28 weeks and 2 days| Happy Friday & Chickenpox

Phew. I think ‘teething gate‘ has been averted. At least for another week possibly :) Although one crisis has possibly been replaced by another; in the form of chickenpox.

So Cosmo slept like a baby last night — if you’ll pardon the pun. Needless to say, his father, brother and I were pretty relieved and everyone benefited from a good night’s sleep.

I woke them up, this morning, at 7.15am.

Both babies were out for the count and still in the land of nod. Not sure how my boy and I ever ended up so lucky; to have — not one — but TWO little ones who love their sleep?

Long may it continue.

Coffee and Chickenpox

The Twinkles and I went to a Macmillan coffee morning today with a good friend of mine.

We were hailed by a lady from the village, who I greeted with a kiss on both cheeks and stroked the head of her little boy.; who she then casually mentioned may have Chickenpox.


Dickie has not had Chickenpox and, as an adult, it’s a horrendous thing to catch.

I had it at 16 — really badly — and felt so, so ill. The spots were everywhere; and I mean


A Mild Childhood Illness?

It makes me laugh that it is touted as a ‘mild childhood illness’.

MILD? A cold is mild.

A sore throat is mild.

Chickenpox — certainly when I had it — is NOT mild!

I had a fever, felt like death and was covered head-to-toe —  inside and out — in the itchiest, most vile lesions I’ve ever seen — I still bear the scars of them. So I definitely wouldn’t class it as mild… especially as 25 people die, in the UK, every year from Chickenpox.

The UK is one of the few European nations that doesn’t vaccinate against it. The US and Australia already do, so I’m not sure why we’re so far behind the curve.

Childhood illnesses are a bloody menace. It’s bad enough for a child to get one, but when the poor parents have missed out the first time round, then are faced with catching one in adulthood, it’s awful. We are going to find a private clinic and get Dickie (and maybe the twins, if they can get to 12 months old without catching it) immunised against it.

As Dickie runs his own business , when you are self employed, being ill for any length of time isn’t really an option. And when you are the only breadwinner in the family, earning a crust for a wife, who’s on maternity leave, and two tiny babies, it is downright disastrous.

PLUS, I don’t really want the Twinkles to catch Chickenpox at just 6 months of age. They are just too little!! The thought of their perfect, tiny little bodies being covered in horrible itching sores makes me want to cry!! :(

Why do people take their children out to social gatherings when they have/might have the lurgy?? I just don’t get it.

NHS Guidelines

I had a look at the NHS website, hoping it would put my mind at rest.

I had assumed it would say something like ‘you can only catch it if you have swapped bodily fluids or, at the very least, touched the infected person’ but, no; what it said was:

‘If you’re not immune to chickenpox, you can easily catch it through close contact with someone who has it, such as:

face-to-face contact, for example, having a conversation with someone who has chickenpox, or

being in the same room as someone who has chickenpox for at least 15 minutes.

The virus can spread through the air, in tiny droplets of saliva and mucus from an infected person.

Chickenpox can also be passed on by touching the fluid from an infected person’s blisters.’

WHAT????? In the same room for 15 minutes??? We were in the same room for about an hour!!!!!!

Am keeping everything crossed for the next two weeks that they haven’t caught it. Fingers, eyes, legs, arms, ears.

Because if they have, there’s a possibility that I could have THREE boys in the house all with the dreaded lurgy!!!

Saints preserve us.

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