of flourishing foliage, the fertile attributes of Greenery signals one to take a deep breath, oxygenate and reinvigorate.’ It’s such a fresh colour. I think the perfect word to describe it would be ‘verdant’. Reminds me of the Palm House at Kew. Of tennis lawns and cheese plants. Meadows and snowdrops. So in a bid to bring a little of the outside in, these picks for Pantone Greenery are for the sitting room. But unlike all of my other Pantone posts all of this product has come from just one retailer — Wayfair. Colour Your World in Pantone Greenery 1. Lison Throw in Cactus 2. Tropical Sidetable 3. Freschesa Lamp — Pura Lux 4. Meridianus Green Area Rug — Home Etc 5. Hanging Terrarioum Cube 6. 2 Seater Couch… Read More

Colour Your World | #21 Pantone Buttercup

I think anyone who knows me — or reads my blog — will have a good idea what my favourite colour is. It hasn’t always been that colour though. It’s changed throughout my life. In my teens it was purple. I wore purple dungarees and lavender suede desert boots — with purple ribbons for laces — I had violet streaks in my hair and was generally (as you can be in your teenage years) a little bit compulsive about it. I even wrote a diary post listing all of the synonyms of the colour purple. As you do when you’re 16. Weirdo. Anyway, moving swiftly on. In my twenties and early thirties, it was blue. Baby blue, navy blue, teal and turquoise. Lots of variants of the same colour, in a myriad of different shades. I was definitely less obsessed by it —but subconsciously used to gravitate towards things in that colour, for sure. But for the last decade, my eyes and heart are drawn to the colour yellow. It’s such a happy-making colour — endlessly cheerful — particularly when the weather is grey. It’s the colour of sunshine and positivity. And the colour of my latest Pantone post. The next in the palette for 2016 is Pantone… Read More

Colour Your World | #20 Pantone Snorkel Blue

It’s been a while since my last Pantone post. So much for one every couple of months eh?! There’s been so much going on recently though, it’s hardly surprising. We’ve barely been at home and the couple of free days that I do have — during the week when the boys are at nursery — seem to be over in a flash. I certainly don’t seem to be able to fit as much in as I’d like. But hey. Better than kicking my heels and wishing for something to do. I’d much rather be busy, than not. The next colour in the palette for this year is Pantone Snorkel Blue. Personally, I’d probably label this one ‘French Navy’ but I always love Pantone’s names for their colours — and Snorkel Blue is a lot more pictorial — so I’ll let it slide ;) We’ve had a fair few blues since I started this series; Aquamarine, Scuba Blue to name a couple and, actually, this shade is not dissimilar from Classic Blue that I featured in February last year. It’s such a fresh shade — looks gorgeous in an interior setting — and can be paired with so many lovely colours to make it really pop. Clash with fuchsia pink or orange… Read More

Colour Your World | #19 Pantone Serenity

Weightless and airy, like the expanse of the blue sky above us, Pantone 15-3919 Serenity comforts with a calming effect, bringing a feeling of respite even in turbulent times.     A transcendent blue, Pantone Serenity provides us with a naturally connected sense of space — Leatrice Eiseman, Executive Director – Pantone Colour Institute When I read the above description for the next colour in my Pantone line-up, I couldn’t quite believe how true it rang, particularly when thinking of the events that have occurred over the the past few days. Turbulent times indeed. Much of the UK at odds with each other; a sense of unease and upset. I love the idea of ‘respite even in turbulent times’ and where better to recharge our batteries and relax than a bedroom? So this is what I’ve concentrated on, this time round. I’ve collated a little range of pieces, that reflect this lovely calming blue shade, to create — as it’s name would suggest — a little slice of serenity in the home. A peaceful refuge, away from all the friction and wrath. Colour Your World in Pantone Serenity 1. Cross-stitch Egyptian Percale Bedlinen — Zara Home 2. Cloudy Blue Vase — Graham & Green 3. Regatta Quilt — Heals 5. Blue Lamp by B&B Home — Crowdy House 5. Bovary… Read More

A mini sitting room makeover in Pantone Rose Quartz

At the beginning of last month I was asked to take part in a little challenge by Ocean Finance. They’ve just launched a new interior design blog called Four Walls and, to celebrate, they asked me — and another four bloggers — to work on a little room makeover post each. We were given £100 each to spend on the room of our choice and asked to transform it, in any which way we wanted. Initially I had some grand ideas about updating one of our guest rooms but a couple of weeks ago we featured the most amazing blush pink sofa on Home Etc and I’ve been obsessively thinking about it ever since. Pink is certainly the colour of the moment isn’t it? Ever since Pantone named Rose Quartz as one of it’s colours of the year for 2016, the high street has been awash with it. It’s a delicious pale pink — not too saccharine sweet, not too babyish — a restful blush pink that sits beautifully with so many other shades. Here are just a few of the colours that Pantone suggest compliment Rose Quartz. Anyway back to the challenge. Recently I shared our conservatory sitting room on the blog — we’ve had the… Read More

Colour Your World | #18 Pantone Peach Echo

Peach. It’s not a shade that I’m immediately drawn to — either in fashion or interiors — if I’m honest. For me, the colour ‘peach’ is straight out of the 1980s. It conjures up satin bridesmaids dresses with puffed sleeves, dubiously coloured bathroom suites and fussy, festoon blinds. It certainly doesn’t bring to mind the punchy coral shade in Pantone’s colour report for 2016. Going by the name of Peach Echo and it is, literally, just an echo of the shade that I associate with it’s insipid namesake. Peach Echo is a warm orange — much closer to coral than peach — and is the kind of colour that makes me yearn for warm days, balmy nights, barbecues and picnics. Hot and vibrant, it’s the colour of summer. In fact, this lovely hue has had me all excited about our impending summer holiday with Mark Warner and, in preparation, I’ve been on a little mission to seek out some suitable holiday accessories, to wear when we’re away. Perfect for poolside dining or exploring sun-drenched towns and markets, here’s my  pick of the loveliest bits and pieces in Pantone Peach Echo. Colour Your World in Pantone Peach Echo 1. Marylebone Bracelet — Lola Rose 2. Boho Jersey Dress — Boden 3. Leather Obi Belt — Mango 5. Jute Cotton… Read More