121 weeks and 5 days | Camp Bestival 2015 here we come!

I *might* (OK, totally did — and on more than one occasion too) have mentioned that a couple of weeks ago my boy and I left our littles, for almost a week, and headed off to the biggest and best garden party in the world.

The Pilton Pop Festival.

Or — as it is now more commonly known as — Glastonbury Festival.

Hanging out in a grubby field with thousands of other people may not be everyone’s cup of tea but, for me and my boy, it has been our favourite way to spend quality time together for almost 20 years.

camp bestival 2015
A few scenes from Glastonbury 2015

Festivals are so much part of our lives —and that of our friends — and I cannot imagine a happier, lovelier way to spend my time.

One of my favourite  memories is driving into a festival campsite, one summer evening, and — as we were slowly travelling behind the queue of  motorhomes and caravans — I spied some little girls on the brow of the hill.

Three silhouettes — in tutus and fairy wings — running and laughing, without a care in the word.

The sun was low and the light hazy, but those little girls have stuck in my memory for all this time — the picture was so beautiful. I remember thinking:

‘WOW. Those tiny girls are having a ball. Not only have they been allowed to stay up late — always a bonus when you’re 6 or 7 ;) — they’re in a safe, happy environment. They’re with their parents (and possibly a large group of friends) and they’re going to have the happiest few days a child — or childish adult — could wish for.’

That was quite a few years before we had our beautiful sons. And now, I’m beyond happy that I can introduce my own family to the joys of festivals.

I want my babies to grow up, looking forward to festival season each year — just as their daddy and I do.

So imagine my absolute delight to be told that this year, my family and I are official  bloggers for Camp Bestival 2015! Pretty excited — let me tell you! It’s the festival to take your kiddos to — there is literally so much going  on for little people.

They’ve won the accolade of Best Family Festival for the last 2 years in a row and it’s easy to see why. The Gruffalo, soft play, sandpits, facepainting and Mr Tumble for the tinies. Plus Alex Rider’s spy camp, falconry, offsite walks and BRIT school workshops for older kids. The list goes on and on…

Not to mention a pretty tasty music line up for grown ups too. I’m looking forward to seeing Kate Tempest — as I missed her at Glastonbury — and my boy will definitely be checking out 808 State and Underworld. Kaiser Chiefs will be a must-see too; we’ve seen them a couple of times and they’re always brilliant live.

I mentioned Camp Bestival in my recent round up for family friendly festivals, so to be asked to go along and blog about it is such a treat.

The Twinkles have no idea what a fun few days they’re in for but their daddy and I certainly do and we’re so excited! Needless to say, there will be a fair few Camp Bestival related posts coming up over the next few weeks.

But for now, I wanted to leave you with a little clip of what I was doing a couple of weeks ago. If you’ve never been to a festival before this will give you a little taster of what it’s all about. Granted, Glastonbury is on a *slightly* larger scale than most, so don’t let the crowds put you off. And if you fancy experiencing a bit of festival fun for yourself, come along to Camp Bestival from 30th July – 2nd August.

I’ll see you in The Dingly Dell ;)

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About Caro Davies

Caro Davies art directed fashion and interiors before leaving the world of design to pursue a career in social media. She can now be found chasing the light — and two small twin boys.

100 thoughts on “121 weeks and 5 days | Camp Bestival 2015 here we come!

  1. This sounds like the most wonderful experience! How perfect from your blog life and family passions to intersect in such a perfect way! The only music festival we go to consistently is the Austin Family Music Festival, which is one-day only and specifically targeted at children. My daughters have believed all their lives that it’s their birthday party, because it’s usually the weekend before or after their birthday!

    Thanks for being a constantly wonderful #TwinklyTuesday cohost.

    1. Well, they say ‘write about what you know’, don’t they?! And I can write about festivals til the cows come home!! Love the fact that your girls think the Austin Festival is just for them!!! And why not eh?! Brilliant :) xx

    1. V festival is definitely for the teens though, I totally agree that you probably wouldn’t feel comfortable there any more!! But Camp Bestival is run with families in mind, so it has a different kind of feel to V. And I felt relatively young at Glasto!!! There are a lot of people my parents’ age that go there!!! ;) x

  2. Oh you lucky things! I’m thinking of taking my boy to his first festival next year. He’s 9 and likes camping and music so I think he’ll love it. Have an AMAZING time!! Look forward to seeing the piccies :) xx

  3. Amazing Caro, so jealous. Never been to a festival, it is definitely one to put on the bucket list, I always watch Glastonbury coverage and wish I was there. Have an amazing time at Bestival, look forward to reading all about it xx

    1. Thanks so much Wendy! Definitely do put it on your bucket list!! Its such a lovely thing to do — being in that Glasto field with thousands of other people is magic! SO looking forward to taking the tiny boys to Camp Bestival!! :)

    1. Thanks so much Claire! I can’t wait!! Yes — the scale of Glato always blows me away too. We always go and sit on the top of the hill by the GLASTONBURY sign and look out over the festival… it just goes on and on and on… x

  4. I tried taking my son to a festival when he was 3, he screamed so much that I left early and left my hubby there with the girls, they loved it! #TwinklyTuesday

    1. Aaah, shame! I wonder why he didn’t it like it? My boys went last year for the first time and totally loved it, thankfully! I’d have been mighty upset if they didn’t love it as much as their daddy and me!! Phew!! :)

  5. I seem to of missed this news! Yay congratulations!!! We have a FB group for the bloggers if you want to join hun x Be great to meet you x

  6. This looks like a fantastic experience. I would love to take my kids to something like this. #twinklyTuesdays

  7. I am looking forward to hearing more about Camp Bestival. We are in the market for a ‘proper’ festival. Have done low key local ones but my daughter would love the real thing. Have looked at a few this year and they all seem to fall when we are away. Was advised not to take her to V Festival. Nicky #twinklytuesday

    1. Camp Bestival is definitely one for the littles Nicky! Plus these others on my list of faves

      I wouldn’t take my boys to Glasto (until they’re much, much older) and I love it there. Personally I’m not keen on Reading(& Leeds) OR V festival — too many drunk teens who’ve just finished their A-Levels!! x

  8. AMAZING!! You are going to have such a fantastic time, huge congratulations on being picked, you totally deserve it! I don’t think I realised how family friendly Bestival is. I may have to take Zach next year! Thanks for being such an awesome co-host lady! We rock this linky! #TwinklyTuesday

    1. Thanks so much darling!! Don’t confuse Camp Bestival (in Dorset) with Bestival (on the Isle Of Wight)!!! One is definitely more ‘family friendly’ than the other!! ;) xx

  9. I so want the go to a festival and for the kids to come too. You make them sound so fun and I think I will defo be taking us to one next year :-) look forward to hearing about camp bestival #twinklytuesday xx

    1. It’s SUCH a lovely magical environment — I absolutely love it. I can’t imagine what my littles thought last year when we took them to their first festival!! GIANT flowers everywhere, glitter, people in fancy dress as far as the eye could see… just magic!

    1. Aaah festivals with littles are SO good aren’t they? We took the boys to Shambala last year and they’re little faces were just a picture! The real wold seems a little bit grey and dull after the colour, noise and glitter of a festival field! :)

  10. WOW! I thought of you when I was attaching on TV. Looks like you had a fab time! :) And yay for the next one!! You’ll be the festival pro :) Jess x #twinklytuesday

    1. It’s SO good. But SOOOOO BIG. I don’t think you can fully appreciate just how big until you see it with your own eyes. I went in 1992 and it was tiny in comparison. When I went back last year, I just could not believe how it had grown. I LOVED it :)

    1. Aaah what a lovely thing to say. Thanks SO much Fi. But you’re right — it is a dream come true!! I couldn’t think of a more perfect collaboration for my family and me xx

  11. AMAZING! I have read your posts before about festivals and commented on how I would love to go but Hubby is a no go! I am going to try and grind him down over the next year and persuade him that we need to take M. I will make him read your posts when you are back as I know you will have a fab time! Can’t wait to see them! #twinklytuesday

    1. Aaah Sophie!! I’ll make sure the posts are FULL of enticing info to make him buy tickets for next year just as soon as they’re issued!! ;) Alternatively, most festivals — including Camp Bestival — do day passes. It seriously may be worth going for the day, just to check it out. I PROMISE, once he’s been, he would want to go back!! :)

  12. You sound very excited! Can you believe I’m 34 and have never been to a festival? I guess I should add festivals to my list of things to do before I’m 40 lol. I think when I do eventually get round to it I will leave the kids at home though. Better check out what it’s all about before I bring them along hey ;-)

  13. I’d never thought about going to a festival with little ones. How fab! Ooh you’ve got me thinking now. Maybe that’s an idea for us next year… It sounds like you had a great time. A few friends were there this year too – soooo much glitter! #twinklytuesday

    1. Festivals with — or without kids — are amazing! Glastonbury, I wouldn’t want to take my kids to…. but the ones that have been set up especially with families in mind — ie Camp Bestival, Just So etc — are AMAZING with the kids. In fact, I would feel sad if I didn’t have them with me!! ;)

  14. I would LOVE to take Jasmine to Bestival when she’s older. It sounds amazing.

    I went to my first (and only) Glastonbury festival in 2010 – it was such a wonderful experience. So much so, it’s the reason I haven’t been back. I just can’t possibly imagine it being any better than the first time around. xx


  15. I have to say I’m really quite jealous! This sounds like loads of fun! We’re taking the kids to Moseley Folk Festival at the end of the Summer, but it’s nowhere near the same scale and not an overnight stay. I think it’s great to introduce kids to music! Have lots of fun xxx #TwinklyTuesday

    1. Any kind of outdoor event with music is always good in my book — even a village fete — so I think you’ll have an amazing time at Moseley Folk Festival! I LOVE the combination of camping and festivals though :) Hanging out at the camp and meeting your neighbours is always one of my favourite things :)

  16. Nice pictures Caro. Looks like you had a fantastic time at Glastonbury. I am not a big camping fan, but Camp Bestival sounds fun. I love that there is so much to do for the little ones. #TwinklyTuesday

    1. Thanks so much Heidi :) We cheat slightly as we have a little caravan called Dolly, especially for festivals!! ;) I’m not sure I’d be quite so enthusiastic if I was in a tent!! LOL! :)

  17. Congratulations- sounds like your ideal gig, no pun intended!
    I wish I’d done more festivals pre-kids, and that my husband liked them. Alas I’ll have to take my daughters with friends. Have a great time, will look forward to reading all about it.

    1. Aaah that’s such a shame that you’re hubby is not intersted in going — although you should round up a huge group of your friends and all go together! We usually have a group of anywhere between 10 and 20 adults and LOTS of kids!! It makes the whole thing so much more fun :)

  18. Wow congratulations on becoming their official blogger – it sounds like an amazing festival! I love your memory of the three girls, it sounds so magical. I’ve never been to a music festival but my husband used to go loads back in the day. I’ve read your list of family friendly festivals before and I’m definitely planning on taking Emma one day. Thanks for hosting #TwinklyTuesday x

    1. Thanks so much lovely — I’m chuffed to bits about it!! :) And yes — that memory will stick with me for as long as I live. Such a wonderful thing — to see little people having such a lovely, free time is totally magical xx

  19. I’m so jealous you went to Glastunbury. The clip is fabulous!! I bet you and the family are going to have a wonderful time at Bestival. Can’t wait to hear about it #twinklytuesday. K x

    1. Aaah Kellie!! You should take a weeks holiday in the UK and come to a festival whilst your over!! They are SUCH a lot of fun — it’s like escaping to a magical world for a few days! Everything isn’t quite as shiny and colourful in the real world :) xx

  20. That’s awesome that you and your husband had quality time together – and at a festival! I used to love going to festivals but haven’t been in years. It’s great to be back to #TwinklyTuesday – thanks so much for hosting x

  21. ooooh how exciting to be going to bestival. I’d love to take my kids to that but the youngest is only 7 months so might give it a few years first. #twinklytuesday

  22. Ooh I am SO jealous of your Glasto trip – Love the photos! My husband and I love it too but haven’t yet been since having our little one. Glad you had a great time. I had no idea that Bestival was so family friendly! I am really looking forward to hearing about it upon your return – have fun!

    1. Thanks lovely — it is our annual jaunt without the littles! We absolutely love it :)

      So nice to be able to take them to this one though :) Bestival — on the Isle Of Wight — is not quite as family friendly as Camp Bestival — at Lulwoth Castle in Dorset! Don’t confuse them if ever you decide to book tickets!! ;)

  23. I am BEYOND jealous!! When the smallest is a little older (he’s 7 months), I so, so, so want to go! and your the official blogger? I really could cry right now. Have a ball! #twinklytuesday

    1. Aaah thanks SO much Jemma!! I’m one of a few but YES!! An actual, official blogger for Camp Bestival!! WOOP! I cannot believe it :) Festivals are so much a part of our lives that it is totally the perfect fit for me to be covering on my blog. I’m so looking forward to seeing how my boys react this year, now they’re a little older. We first took them when they were a year old and they handled it beautifully — I think your little would love it next year :) x

  24. I am BEYOND jealous!! When the smallest is a little older (he’s 7 months), I so, so, so want to go! and your the official blogger? I really could cry right now. Have a ball! #twinklytuesday

  25. How exciting! I have heard such good things about Bestival and will be going in the future with Sam! Glasto looks amazing too, I only had the pleasure of watching it on the tv this year! #TwinklyTuesday xx

    1. Definitely do Rachel — I think Sam (and you) would love it! :) Glasto on the TV is good, as there’s no mud, but the atmosphere in that field is just incredible. It would upset me to not get tickets and have to watch it on the television now!! ;)

  26. I am so excited for you! We want to go next year when Evie is a bit bigger and cannot wait! :-D It looks incredible. I was such a gig/festival lover pre-baby and I really want Evie to grow up experiencing them too.

    I hope you have an amazing time! x

    1. The boys went last year to their first when they had just started walking!! It was so lovely for them — and for us!! They’re two year and 4 months old now, so a little bit bigger and more able. PLUS they’re much more aware of what’s going on so I can’t WAIT to take them to Camp Bestival!! It’s going to be so much fun :)

  27. I’m so jealous!! We thought about doing a festival last year but decided the ones we fancied were all a bit to far away. Bestival looks amazing! Are you getting one of those trolly things to wheel the boys around in? #twinklyTuesday

    1. Aaah they’re quite far from you Morna aren’t they? You should hire a motorhome for a week one year and tie it into a little holiday in the UK! That would be amazing! :) And yes — we’ve already got our own trolley :) We bought one last year when we took the boys to their first festival! Totally invaluable!! ;)

  28. You little rockers I love this post! I love you have been going for so long. I’m a festival Virgin as a wimp but love my music! Maybe one day. Have a blast with your boys at camp bestival xx #TwinklyTuesday

    1. Aaah Sarah! If you love your music, then you’d love a festival!! :) Incredibly the average age for a Glastonbury go-er is probably mid to late forties!! There are SO many more older people there, I couldn’t believe my eyes the first time I went. You can try out a family festival for size by just going for the day — see if you like it. I bet you’d LOVE it :)

  29. How exciting! I’ve only been to one festival previously but I love the idea of the more family orientated ones and taken Harrison with us. One day hopefully. Have an amazing time xx

    1. Gosh — we literally have been going almost every year to one festival or another since we first got together. It’s SUCH a lovely thing to do — both as a couple and — now we’ve got the twins — as a family. Seeing the littlies running about so freely — with so much to see and do is absolutely lovely. Watching my babies last year at Shambala was such a joy. I can’t recommend it enough xx

  30. When we’ve got a bit more money sloshing around, we’re planning to head to a family festival too. I’m in my mid-thirties and have NEVER been to one. How can that be?!! Actually, it’s because I had my eldest at 18 which means I missed out on all that ‘find yourself’ stuff and instead now get to watch the eldest (now 16) start going to festivals himself! But my younger two are 4 & 6 and gosh darn it if I’m going to miss out forever!

    1. You NEED to go Katie!! :) Get your glitter on and book one up immediately! 4 and 6 are LOVELY ages to be going to festivals too, your boys would love it! My goddaughter is now 8 and she’s been coming along since she was tiny. They get so much out of it — as do we as parents. I highly recommend it :)

  31. Camp Bestival looks like a lot of fun! Congrats on being an official blogger for the event! It looks like a nonstop, never-ending, 7-day party!!! Enjoy!! #TwinklyTuesday

  32. I love a bit of Glasto too, and would really love to go to Bestival with the kids. Can’t wait to hear all about it, hope they get to stay in dolly the caravan and get covered in mud and glitter! x

    1. Well… we’ve actually bought another van and *whispers* if we can get it finished in time, Dolly will be sitting this one out!! SO excited to have another van to do up — but even more excited to go and hang out in a field with my tiny boys!! Excited much?? Just a bit! Bring on the glitter! :D xxx

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