The stylish pegboard | A master of disguise

Disclosure: I was given this stylish pegboard by The Great Little Trading Company; to style for the purposes of this post. All thoughts, words and images — as ever — are entirely my own.

I’ve already mentioned in a previous post. This year our family are fortunate enough to be part of the testing team for the Great Little Trading Company.

It’s a company that I’ve genuinely always loved; it’s fab to be able to say that we’re part of their family.

They’re a really lovely company to work with. They offer fantastic work, rest and play solutions for children and the quality of their products is fabulous.

What’s not to love about that?

My Testing Team Journey

Plus I’m really excited to share our thoughts on the products we’re testing. As with anything I ever write on my blog, I promise 100% honesty at all times. So you’ll be getting a genuine opinion.

So far, we’ve focussed on the little star book ledges and been very impressed with those.

They’ve fast become part of a little bedtime ritual for the boys; favourite books, sippy cup. Plus a selection of animals are all carefully placed in each shelf before they go to sleep each night. In readiness for when they awake in the morning.

But the next thing I wanted to share with you is something that’s ambiguous in who — and what — it was designed for.

The Stylish Pegboard — Master of Disguise

It’s a pegboard wall organiser.

Aah — office — I hear you cry.

And yep — you could be right. It would work beautifully in an office. It has a pen pot. And a stationery ledge; plus all manner of other nifty little features. All that would be perfect in a home office or study.

Kitchen perhaps?

Again, it would be really, really useful in the kitchen.

It comes complete with a cork-board for timetables and receipts. Plus a little chalkboard for reminders or love notes (whatever takes your fancy on whichever day).

But it’s so super stylish. I *guarantee* if this graces your home — even though it’s been designed for the younger members of our families — you’ll covet it for yourself and will eventually steal it.

Because, friends, this isn’t any old pegboard wall organiser — oh no.

This pegboard wall organiser can be styled any which way you like and will happily sit in any home environment.

My boy saw it and immediately claimed it it for his shed. ‘Apparently’ he could keep seed packets, string and other bits of gardening paraphernalia in it and write his planting schedule on the blackboard.

I, on the other hand, had other ideas.

Hello jewellery organiser!

This stylish pegboard from GLTC  is the perfect jewellery organiser!
This stylish pegboard from GLTC  is the perfect jewellery organiser!
This stylish pegboard from GLTC  is the perfect jewellery organiser!
This stylish pegboard from GLTC  is the perfect jewellery organiser!
This stylish pegboard from GLTC  is the perfect jewellery organiser!
This stylish pegboard from GLTC  is the perfect jewellery organiser!
This stylish pegboard from GLTC is the perfect jewellery organiser!

My dresser top is usually a mass of bottles and a tangle of jewellery. Not the good stuff, I’ve very little of that. But I’m a massive fan of costume jewellery; and seem to have amassed quite a lot of it, over the years.

As a result there are huge knots of necklaces or little piles of earrings, littering the surface.

Until now.

The Perfect Jewellery Tidy

You see, this Great Little Trading pegboard wall organiser is a master of disguise.

Whilst it’s the perfect addition to a child’s bedroom. Or home office, family kitchen — or even a shed — it also makes the most amazing jewellery tidy.

I covered the cork-board with some fabric that I’d received in the goody-bag at last year’s Britmums conference.

Really simple — no sticking or gluing involved. I cut the fabric to a couple of mm larger than the cork. Then tucked the edges down between the cork and the frame with a ruler.

Super-easy and gives the pegboard a lovely feminine look. Plus — because it’s not glued down; it can be taken off when someone else steals the pegboard for their shed own use.

I used little butterfly pins to secure my earrings to the cork and Bob’s your uncle.

The pegboard comes with 13 little pegs. Some of these were used for fixing the cork-board and ledges; (perfect for housing perfume bottles and fresh flowers). But the rest were excellent for hanging necklaces.


To say I’m impressed with this very stylish pegboard is an understatement. It has so many fab little design features.

It usually costs £75 — which is almost double the price of my Block medium pegboard — but the quality is most definitely what you’re paying for and I think it’s well worth the price.

It’s an impressive 60mm x 60mm and feels chunky and sturdy and I love the fact that it has boards, pots and shelves—included in the price — that you can reconfigure to suit your needs.

58 thoughts on “The stylish pegboard | A master of disguise”

  1. It looks stunning Caro and what a lovely addition with the material. Now you’ll never lose anything again! :) Jess xx


  2. That is fantastic. I LOVE the fact that you can use it for so many things and that you can configure it exactly as you want it. And I love the use of that fabric, it really does give it a lovely feminine touch. Please don’t let your boy steal it for his shed. This was obviously meant to be used to store your jewellery. You could argue that it is it’s purpose in life. And I want your jewellery collection. Totally amazing! Thanks for hosting #HomeEtc. I hope you will forgive me for the fact that it has taken me so long to comment. Hugs Lucy xxxx

    • Thanks lovely!! I think I may actually buy him one — I can really see that it would look good with all his gardening bits and bobs. I might challenge myself to another style-off and see what it looks like!!! ;)


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