Liberty for Anthropologie {up a tree, K I S S I N G}

You know how certain things are made for each other; jam and cream, black and white, Liz and Richard etc etc Well there is currently the most amazing collaboration happening — like two planets colliding — it’s a spectacular pairing. Basically, my two very favourite  brands have put their heads together and created the most beautiful collection. Liberty for Anthropologie It makes me feel a bit giddy just to think about it, to be honest. And even more giddy to see these beautiful images. A symphony of colour and pattern; the most beautiful synergy of an iconic, much loved British brand with an American born company, over 100 years it’s junior. Anthropologie Love Anthropologie was founded in 1992 in Pennsylvania; and I vividly remember my first Anthro experience. It was 1998 and we were in the states, visiting a friend. I remember walking into Anthropologie and  literally feeling as though I’d found my spiritual home. To this day, I’ve never been into another store that’s given me the same ‘kid in a sweetshop’ feeling. The shop fittings were beautiful, the product even more so. And every time we returned to the US, I managed to seek out the local Anthropologie and… Read More

235 weeks and 2 days | Our cool caravans are in print!

Exciting news! Dolly 1 and Dolly Too (that isn’t a spelling error, by the way, she is Dolly ‘also’) have been featured in this month’s issue of Reloved magazine! SO amazing to see our cool caravans immortalised in print. I was expecting a little mention but incredibly there’s a 4 page article on the two Dollys! It makes me feel so proud to see them in the pages of a magazine. But even prouder to receive so many lovely messages from people, to say that our caravan makeovers have inspired them to do the same with their own vans. There used to be such a stigma surrounding touring caravans. And they have certainly always been regarded as the poor relation when it comes to VW campers, that’s for sure. Campervans have an air of cool about them whereas caravans have always been seen to be a little bit dowdy and —dare-I-say-it — embarrassing. Not any more though. People are swiftly realising that campervans and motorhomes are costly to run; you have to pay road-tax, insurance, MOT.   Plus there’s the inconvenience of getting to your destination and setting up — only to have to put everything away again if you… Read More

Home Etc #116

I can’t believe I’ve only managed to write one post since the last Home Etc two week’s ago!! *face palm* I’m so behind, it’s ridiculous. I was struggling with all the plate spinning even then, but I feel as though it’s got even worse over the last week. Throughout the chaos, I’ve still managed to spend a little bit of time over on Instagram though and — even though I’ve not posted too much myself — I’ve really been enjoying seeing what everyone else is up to, via the Home Etc hashtag. Here’s a little selection. coffeeworksleep  / booandmaddie / harrybeau_and_i / mostlychloe  / babiesandbeautyx  / redpopcreative  / three_sons_later / lifewithmuncher  / brickdustandglitter Favourite Home Etc Blog Last weeks favourite blog post came from Home Etc newbie, Leoma, who writes over Style The Clutter. She showed off THE most amazing downstairs loo transformation. It’s absolutely stunning — particularly when you see how it looked before. Pop over to her blog  to see more pictures. Well done Leoma and welcome to our little Home Etc community! Your name is in the hat to win this month’s voucher from our fabulous sponsor  Laura Ashley. For anyone wishing to share blog posts in this week’s linky, have a little read of our house rules. HOME ETC HOUSE-RULES 1) Please… Read More

Home Etc #114

Morning everyone! Life feels very odd to be honest; almost as though someone has moved the floor from underneath my feet. I found out last week that last Thursday was the boys’ last ever day at nursery — *sobs* — so this week has been a little bit upside down. Plus we’ve done two weekends of festivals, back to back, and now I’m slightly behind the curve. As I type this, I’m at my parent’s house; the twins are in bed and I’ve half an eye on Holby City and the other half on a glass of gin. My two little boys are starting school next week and things seem to be moving at a million miles an hour. I’m so thankful for Home Etc! At least some things remain constant!! Last week’s favourite post came from Medina who blogs at Grillo Designs. She shared one of her fabulous IKEA hacks; a gorgeous industrial style side table, crafted from a humble stool. Pop over and have a read if you missed it. She got so many lovely ideas! Well done Medina — your name is in the hat to win this month’s voucher from our fabulous sponsor  Laura Ashley. For anyone wishing to share blog posts… Read More

New Tiles and Wenge Worktops {A brand new look for our old kitchen}

Anyone who reads my blog regularly will know that I have a love/hate relationship with our kitchen. I loved the AGA and pretty much hated everything else about it. When we moved to our current home, 6 years ago, the kitchen was top of the ‘things to change’ list. But a kitchen makeover is expensive — particularly after you’ve just spent all your money buying a house. So we agreed to live with it for a couple of years; then rip everything out and start again when we’d topped up our savings. But sometimes life doesn’t go quite to plan.  And a couple of years later the kitchen was the last thing on our minds, as we were the proud parents of two baby boys. Now babies are expensive. Two babies are doubly expensive — and time consuming. And after all, who wants to be doing DIY when you can be snuggling up with two tiny newborns? So the kitchen makeover was put on hold again. Albeit, there was never a room more deserving — and in need — of a bit of an overhaul. So another four years on and we decided that we’re going finally to apply to… Read More

Home Etc #112

I had an interesting conversation the other day via Facebook. With a friend who asked what hashtags were for and — essentially — whether they were a load of old rubbish. The majority of her friends said yes — they were useless. One said that they were really useful on Twitter and it was a good way to find out sports news. I replied: ‘I use them a lot on Instagram mostly. They’re a great way of finding things — or communities — that I like. Home and interiors stuff, other twin parents, festivals.   It’s such a massive platform so hashtags are the best way of searching for the things you want to see. They’re used on Twitter too — but more for business or news related content than hobbies or interests.   Instagram hashtags are for everything under the sun… fashion, flowers, craft, baking, makeup…. I love them.’ And just going through Instagram yesterday and scrolling through all the lovely images that have been tagged with the Home Etc hashtag, I realised just how useful they actually are. I’ve found loads of lovely new blogs and IG accounts to follow, as a direct result of our hashtag. And, without… Read More

The GLTC Abbeville Storage Bench {The smartest smart storage}

smart storage — The Abbeville Storage Bench from GLTC

Smart storage. Does the ‘smart’ mean clever? Or does  it mean dapper and debonair? Well in the case of the Abbeville Storage Bench from GLTC it means both of those things. This is one bit of furniture that’s as clever as is it good looking. The Perfect Reading Nook. When we first bought the Abbeville home, Bertie declared that it would be a good place to put his books. Hmmm. Yes. It would make the perfect reading corner. It wasn’t quite what I had in mind for it, but I could totally see where he was coming from. The three recesses make the perfect book-store. Deep and high enough for the tallest, widest books. Plus the cushioned seat makes a lovely reading perch. This smart storage bench is the perfect addition to any child’s bedroom. Looking for a little library and reading nook in one neat package? The Abbeville ticks all the boxes. We already have book shelves but invariably the books get taken and read elsewhere. So somewhere to sit — and store the books — all in once place is a very clever idea indeed. I get a bit fed up seeing books strewn about the house, if… Read More

Home Etc #110

It’s so weird to be hosting Home Etc by myself. I’ve done it on the odd occasion when Jess was on holiday but now I’m all on my own! *Starts singing ‘All By Myself’ Bridget Jones stylee…* My lovely co-host Lins from Boo and Maddie  will be hosting on rotation each week: which means that — although we’re a team — we’ll be flying solo each week. The Home Etc Favourite Last week we had some gorgeous posts linking in but our very favourite came from fabulous Home Etc newcomer, Meera, who blogs at Arty Home. She shared her absolutely gorgeous bedroom makeover. We loved everything about it. From the wall colour to clever way she’s sprayed a lamp to tie in with the theme. So beautiful and definitely a relaxing retreat which would promote a restful sleep. Congratulations Meera, you’re now in the running to win this month’s voucher from our fabulous sponsor, Laura Ashley. And talking of which, this month’s winner is the lovely Kara from Innocent Charms Chats. We absolutely loved her use of the colour peach in her home. She’s most definitely a worthy winner of this month’s voucher. Well done Kara — let us know what you buy! For… Read More