96 weeks and 2 days | A rewarding week

The last seven days has flown by. But it’s been a brilliantly rewarding week!

The twins have settled in at nursery and — with a few hours on my hands — I have been on a mission to make the changes I resolved to; in my ‘New Years Revolution‘.

My blog is now of the ‘self-hosted’ variety. Tick.

I think I’ve finally gotten my head around the back end of it and have been able to add some lovely plug-ins and features that my free blog didn’t have. Tick (ish).

I’ve totally redesigned it and have made it look more as I’d like it. Tick.

And finally, I’ve written some of the new posts that I’ve been intending to publish. Tick!

So, all in all — in a word — I’d say this week has been very rewarding!

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