A shoe rack IKEA hack!

Fancy having a go at an easy-peasy IKEA hack? I’d been desperate to do something lovely with this sad little shoe rack for a while — it was the perfect size for our bathroom and offered great storage but it was so ugly.

With a little bit of creativity, some fabric and paint, this little shoe rack got a makeover — a shoe rack IKEA hack, if you will!

Exhibit A — The little IKEA shoe rack

So I decided to turn it into a little bench seat.

Perfect for the boys to sit on when they’re getting dry, still giving us the same storage as before and looking a LOT more pretty too.

Here’s what I did.

shoe rack ikea hack
I took one sad little IKEA shoe rack
shoe rack ikea hack
Got my craft head on — plus all of the tools I’d need for the job!
shoe rack ikea hack
Cut some 18mm MDF and some 2inch foam to fit the top of the shoe rack.
Then cut the lovely ‘Daisy Pistachio’ fabric into cushion sized pieces.

I made sure I left a couple of cm around each piece so I could turn them over and make a hem.patter_grey

I found a few internet tutorials on making piping.

Most of the tutorials I looked at said that the fabric needed to be cut on the bias but there really wasn’t enough fabric to do that. This one by A Summer Gypsy said that you don’t need to cut it on the bias and she was right!

I’m sure it could have been neater but it’s not bad for a first attempt!

shoe rack ikea hack
My first attempt at piping!
shoe rack ikea hack
Looking more like a cushion cover now — with half a zip added!
Hurray! The finished bench cushion.

Once I’d finished the cushion cover, I made a start on the shoe rack.

I had some Annie Sloan left over from my chest of drawers makeover, so used that. It was Old White I must say, I hadn’t anticipated how long it would take to paint! Because of all the tiny slats, it seemed to take forever; not on a par with painting the Forth Bridge, I grant you, but longer than I’d estimated!

I chose Annie Sloan’s ‘Old White’ Chalk Paint to paint the shoe rack
…and it took AGES!!

Once it was dry, I re-assembled it; glueing the joins and screwing the painted MDF board to the top of the shoe rack.

The finished cushion sits nicely on the top. Having said that, when I’ve got a little bit more time I may add some velcro strips just to keep it in place.

Here’s my finished bench seat in pride of place in the bathroom!

shoe rack IKEA hack
No longer an ugly little shoe rack but a beautiful bench seat!
The lovely Hillarys ‘Daisy Pistachio’ fabric ties in nicely with our tiles and towels
Ta-daaah! No longer a shoe rack but a bench seat, with storage for towels.
My shoe rack IKEA hack completed :)

I’m delighted with how it’s turned out! It fits in so nicely with the bathroom now and we’ve got a little bench seat — as well as storage. So happy with my shoe rack IKEA hack!

Thanks so much to Hillarys Blinds for sending the fabric — amazing what you can do with a 1 meter square piece. It’s certainly given me the appetite to try some more upholstery projects — watch this space :)

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Shoe rack IKEA hack by The Twinkle Diaries

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