129 weeks and 6 days | A vintage style table setting


My boy and I love entertaining.

I’m lucky enough that he’s a pretty awesome chef too so, whilst he’s off planning his menus and making sure the food and beverage is all sorted, I can do a bit of hunter-gathering of my own.

Usually in the form of sourcing lovely table decorations, to make things look pretty.

After all, it’s always best to stick with your strengths ;)

We’ve got some friends coming for supper and lunch over the next couple of weekends and I thought I’d create a vintage style table setting.

There are some gorgeous things available on-line at the moment; mix these up with cut herbs — from the garden if you’re lucky enough but shop bought would work just as well — and some vintage table-linen and you’re all set for a very stylish shindig.

Even before the food’s made an appearance.

How to create a vintage style table setting


1/ Cutlery 2/ Napkin 3/ Glass Plate 4/ Slate Name-tag 5/Embroidered Napkin 6/ Plate 7/ Floral Glasses


Of course if you haven’t got a budding chef at home, creating a beautiful vintage style table setting is a sure-fire way of wowing your guests so much that they’ll probably forget all about the food.

Creating a pretty table is a great way of distracting attention!

Add to the mix some fizzy wine and you’re all set. You could serve fish and chips from the shop and your dinner guests would be bowled over.

Chin chin :)

This post was written in collaboration with House Of Fraser but all thoughts and words, as ever, are my own.

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About Caro Davies

Caro Davies art directed fashion and interiors before leaving the world of design to pursue a career in social media. She can now be found chasing the light — and two small twin boys.

39 thoughts on “129 weeks and 6 days | A vintage style table setting

  1. I adore this… I’m a sucker for anything embroidered or hand sewn! And fresh flowers will get me every time. Serve me pot noodle on this and I’m not sure I’d notice.
    Beautiful x

  2. I love those embroidered napkins and those glasses! We don’t host many dinners or lunches but I definitely have a lot to learn if we do in the future! Must get myself on pinterest more! Thanks for hosting #HomeEtc ☺

  3. I love these, We don’t really do much with the table at the moment, we re-decorated the kitchen earlier in the year and the old place settings don’t really match. I would love something pretty like this. x

  4. Looks very nice, and the lavender and slate tag is a nice touch. We don’t really do entertaining very often as the cooking stresses me out, but I like the idea of fish and chips, but still decorating the table! #HomeEtc Sabrina xx

  5. It looks lovely. The slate name tag is a lovely idea and looks so perfect for the theme. I adore these selections! Thanks for being a great co-host and friend! Jess xx


  6. Gorgeous ideas here Caro and you have reminded me that I have beautiful table linen embroidered with ivy that would work really well for this kind of look. I adore that lavender napkin bound with twine! We also have a cross stich table runner from The Bavarian’s nan. We could give it an airing too.
    Your fizzy wine from Aldi sounds delish. Any luck finding Prosecco in cans yet? I can still post you some you know ;)
    Fionnuala from http://www.threesonslater.blogspot.com

    1. Thanks lovely!! It’s ridiculous — I’ve got an ENORMOUS cupboard full of props to make the table look lovely!! The Aldi Prosecco is amazing — it’s won lots of prizes because it’s such a close alternative to Champagne. Love it! And no. No Prosecco in cans as yet!! I’m still looking!! ;)

  7. We love entertaining at The Barn too and I get real pleasure from setting the table! It’s one of the things that I always look at in a restaurant, how they accessories the food with simple or ornate cutlery, how they arrange everything. John Lewis is great for table setting inspiration too! Love your chalkboard hearts – did you make them? #HomeEtc

  8. I love planning dinners and have already made some purchases for my Halloween table. I usually do plain glasses but I have some really old ones in the loft, this is inspiring me to get them out and use them. I love the idea of using herbs too, so pretty. Thanks for the inspiration and hosting lovely xx

  9. Absolutely gorgeous! I’ve been decorating my table with herbs and vintage napkins too – but need some gorgeous glasses like yours to complete the look :)

  10. That looks lovely, and the chalkboard tag finishes it off perfectly – can I come round for dinner? ;) Beautifully embroidered runner, too. Looks like a family heirloom! :D #TwinklyTuesday

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