10 weeks and 6 days | A routine for newborn twins

Time has absolutely flown… tomorrow my boys will be 11 weeks old! I can’t believe how much they’ve grown and how things are changing, literally, day by day. I’m so grateful to the midwife who stressed the importance of a routine for newborn twins.

I don’t know where I’d have been without it, if I’m honest.

My current routine for newborn twins

3 weeks ago, they were waking once in the night to feed — for the last week and a half, they have slept through the night, from 11.45pm to 7am!! Amazing how fast they develop.

I have tweaked the timings a little since.

We were initially feeding every 3 hours; I was doing 6, 9, 12, 3 etc etc, until they were in a good routine and their weight was going up.

Then we altered it about 4/5 weeks ago to 7am, 10, 1, 4, 7 with the last feed at 11pm, a 3am (ish) feed, then up at 7 to start all over again.

We missed the 3am alarm a few times a couple of weeks ago and they slept through until 5, but that’s a godawful time to get up in the morning (at least you can catch some zzz if you’re up at 3am!).

Once you’ve finished a 5am feed there’s almost no point going back to bed!!

So I adjusted it slightly and we’re now doing an extra half feed at 10pm, letting them stay awake afterwards — instead of putting them in their moses baskets — and doing their usual big feed at 11pm.

By the time they’ve finished the last feed they’re full and tired and are managing to go through til 7am. And most days, I am having to actually wake them! Clever babies :)

…for now anyway!

I’m under no illusions that this new routine may not last. When they start teething — or if they are poorly — I’m sure we’ll be woken again during the night but, for now, we are really enjoying the extra sleep and are making the most of it while it lasts.

They’re really settled most of the time – amazingly contented – I feel so lucky.

Having said that, I think that the routine they’re in has contributed to that; they get lots of regular food and sleep and are pretty happy as a result!

Got to go… feeding time x

A routine for newborn twins

A routine for newborn twins

A routine for newborn twins

A routine for newborn twins

a routine for newborn twins
A routine for newborn twins

My twin pregnancy — 33 weeks pregnant with twins

Dear Twinkles,

It’s been ages since I last wrote my diary blog!! Three weeks since my last post — I am slacking!!

There’s such a lot going on though, to be fair. I am desperately trying to get my work tied up before you come along. My maternity leave is getting shorter by the day! At the start of every working week, I tell myself it’s going to be the last one before you arrive, but every Friday I seem to have more orders and my ‘to do’ list seems to have grown! This is the downside of running your own business; I suspect  that if I worked for someone else, I’d be lying on the sofa now watching re-runs of ‘The Good Life’ or similar! ;)

Hurrah — I’m now 33 weeks pregnant with twins!

Asides from my to do list, another thing growing is my ENORMOUS belly! We had the 32 week scan last Monday and you are both —apparently— 4lbs each!! Not sure how scientific this ultrasound measuring malarkey is. I keep getting told by various people that it can be out by a couple of lb… which could mean that you’re only a very tiny 2lb each or a WHOPPING 6lb!!!

As the babies are still breech and transverse, I have now been booked in for a caesarian so we finally have a proper due date. I am a little sad that I’m not going to get the chance to go into labour and try and birth our babies myself without medical intervention, but que sera…

Ultimately I want them to be safe and, to be honest, so many ‘natural’ births can end with medical intervention anyway — be it forceps, ventouse, epidural, episiotomy — and that’s just for a single baby! As my consultant said last week, if both babies had been head down from the start, or at least for a few weeks, she would have let  me try naturally, but the fact they’ve both been transverse since the beginning and now Twin A has turned breech, it makes sense to get them out the safest way. And that, sadly, involves cutting me open. I hope it will be OK. I am more scared of the recovery than the operation, but that might change as the date gets closer!! The date for the c-section is 22nd March.

4 weeks today.

My feet have started swelling up this week. I think that it’s down to the fact that I haven’t been drinking enough water, so today I am mindful of this and am on my 3rd pint!!

Looking forward to Monday’s scan!! I wonder how much weight these Twinkles will have put on!!

Til next time


Me at 3 weeks pregnant with twins!