Colour Your World | #1 The Annual Colour Predictions

This is the first in my ‘Colour Your World’ series — talking about the Pantone annual colour predictions. As a designer, I’m always looking at trends and predictions — and my most favourite thing by far is COLOUR!

When the design world’s colour guru, Pantone,  releases it’s colour report for each season, it’s amazing to watch how these shades and hues filter down from the catwalk to the highstreet and influence — not just the fashion we’re wearing — but the way we dress our homes too!

The annual colour predictions for this spring are cool and soft with subtle warm tones.

Colour Your World – Pantone’s Colour Predictions for 2015

Pantone's Colour Predictions for 2015

Chalky and maritime blues and zesty citrus shades combine with leafy greens and natural tones to create a gorgeous palette; with colours that work well independently or alongside each other.

And just look how this has translated to the high street!

The following image is taken from the M&S website — it shows their new year highlights, for home-ware, and you can totally see how the Spring 2015 colour palette has influenced their buying team’s top picks.

annual colour predictions

Next time you’re out and about, shopping for new clothes, shoes or bits and pieces for your home, just notice how many of these colours make an appearance on the shelves.

Colour is such a tonic — it’s good for the soul. If you’re feeling a bit jaded by the winter, inject a little colour into your life!

One of these springtime shades will have you feeling better in no time.

Fifty shades of grey is so last season ;)

4 thoughts on “Colour Your World | #1 The Annual Colour Predictions”

  1. So true, colour has a huge effect be it home decor, clothes or even the sunshine (I suffer from SAD so grey skies really make me gloomy)-my kitchen is bold with black and white tiles and yellow and red accents but the rest of the house is cream, with pastel notes and colour from photographs, flowers and art and it’s a really happy, soothing place to live. Thankfully it’s a sun trap too! I need to live abroad really! Thanks for linking up, loved this x

  2. Aaah me too!! I suffer terribly with seasonal affective disorder when there’s no sunshine; or even when there’s no sky and it seems as though the clouds are pressing down on your head!!

    I think if you can get it right at home and you can make your surroundings like a sanctuary, it certainly makes life a lot happier. Our home is pretty light for a cottage — as they’re often considered to be small and dark — but I agree..! I think I definitely need to live abroad!! X

  3. I love colour. I am always amazed at how different colours can affect my moods. My style is quite classic but I always love a pop of colour. It always makes me smile. Colour brightens my face and my world. I love these spring colours. The maritime blues are gorgeous and I also adore the toasted almond shade, the pink and the heather shade at the end. Gorgeous. Hugs Mrs H xxxx

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