Easy No Bake Malteser Cheesecake {You’re Welcome}

What will be on your Christmas pudding menu this year? Sherry trifle? Traditional Christmas pud? I can tell you that both of those will be on ours — along with this little beauty. A super easy no bake Malteser Cheesecake. Nom. I made it a couple of week’s ago for a festive get-together with friends and it’s the perfect, show-stopping finish to a meal. Or just enjoyed on your it’s own. {With a Christmas film on the box and a blanket wrapped around your legs maybe.} Aaah lovely… Sorry — I appear to have drifted off there for a moment — back in the room now. Here’s the recipe. How To Make Easy No Bake Malteser Cheesecake You will need: For the base — 300g chocolate covered biscuits (I used Cadbury Wheaties) 75g butter 1 tablespoon of coconut oil (if you’re not keen on coconut, replace this with another 25g of butter — if you like coconut, you will love this) For the cheesecake topping — 540g Philadelphia (or similar cream cheese). I used one 180g pack of full fat and two 180g packs of Light Philadelphia. If you’re not calorie counting, go the whole hog and use all full fat!… Read More

The Best Eggless Pancake Recipe EVER {Featuring Nutella}

When you have a child with an egg allergy, you spend a lot of time googling things like — ‘How to make egg free Royal Icing‘ and  ‘What is the best eggless pancake recipe EVER?’. And so on. It’s all a bit daunting to begin with but eventually you realise that there are some fabulous ‘free-from’ recipes out there, that you can modify to suit your family’s taste buds. My alternative for egg free icing has been such a hit and I’m happy to say that the eggless pancake recipe — that we’ve perfected over the last few years — is now a firm, family favourite too. We make them on pancake day, high days and holidays; for special celebratory breakfasts and on Christmas morning. There’s something very comforting about creating a big stack of fluffy pancakes, in the knowledge that the entire family will dig in and share them. There have been lots of variations on a theme; lemon and sugar (for me particularly — I’m a bit of a traditionalist when it comes to pancake toppings). Honey and banana is one that the twins particularly like and my big (man-shaped) boy prefers his with maple syrup and bacon.… Read More

Dreaming of Camp Bestival, Cocktails and Summer
{How to make the perfect Mojito}

Winter has us well and truly in it’s grips. It snowed here yesterday morning! Funnily enough, it snowed in November in the very first year we moved into this village too. Proper snow. Big fat flakes that fell swiftly; then lay on the cold dry ground, like a blanket. I remember feeling so excited. We were in a rural village — we were snowed in — and for the first time ever, we had a car that could actually cope with the extreme conditions (should we desperately need more supplies). We’d lived in the south for so long and had never — in all that time — had proper snow. It felt like such a treat for my boy to be given a couple of ‘snow days’ off work and it was lovely to cosy up indoors, with the snow falling silently outside. We had no children back then — it was just me and him — and I relished any days that he was at home, midweek. But anyway — sorry — I’ve massively gone off on a tangent!! Instead of reminiscing about days gone by, I actually wanted to share the news I recieved on Friday. We have… Read More

Tips for decorating a caravan | Painting and wallpapering the interior

I regularly receive emails from fellow caravan enthusiasts with questions about Dolly 1 and, more recently, Dolly 2. Very often, they’ve stumbled across my blog posts — or Pinterest pins — and ask for tips on decorating a caravan. I’m asked what kind of paint we used on the walls and cupboards and what we used to hang the wallpaper. So finally, I’ve decided to make a little list of tips for decorating a caravan interior. It’s super simple and the look that can be achieved is fabulous. I’m going to split the content into various posts — painting and wallpapering the interior, then all the fiddly bits like sinks and fittings, the upholstery and, finally, revamping the exterior. There’s way too much content for one post — and there’s also a LOT of photos!! So here goes… Decorating a Caravan » Part 1 Painting Woodwork and veneer covered walls: In most older caravans — and even bright shiny new ones — the interior seems to be a sea of brown (or worse, orange) wood. In some cases it’s real. In a lot of cases it’s chipboard; covered in a plastic wooden-look coating. The doors in both our vans have been solid wood but the surrounds… Read More

Tasty Crushed New Potato Salad with Créme Fraîche, Lemon and Dill

Mid July. What kind of images does that conjure up to you? Sweltering days and balmy nights. Paddling pool in the garden and alfresco dining. Barbecues and cocktails. Or grey skies and thunderclouds? Over the weekend the sun did a bunk and it didn’t resemble summer in the slightest. I had one of my oldest friends come to stay and although I had envisaged the sun beating down as we had a long, lazy lunch in a beer-garden somewhere, we ended up huddling indoors as the rain beat down outside. But even though it’s not paddling pool weather every day, we can still enjoy delicious summery food when the rain stops play. I wanted to share a little potato salad recipe that I’ve been making recently. A bit different from the norm — the dressing is made with a blend of créme fraîche and mayonnaise; which makes it a bit lighter than usual. It also uses dill — rather than chives or spring onions. Dill is definitely not to everyone’s taste but I love it. It’s such a fresh and fragrant herb and it goes so well with potato; it definitely shouldn’t be kept just for fish. Although this simple… Read More

Sticky Glazed Chicken Drumsticks {Featuring Hellmann’s Ketchup Sweetened with Honey}

My favourite kind of food is the sort that you eat with your fingers. Lip smacking, finger licking, tasty food that can be shared with others. Simple food that isn’t formal or pretentious. The kind that works for picnics and family barbecues. We have a favourite recipe that we bring to the table every year but I just thought I’d share it here on the blog, as it’s just had a little facelift, thanks to a new product that’s recently hit the shops. It’s a Sticky Glazed Chicken recipe and two of the key ingredients are ketchup and honey. But those clever bods at Hellmann’s have just combined the two, which means their Hellmann’s Ketchup Sweetened with Honey works perfectly! No need for two separate ingredients. I love the fact that this new ketchup is sweetened only by honey. Plus it contains 30% less sugar than regular tomato ketchup too and has 36% more tomatoes, which means more of the good stuff and less of the bad.  It’s made my Sticky Glazed Chicken Drumsticks even easier to make and even more delicious (if that’s possible!). Here’s what you do. HOW TO MAKE STICKY GLAZED CHICKEN DRUMSTICKS FEATURING HELLMANN’S KETCHUP SWEETENED WITH HONEY You will need: 6-8 chicken… Read More

Operation She Shed | #5 The Build {Painting The Interior}

Part 5 of Operation She Shed is all about painting the interior. I said from the start that these posts weren’t going to be that sexy — and I wasn’t kidding — but in order to see the butterfly, you have to begin with a dull old chrysalis. Or something like that. Anyway. Just to put this post into context, we’d already boarded and insulated the shed — you can read about that here. Because my She Shed is — as it’s name would suggest — a shed (and not a room in an actual house) we decided against having the walls professionally plastered. But in order to tidy up the joins and all the screw holes in the plasterboard — and make it look half decent — I used plasterboard tape. It’s like a wide mesh self-adhesive tape — perfect for reinforcing joints and repairing cracks in plasterboard. You stick it over the fissures and then can use a filler to smooth over the mesh. This is the perfect solution if you’re not going to skim over the walls with plaster. Once you’ve sanded it you can barely see where the joins once were, then you’re ready to paint. I filled with my favourite filler. It’s called Toupret and is available… Read More

On life lately {and why making Easter bonnets is good for the soul}

I began this blog 4 years, 5 months and 8 days ago. To the day. When I started writing I had no idea that it would become such a permanent fixture in our lives. Or be the bearer of so many amazing and wonderful experiences and life-changing opportunities. It was just an online diary, to share my thoughts and feelings. A cathartic escape, if you will. But over time, it’s become the keeper of our big family milestones and ordinary moments. A place to document the boys’ early years; for them to look back on when they’re a little older. I don’t tend to write about sad or negative things on here. This is my happy place after all. But when life-changing things happen, I do occasionally cover them on the blog. I wrote about the time my dad was gravely ill and rushed to hospital — and about losing our furry faced child Widget. I wrote about the death of my grandad and losing my nana. So whilst this little corner of the internet is mostly about the good things, it does occasionally bear witness to the bad too. Accidents Will Happen If you don’t follow me on Facebook or Instagram, you may not know that I fell on… Read More