A night at the Bath Spa Hotel

I thought I’d write down my thoughts about our stay at the Bath Spa Hotel, whilst I remembered.

Last Friday evening, my boys and I had just checked in there; courtesy of our lovely friends at Joules. We’d had such a fun day with them at Badminton Horse Trials and they’d kindly arranged for us to stay at the Bath Spa Hotel for the night, to save us all driving home.

I’ve been to Bath once before — many years ago — but I can’t remember if we actually stayed overnight. I think we did; we were living in London at the time, so it would have been too far to go just for the day, but I’ve no idea where.

All I do know is, it wasn’t at at the Bath Spa Hotel.

I’d have definitely remembered.

This beautiful, grandiose hotel is sited in the most glorious Georgian house, sitting in beautifully manicured grounds.

Stepping inside is almost like stepping back in time. It’s most definitely not a boutique hotel but lavishly decorated in a traditional style.

And that’s not a derogatory comment in any form.

I loved it.

The Bath Spa Hotel

Like Stepping into a Bygone Era

The interior decor was ‘contemporary Georgian’ — if there is such a thing.

Classic furnishings and opulent accessories; it’s the most beautiful setting. Even though it’s a Georgian building, weirdly, it sort of made me feel like this would have been what the 1920s would have been like.

I could imagine the smart society ladies — in their fur trimmed coats and cloche hats —waiting in the foyer.

Or the gentlemen in smoking jackets — with pencil thin moustaches— sitting in the library, reading the paper.

Great For Families

The boys and I were given interconnecting rooms —just like we’d had during our holiday in Tignes — a double for Mr T.D and a twin room for the littles.

It couldn’t be any more different from the Aiguille Percee though; the Bath Spa Hotel is opulent, rather than rustic.

The bathroom was a vision in marble and mahogany; a splendid room that weirdly made me think of the Titanic. I can imagine that the bathrooms there were just as palatial.

Happily, this was no sinking ship.

Cocktails and Conversation

The Joules girls and some of the other bloggers had gone out for supper but, as we had the boys with us,  we made the most of our lovely surroundings and headed down to the bar for cocktails and food.

We joined my lovely friends Bonnie and Heledd for dinner.

It so nice to spend some proper time chatting and catching up. It’s such a rarity — generally at any blogging event I’ve been to —to have a proper conversation. There are always so many people to speak to, I almost always feel as though I’ve not really spoken to any one properly at all.

So after putting the world to rights — and we were suitably full of food — we bid the girls goodnight and headed off to bed.

The Most Traditional of Hotels

The next morning we ate in the most beautiful restaurant; before checking out and heading off to Bath to meet out friends.

Such a treat.

Although I’ve not been asked to write anything about our stay at the Bath Spa Hotel,  I just thought I’d share our experience.

It was so lovely — very, very traditional — which is not something I’d generally book for myself. I’m normally a ’boutique hotel’ kinda gal but they say a change is as good as a rest and this was literally the most rested I’ve felt in a long long time.

After being cooped up in the house for 7 weeks, the Georgian splendour of the Bath Spa Hotel was just what the doctor ordered.

A Bygone Era

If you want to feel as though you’ve stepped back to a bygone age, this is most definitely the place for you. It’s like being on the set of Brideshead Revisited.

Just glorious.

Just one word of warning; if you have small people with you — as we did — the beans on toast are exorbitantly expensive. Particularly as they do not come with butter. 

But, apart from that, the Bath Spa Hotel is —in the immortal words of Mary Poppins — practically perfect in  every way.

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