Our stay at the Hotel Aiguille Percee in Tignes | With Mark Warner

For someone — like me — who’s never been to the mountains before, the coach journey from Grenoble airport to the ski resort of Tignes was pretty spectacular. Winding through the French Alps, looking down over vast canyons and valleys — all smothered in a thick layer of snow — was breathtaking. And as we pulled in to Tignes-Le-Lac and the coach stopped, we were able to get a proper look at where we were going to be spending our first ever family ski holiday. Tignes is located 2100 metres above sea level; and due to the high altitude offers skiers the chance of fabulous snow, even late on in the season. We arrived on 12th March and — apart from the roads which were clear — everywhere else was covered in a dense blanket of snow. The coach dropped us off and we walked up the footpath to our home for the week; The Hotel Aiguille Percee. Looking every inch as chalet-like as I’d hoped, we were warmly greeted at the front desk by Wayne — the lovely general manager — who checked us in and let us know when, and where, all the welcome meetings were; plus the times of the meals etc. The Accommodation We stayed… Read More

Our holiday at the Perdepera Resort in Sardinia | With Mark Warner

I love my blog; this little tiny corner of the internet. Since I began writing my very first post, almost 4 years ago, I’ve never had difficulty finding things to write — things to share. I don’t have to look for content — I write about my family and the things I really love — so I’ve never struggled  for inspiration and the words have always come tumbling out, quicker than I can type them, more often than not. Until now. I have so much to tell you, SO much to share, that I can seem to find the words! I’ve been downloading my photos from our Mark Warner holiday at Perdepera, Sardinia and have take so many, I just don’t know were to start. *goes off for another coffee and a walk around the garden* OK. Deep breath. From the beginning. At the start of the year, I entered a competition to become a Mark Warner Mum — one of their family ambassadors for 2016 — and (incredibly) I won. You can have a look at my winning entry here. Winning was quite a big deal. My big, man-shaped boy and I haven’t had a proper holiday (that has lasted longer than 4 days) for around 6 years and my two little boys… Read More

The perfect family holiday | #MarkWarnerMum

What makes the perfect family holiday? Even though the boys will be 3 years old, in less than a month’s time, I don’t have much to reference in terms of our ‘perfect family holiday’ as we haven’t actually had one yet. And don’t get me wrong, this isn’t a pity party, we’ve had some lovely, lovely weekends away and done some amazing things, together as a family. We’ve been on camping adventures, to festivals and on day trips. We’ve played on a beach. The boys haven’t been in the sea yet but we were lucky enough to go to to Bluestone in Wales , for four days last year, and they went in an amazing wave pool. They’ve even played in the snow and built a snowmen (albeit, in our back garden and not on the slopes of Val-d’Isère). But as I look at all of these pictures it strikes me that, even though they mark exciting little milestones in my son’s lives, they’re just a little bit *flat*. The scenery is more ‘turgid’ than technicolor. And on closer inspection, it dawned on me that they’re all lacking in a couple of vital ingredients. Colour and sunshine. Now I’m a sucker for colour in all it’s guises. From the sunniest, happy inducing yellows, to soft… Read More

135 weeks and 5 days | On leaving my children

Last week I did something I’ve not done in years. Something that, as a single girl — or even a married woman without children — I wouldn’t have thought twice about. I went on holiday for a few days. Without my children. Without my husband. I had been invited away by one of my best friends; with some of her other close friends and family members. And a couple of Fridays ago eight women — who’d all been let off the parental leash — skipped off to various airports; and boarded flights to Portugal. The Great Escape Now, as a married woman with two small children, this is something that takes an inordinate amount of planning. And a lot of generosity on the part of your partner. Our twins are now two and a half and this is the first time I’ve ever left them for any length of time; without my husband in tow. Any occasion I’ve left them over the last couple of years, I’ve been with their daddy (generally because we’ve managed to wrangle some childcare and gone to a festival) but the most I’ve been away for, by myself, since the boys were born is one night. Four nights, away from motherly duties. Three days of adult conversation (apart from the Karaoke and… Read More