Home Etc #128

Happy Home Etc day everyone! I wanted to kick of straight away with last week’s favourite post. It’s from Becky who blogs at Pinks Charming. She shared a fantastic tutorial, showing — in glorious Technicolor —  how to make winter wreaths with embroidery hoops and foliage. I won’t show you all of the images (hopefully this little taster will persuade you to go and see the rest for yourself). But suffice to say, for around 15 quid — I think you’ll agree — they’re an absolute bargain! Such a gorgeous idea and the final pieces are so beautiful. Home Etc Favourite Pop over and have a read if you missed it. It’s such a simple thing to make but absolutely gorgeous. Not just for Christmas either! Depending on what foliage and blooms you use, they could work all year round. Well done Becky — your name is in the hat to win this month’s voucher from our fabulous sponsor  Laura Ashley. For anyone who’s like to share blog posts in this week’s linky, have a little read of our house rules. HOME ETC HOUSE-RULES 1) Please include our lovely #HomeEtc badge at the bottom of your post. <div align=”center”><a href=”https://www.thetwinklediaries.co.uk/” title=“HomeEtc”><img src=”https://www.thetwinklediaries.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2015/05/HOME_ETC_BADGE.jpg” alt=”Home Etc” style=”border:none;” /></a></div>… Read More

Home Etc #126

What a lovely day I had yesterday. I hotfooted it into the city, to meet my good friend Sarah who blogs over at Extraordinary Chaos. It always amazes me how my blog has brought me so much good fortune. As well as fabulous experiences — and a change in career — it’s also brought me some lovely new friends too. Including our fabulous Home Etc community. We’ve welcomed some lovely new faces over the last few months since Lins has been co-hosting with me — and it’s fabulous to meet new faces and get a glimpse inside their beautiful homes — but I love it when our old favourites come back and link up. Which brings me nicely on to last week’s favourite post. Favourite Home Etc Blog Our favourite blog post from last week comes from Lizzie who edits the blog Marmalade Pie. It’s always so lovely when a Home Etc original pops by — and shares what they’ve been up to — and we loved her Home Notes for November. Such a gorgeous little round-up of things that she’s been buying for her home this month. Gorgeous. Well done Lizzie and welcome  back!! We’ve missed you. Your name… Read More

Home Etc #124

Happy Home Etc day! And happy November too. I love this time of year. I’m definitely not a fan of winter but the run up to Christmas always fills me with so much excitement. PLUS I discovered yesterday that our home etc hashtag has been used more than seven thousand times! Pretty amazing for a little tiny community! Here’s a little collection of my faves. _hellobirdie_ /clarina1985  /diaryofamumof3 / house.of.hale.interiors   /fromcity2suburb / mrsjennyswift /pinkscharming / brickdustandglitter /homewiththebuckleys Favourite Home Etc Blog Our favourite blog post from last week comes from Emma who writes over at Oh Gosh. She shared her fabulous hallway transformation. I love these kind of posts the best. It’s all very well and good showing a beautiful, perfectly styled space but what did it look like before?? Well — I’m not going to show you — if you’ve not been over to her blog and seen for yourself!! I’m just going to say, it was nothing like the welcoming vision of loveliness that it is today! Pop over t her blog and have a look at the before pictures. So lovely. But when they’re paired with the ‘before’ photos it definitely gives an idea of how much work they’ve done! Well done Emma and welcome to… Read More

Home Etc #122

Did you know, there are just 8 weeks and 5 days until Christmas day? Sorry — for those of you that still aren’t allowing the C Word to be mentioned but I think we need to take a deep breath and acknowledge that it’s on it’s way. Me especially. I’ve been living in a bit of a weird state of suspended animation recently. Ever since the boys started school I’ve been trying to get into a routine and find my groove. Weirdly, everyone else in the family seems to have managed beautifully. The twins segue from nursery to school seems to have been faultless and they’ve settled in nicely. Their daddy drops them off at the classroom door every morning, before heading off to work. But it seems that I have not been able to adjust so well, and the change in structure has unsettled me a bit. Happily, the Home Etc community has been keeping me grounded and I’ve really enjoyed seeing lots of new blogs linking up each week. Favourite Home Etc Blog Our favourite post from last week was from Leoma who writes over at Style The Clutter. She showed off her gorgeous sitting room. Spectacular non? Although,… Read More

Home Etc #120

Aaaah happy Home Etc day! We’ve seen some lovely new bloggers linking in over the last few weeks. My cohost Lins has been on a real mission to bring fresh blood into our little community. And, as a result, we’ve been treated to some fab posts; both linking in here, and over on Instagram. I remember someone once saying that Home Etc was a bit like an online interiors mag and it’s so true. It’s lovely to go through and have a browse. The things that people are doing to their homes are just fabulous. Take last week’s favourite post for example. Favourite Home Etc Blog It’s from Jenny who edits the blog Seasons In Colour. She won a coveted Amara Interior Blog Award last year, for best colour inspiration, and it’s easy to see why. Her blog is a veritable treasure trove of colour and full of tips and tricks to create a lovely home. She shared an IKEA hack — always a favourite for me. I once turned a shoe-rack into a bathroom storage bench and gave a tired old IKEA chest of drawers a little bit of a face lift too. Jenny took a couple of humble… Read More

Home Etc #118

Things are starting to calm a little now the boys are doing full days at school. I’m ploughing through my enormous to do list and beginning to feel as though I’m getting on top of things. It’s a good feeling. And I’ve been so distracted, that the fact the leaves have been turning — and the nights are drawing in — have *almost* gone unnoticed. Not quite but almost. Co-hosting Home Etc on a bi-weekly basis has definitely taken the pressure off too. To be honest, I’m wondering how on earth Jess I managed to host every week for so long! Sharing the duties with Lins is lovely, I love seeing who she’s picked for her favourite post too. Talking of which. Favourite Home Etc Blog Last week’s favourite blog post came from Pati at Style Squeeze. Now, Lins and I are both suckers for a great tutorial and this ticked all the boxes! Pati shared her brilliant DIY wooden tribal wall art/drinks tray. It’s SO fabulous — and the cleverest thing I’ve seen in a while. Totally loving the Aztec pattern she created. I’m thinking I’d like to have a go myself but create a tabletop for a side-table… Read More

Home Etc #116

I can’t believe I’ve only managed to write one post since the last Home Etc two week’s ago!! *face palm* I’m so behind, it’s ridiculous. I was struggling with all the plate spinning even then, but I feel as though it’s got even worse over the last week. Throughout the chaos, I’ve still managed to spend a little bit of time over on Instagram though and — even though I’ve not posted too much myself — I’ve really been enjoying seeing what everyone else is up to, via the Home Etc hashtag. Here’s a little selection. coffeeworksleep  / booandmaddie / harrybeau_and_i / mostlychloe  / babiesandbeautyx  / redpopcreative  / three_sons_later / lifewithmuncher  / brickdustandglitter Favourite Home Etc Blog Last weeks favourite blog post came from Home Etc newbie, Leoma, who writes over Style The Clutter. She showed off THE most amazing downstairs loo transformation. It’s absolutely stunning — particularly when you see how it looked before. Pop over to her blog  to see more pictures. Well done Leoma and welcome to our little Home Etc community! Your name is in the hat to win this month’s voucher from our fabulous sponsor  Laura Ashley. For anyone wishing to share blog posts in this week’s linky, have a little read of our house rules. HOME ETC HOUSE-RULES 1) Please… Read More

Home Etc #114

Morning everyone! Life feels very odd to be honest; almost as though someone has moved the floor from underneath my feet. I found out last week that last Thursday was the boys’ last ever day at nursery — *sobs* — so this week has been a little bit upside down. Plus we’ve done two weekends of festivals, back to back, and now I’m slightly behind the curve. As I type this, I’m at my parent’s house; the twins are in bed and I’ve half an eye on Holby City and the other half on a glass of gin. My two little boys are starting school next week and things seem to be moving at a million miles an hour. I’m so thankful for Home Etc! At least some things remain constant!! Last week’s favourite post came from Medina who blogs at Grillo Designs. She shared one of her fabulous IKEA hacks; a gorgeous industrial style side table, crafted from a humble stool. Pop over and have a read if you missed it. She got so many lovely ideas! Well done Medina — your name is in the hat to win this month’s voucher from our fabulous sponsor  Laura Ashley. For anyone wishing to share blog posts… Read More