A day out at Whipsnade zoo | Me and Mine October

Disclosure: We paid for our day out at Whipsnade zoo. All images, words and thoughts — as ever — are completely my own.

What? October’s nearly over? Where is the time going?!

It feels like just last weekend I was writing our me and mine post for September and it seems that another month has flown past without me even realising it!

So what have we been doing this month?

Well, I started off October in Portugal. I left my little family for four nights and headed off with some girlfriends for a bit of R&R.

What no-one tells you is, going away with a group of mothers who’ve been let off the leash is more exhausting than keeping up with a pair of two year olds, so I came back feeling *slightly* jaded. 

To say the least!

We spent a lovely weekend with my mum and dad — went to the park — and stayed overnight with some of the boys’ guideparents. We had a weekend pottering at home, finishing Dolly Too (our second caravan). Read about that here.

And last weekend, we had a day out at Whipsnade Zoo.

Dear Zoo

I mentioned once before that Dear Zoo was one of The Twinkles’ favourite books. Since they were tiny babies, I’d read it out to them. And now that they’re a little bigger, they love shouting out the animal’s names.

Or I say — ‘it’s a camel — why did we send him back??’ which is met with a chorus of:

‘Because the camel is very grumpy!!!’

So taking them to the real zoo, to look at the animals, was fabulous.

A day out at Whipsnade zoo
Gorgoeus giraffes | A day out at Whipsnade zoo
A day out at Whipsnade zoo
Looking at chrysalis’ and cocoons | A day out at Whipsnade zoo

A day out at Whipsnade zoo

A day out at Whipsnade zoo
In The Butterfly House | A day out at Whipsnade zoo
A day out at Whipsnade zoo
Seal watching | A day out at Whipsnade zoo
A day out at Whipsnade zoo
Sleeping lions | A day out at Whipsnade zoo
A day out at Whipsnade zoo
Rhinos | A day out at Whipsnade zoo

More than just animals

SO much to see and do. Whipsnade is the UK’s largest zoo and it was a really fabulous day out. The boys saw tigers, bears, wolves, meerkats.

We also went on a little steam train, which wound it’s way though the grounds of the zoo. Past elephants, rhino, camels.

This is where our first Me and Mine photo for this month was taken.

Another passenger on the train very sweetly offered to take a photo of us. We were delighted but, as you can see by their faces, the boys were not so impressed by the kindly stranger.

A day out at Whipsnade zoo
The little steam train | A day out at Whipsnade zoo
Me and Mine October 2015
Bert and me | A day out at Whipsnade zoo
Me and Mine October 2015
Me & Mine | A day out at Whipsnade zoo

We did have another lovely pic of the four of us (again taken by a helpful stranger) by the big ZOO sign but sadly my boy didn’t back his new phone up — has updated it with the old settings — and we’ve lost it.

Along with an incredible photograph of me — in the Butterfly House — with the most beautiful butterfly on my shoulder. I was totally thrilled that the friendly insect had decided to land on me.

And even more delighted that we’d captured an image of it.

Pretty gutted, then, to realise that it’s been lost.

But hey. Not to worry. We do have some other nice photos and some fabulous memories of a lovely day out.

So in a nutshell.

This month’s highs ~

  •  Going abroad for the first time in years, with the girls.
  • Spending time with family and friends.
  • Finishing phase one of Dolly Too’s makeover.
  • Tonight’s Halloween party — it’s not happened yet but it will definitely be an October high!

This month’s lows ~

  • Losing some amazing, precious photos off the phone.

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Caro Davies art directed fashion and interiors before leaving the world of design to pursue a career in social media. She can now be found chasing the light — and two small twin boys.

10 thoughts on “A day out at Whipsnade zoo | Me and Mine October

  1. Oh no about the photos :( I would be pretty annoyed at that, but I guess it really is the memories that count, not the pictures, and sounds like you had some great moments over there :) #countrykids

    1. Aaah I was livid with him for not backing it up properly!! ALL the lovely photos that he took in the zoo were lost — a whole day’s worth. At least it’ll teach hm never to do that again!! :)

  2. How infuriating to loose a lovely photo of you all together, I know how precious these are, there is always someone behind a camera! I love to see photos from Whipsnade, it was my childhood zoo, I remember many a birthday party there! Looks like it is still great fun for a family day out. thank you so much for sharing with me on Country Kids.

    1. Totally. Makes me realise that digital images are not infallible to loss!! We’ve both made a note to be more careful next time we change phones! It was SUCH a fab day out — will definitely go again! :)

  3. Oh no! I hate it when you loose photos, I get so upset about it which is silly really but I hate to loose them. You still have a lovely family photo this month, you’re such a beautiful bunch and the boys are looking more and more grown up on each Me & Mine, they are just proper little boys now! I love the way they are obviously eying up the stranger taking the photo, haha, my twins would be just the same. Arthur has the most awful dirty look he gives strangers who get too close to him in the buggy! Glad your enjoyed your day at the zoo, it’s nice to go and do somthing different together sometimes xx

    1. Aaah thanks darling — I really was gutted. So thankful we took the one of the 4 of us on my phone, rather than Dickie’s — so at least we have that — but GUTTED about the butterfly shot!! I was so thrilled it landed on me — so annoying to lose the images :( xx

    1. Aaah Ju — I was SO gutted :( It was such an amazing picture. I felt so thrilled that there was someone there to capture the moment too — so when I found out it had been lost I was really upset. That said, it was an amazing day and photos don’t quite capture the boys’ excitement, as memories do :) xx

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