36 weeks and 2 days | Adult Tantrums

So today I read a tweet from one of the lovely mamas I follow on Twitter and it really made me laugh…

Her tweet simply read:

‘Teen asked if I would go shop & drop her roll for lunch, I agree to if she makes bed… flings self on floor at the unfairness of it all.’

This led to the following Twitter conversation between us both:

Me: It IS unfair though isn’t it? I mean, I HATE having to make beds every day! Maybe I should hurl myself on the floor too?!’

Birdie: I wish I could fling myself on the floor everytime I had to make dinner. But they would probably just climb on me to get biscuits!

Me: HA! I think I may start a trend in adult tantrums :) Get on the floor and beat my fists when something’s not going my way :D

Birdie: I shall join you!!! Waaaaaaah!! 

Me: Hahahahahahaha! WAAAAAAAAAAAH! *Hurls self on ground and beats fists* Wow! I feel SO much better for that! :) #adulttantrum

Birdie: Now that was a tantrum!! I am in awe! *goes off to practice throwing self on ground* #adulttantrum

Which reminded me of the following advert.

I clearly remember it being on TV and being very impressed by the way the mother handles her child’s attitude. And even though it was fictional, I could just imagine a real woman, in a real supermarket doing exactly this.

And even back then — way before the promise of any children were on my horizon — I had decided that one day in the future, I would do exactly this if the opportunity ever arose.

So my final tweet on the subject was this:

Me: This is how I have decided I shall handle my twin’s tantrums when they get a little older… ;)

And I sent her the following clip…

After all these years it still has the same impact on me!

I especially the look on the mother’s face; it says: ‘See? I can do it too — but on a MUCH BIGGER SCALE’. Genius.

I hope, naturally, that my beautiful baby boys will never give me cause to act in such a manner, but if they ever do… be warned… this may just happen in a supermarket near you :)

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