My twin pregnancy — 27 weeks pregnant with twins

Dear Twinkles,

Where, oh where has the time gone??? I’m 27 weeks pregnant with twins; and you are officially ‘viable’!!


I have been desperate to get to the point of viability. The doctors use that term as though it were some magic charm. And I suppose it is. It means that if you were to be born early it would mean that there would now be a good chance of survival. And that has got to be the most magical thing you can hear when you’re expecting a baby. Especially ones that are so longed for.

I’m feel really cross with myself, not to have posted over the last few weeks. Although the lead up to Christmas is always a hectic one and this year was no exception. Such a lot going on that by the time I thought about writing my diary, it was always last thing at night before I was about to drop off!

It’s a brand new year — we are now a week into it and it’s been pretty eventful so far!

One born every minute…

Last Saturday was spent at the hospital, because I hadn’t felt as much movement as I had done previously. If this happens, they advise you to come in and be monitored. Well, we went in and had to wait over 2 hours to be seen. Hmmmm. Let’s hope this doesn’t happen again, because the wait was sooooo painfully long, and boring, it would put me off going again.

The other thing about it, that was quite off-putting, was the fact that we were in the labour ward waiting room with — yes, you’ve guessed it — labouring women!!! Thank goodness for ‘One Born Every Minute’. If I hadn’t already been privy to this, via the power of television, I think I would have freaked out and left! It’s one thing to see women giving birth on the TV, but to hear them with your very own ears is something else entirely!! Animalistic noises that were otherworldly… coming from these poor women who were in the most unimaginable pain. But hey! At least it prepared me for what is to come!! Gulp. :)

We’ve got the 28 week scan next Monday. I’m so looking forward to seeing you again and finding out how much you’ve grown. Fingers crossed you’ve both been packing the weight on and are now well over 2lb each. I am praying that your growth is equal and the doctors say that you both look healthy.

I know that my little Twin B hasn’t got as much room as his/her sibling. The poor little mite has its legs all squashed up underneath my ribs and there’s not a great deal of room to manoeuvre. I’m hoping that this doesn’t affect his/her growth… you know, a bit like goldfish. Apparently they only grow to the size of the tank they’re in. It would be awful to think that the same happened with babies!!

I love you Twinkles. See you on TV next Monday XXX

27 weeks pregnant with twins Me 27 weeks pregnant with twins[/caption]

My twin pregnancy diary — 18 weeks

Well, Twinkles, we’re nearly there!! Almost at the halfway mark in my twin pregnancy.

When I first did that pregnancy test, all those weeks ago, it felt like we’d never get past the first trimester! And here we are, almost ready for the 20 week scan. This is the most exciting time of mine and your daddy’s lives… thrilling —a bit like a rollercoaster— so many ups and downs.

I went to Pilates again this week. It’s getting more and more difficult to do some of the manoeuvres; I can’t do the rolldowns very well these days as, happily, my belly is getting in the way! I never thought I’d be so excited to have put on a stone in weight!!

It’s not that surprising though —  I am ravenous most of the time and not for anything in particular either! I am as happy with savoury, as I am sweet food… just any food really!!

At least I have an inbuilt winter-coat to keep me warm; a bit like a wild animal (please — no whale references at this point)! It’s chilly outside; the weather has really turned now. The heating is on twice a day and the AGA is back on, full time. I was ecstatic the day it was switched back on!! It’s odd how fond you can become of an inanimate lump of metal! I have missed it’s cosy warmth. The house almost doesn’t feel as welcoming when it’s off. Although it’s a relief to turn it off when the summer comes! Hard to think about that though, when we’re in the throes of winter. It’s just gone half past three, as I type, and it’s getting dark already.

My little Twinkles are tucked up safe and sound, in their nest. No idea about the world outside. I hope they stay there for at least another 18 weeks!!

I’m loving writing this twin pregnancy diary — it’s going to be so nice to look at these posts in the future!