Flamingos in The Magic Garden — Coton Manor Gardens

An afternoon walk at Coton Manor Gardens is literally one of the best things in life. In my humble opinion.

It’s certainly one of my favourite things about living where we do.

We’ve been treated to some beautiful autumnal weather recently haven’t we? And making the most of it, whilst we can, is something that we should all do every so often. 

I find sitting in front of a computer screen — day in-day out — is just not good for the soul, so occasionally it’s lovely to get outside, breathe some fresh air and fill our senses with something gorgeous.

So on Friday, last week, a good friend (and fellow villager) and I decided to down tools and spend the afternoon at Coton.

Which is arguably one of the most beautiful gardens I’ve ever set foot in.

Coton Manor is one of the most beautiful houses that I’ve ever seen too. And the best thing of all is, it’s just a stone’s throw from where we live.

Pink Famingos at Coton Manor Gardens

We saw pink flamingos (yes really, we did), walked through an ancient woodland and feasted our eyes on the most glorious mix of plants and flowers.

The Twinkles were in their element too. They were totally and utterly enchanted by the gardens and ran about exploring and shrieking (as only 2 years olds can).

Although some of the other visitors were not *quite* so enamoured by my two little companions.

You see, as well as being a haven for birds and bees, Coton also attracts very serious horticulturalists. Who sadly can’t seem to see past the planting and appreciate the garden for what a magical wonderland it is.

Particularly for two tiny boys.

An afternoon walk at Coton Manor Gardens
Spot the pink flamingos

A Magic Garden

But tight lips and tutting aside, the boys and I had such a wonderful time and I’m not sure if it’s a coincidence that they were born under the sign of the fish but they are both obsessed with water.

And Coton Manor Gardens has water features aplenty.

Beautiful water rills, ornamental ponds and lakes, all nestled in the most incredible surroundings, set in 10 acres. It’s just gorgeous.

An afternoon walk at Coton Manor Gardens
An afternoon walk at Coton Manor Gardens
An afternoon walk at Coton Manor Gardens

Glorious colour as far as the eye could see, no photographs could ever really do it justice.  

As an adult, walking around those beautiful grounds felt pretty special. I can imagine that my little sons were totally spellbound by it all.

Every once in a while you go somewhere that feels a little bit magical. Coton is definitely one of those places.

Coton Manor Gardens is magical

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