A Modern Day Fairy Story {featuring the Dyson Bundle From AO}

OK, OK… this post is all about the Dyson Bundle from AO. But let me tell you a little story first.

Once upon a time there was a girl called Cinderella (Caro) who spent her days cleaning.

A thankless task that was never-ending.

No sooner had she finished one area of the house, that the tiny twin brothers she lived with (no ugly sisters in this story), started ransacking the rooms and she had to start all over again.

Sadly, this was no fairytale.

How do you feel about cleaning? Are you a neat freak or a slovenly-Susan?

Do you have a weekly cleaning regime? Or are you more of a ‘do-it-when-it-needs-it’ kind of a person?

My cleaning regime has massively changed over time. When we had our first house — an apartment in a beautiful mansion block in south-west London — I was ruthlessly clean and tidy. To the extent that I told my dad off once, for leaving sock fluff on the pristine, pale wooden floor (sorry dad).

My, how times have changed.

These days, you sometimes can’t even see the floor for the sea of Lego or Playmobil pieces.

Plus, these days we have stairs. Something our first place didn’t have.

Lugging a vacuum cleaner up two flights of stairs was OK when we first moved here. But over the last 7 years, things have altered somewhat.

Energy levels for a start; being a mum of very energetic twin boys can certainly take it out of a girl.

But this modern-day Cinderella was granted her wish the other day.

My cleaning stresses and strains were magically halved, by the arrival of two fabulous gifts.

My gorgeous friend Amy — who blogs over at Everything Mummy — and I were asked by the lovely team at AO.Com to choose Secret Santa presents for each other, from their top 10 list of gifting products.

Now, I know Christmas is a few weeks away but when a courier staggered in with my surprise package, I couldn’t wait until then to open it!!

So what was in the box?

The Dyson Bundle From AO

Dyson Bundle from AO

The Dyson Light Ball Multi Floor

This thing is a clean machine and a half. It might be small in stature but it’s mighty in power.

I’ve already got a Dyson — mine is a cylinder cleaner though, rather than an upright — but the Dyson Light Ball Multi Floor vacuum cleaner is SO incredibly light. Much, much lighter than my old Dyson DC39.

It’s brilliant for giving the carpets a thorough cleaning and has made them look like new. Apparently that’s down to the Radial Root Cyclone™ Technology, which improves airflow to remove more dust and dirt.

Plus the other thing I like about it is the manoeuvrability. I thought my little cylinder cleaner was easy to manage but the Ball™ Technology of the new upright is phenomenal.

It cleans awkward spaces with ease.

The Dyson Bundle From AO
The Dyson Bundle From AO
The Dyson Bundle From AO
The Dyson Bundle From AO

And if that wasn’t exciting enough, there wasn’t just one vacuum cleaner in my Secret Santa present from Amy — no Siree Bob.

In the depths of the box, there was another.

The Dyson V6™ Cordless

I think this is when my excitement levels went though the roof.

I’ve had my eye on these little cordless cleaners for a while, so to discover one nestling in the box was pretty exciting, let me tell you.

Being able to clean the stairs — and the beams — without being tied to a standard vacuum cleaner is brilliant.

Plus it runs for 20 minutes on a single charge which gives plenty of time for whizzing round all those hard to reach places.

‘Cobwebs be GONE.’ — said Cinderella.

And just like that they were…

The  2 Tier Radial™ Cyclone technology of the V6 Cordless separates both the air and the dust inside, which gives incredible suction.

And it’s lighter than light too.

The Dyson Bundle From AO
Dyson Bundle from AO

Modern Day Magic

Those clever bods at AO realised that people were buying both standard vacuum cleaners — and a handy little cordless jobby — so they combined the two products, in one handy bundle.

The combination of the light and powerful upright cleaner, together with the cordless Dyson have totally transformed the way I clean.

I can whizz over the floors in super-quick time, thanks to the Ball™ Technology and the handheld V6™ is so useful for smaller jobs.

If you think that a girl wouldn’t be that excited to be gifted a couple of vacuum cleaners you’d be so wrong.

You should have heard me when I opened the box! MUCHO squealing and excitement.

The magical cleaning technology of the Dyson bundle has made cleaning a doddle.

So you see, some fairy-tales do indeed have a happy ending.

Thanks so much to my fairy godmothers — Amy and AO.com — for granting my wishes for a cleaner house! Go and have a look at Amy’s blog to see what I chose for her.

Although this is a collaborative post with AO, all thoughts, words and images — as ever — are entirely my own.

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About Caro Davies

Caro Davies art directed fashion and interiors before leaving the world of design to pursue a career in social media. She can now be found chasing the light — and two small twin boys.

16 thoughts on “A Modern Day Fairy Story {featuring the Dyson Bundle From AO}

    1. I totally feel for you Anne Marie — I was constantly chasing up and down with the vacuum cleaner. If I was upstairs — and needed it — it would downstairs (and vice versa)!! This little duo has totally transformed things!!:)

  1. Ooooh I love a Dyson! I don’t know what I would do without my hand held one, its so handy to clean up little areas after the kids… x

  2. I always buy Dysons and I’m always amazed by how much dust they pick up. I like the fact that you can see it in the window. I’m tempted by a cordless model though.

    1. I’m the same — we’ve had them for over 20 years now and I wouldn’t buy any other vacuum cleaner — they’re definitely worth the money. I wouldn’t have just the cordless on it’s own though — it only lasts for 20 minutes which isn’t long enough to do the whole of our house. And I don;t think it’s quite as powerful as the big one. But it’s PERFECT for little mishaps and whizzing round the kitchen in a morning, picking up stray Cheerios!!! ;)

    1. Aah thanks lovely. They are DEFINITELY worth all the hype that surrounds them. The new ball mini one is fantastic — I can’t believe that it cleans better than my old cylinder one. Just amazing!! It’s like having new carpets!!!! :)

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