97 weeks and 6 days | What’s in my handbag?


When my lovely friend Kat, who blogs over at BeauTwins, initially asked this question, it totally threw me!

What is in my bag??

I’ve got a couple of handbags that I use on a day-to-day basis — my sunshine yellow one and a lovely brown leather slouchy one — but, since having children, they seem to be full of oddments that didn’t used to play a part in my life — let alone make up the contents of my bag!

Women’s bags are funny things aren’t they? Men use wallets — and sometimes a pocket for all the change — but rarely do you see a man carting  his worldly possessions around in a giant holdall. There was the emergence of the ‘man-bag’ a few years ago but it didn’t really catch on in a big way.

And why is that?!

Why do such a lot  of women feel the need to carry so much stuff around with them??

I’m much better than I used to be. When I worked in London, as well as all my day-to-day essentials, I used to carry around a huge make-up bag, my iPod and my large book of contacts  plus a load of ‘just-in-case’ remedies, for fear of getting sick on the job.

And yes, I know our capital city has a pharmacist on (nearly) every corner but if I was shooting in a studio — or on location — I generally wouldn’t be able to just nip out and buy something if illness struck me — or one of the team — down.

I’m definitely one of those ‘all eventualities covered’ kind of gals. Packing for a weekend away is testimony to that.

Anyway. As promised… an only very slightly edited version of my handbag and it’s contents. I say ‘edited’ as I refrained from including a crumpled up tissue and a half eaten baby biscuit.

So, what’s in my handbag? The things that I cart around with me on a daily basis are…


1. My purse.

Absolutely chocka most of the time with receipts for my business. I bought it from a craft show in Henley and am always losing it in the house/car/my bag.

2. My phone.

Again, due to the fact that I always seem to mislay it, it now has a fluorescent yellow cover. Not sure where I would be without it, my phone is a microcosm of my life.


3. Lippy.

I love it.

In all it’s many guises, I can officially say I am obsessed with lipstick and rarely leave home without it. This one’s my all time favourite. It’s called Orchidee by Chanel.

Even on the greyest day, a pop of — shiny, matt, sparkly, shimmery, nude or colourful — lipstick will work wonders for your soul. It’s a great mood enhancer and will — literally — manage to put a smile on your face.

4. Lipbalm.

A staple item. Whatever the weather, you’ll always find at least one variety of lip-balm in my bag.

5. Dior mirror compact and brushes.

A great little set for touching up and checking that you don’t have spinach between your teeth. Most regularly used in combination with item number 3.

6. Hair clips.

I found three in this bag. Perhaps if I’d emptied out the other bag I use on a frequent basis I’d have found even more. I know I have lots of them but can never seem to find them. I’m thinking that this is perhaps because they’re all rattling around the bottom of various handbags in my wardrobe?


7. Shades.

As with lipstick, even on a winter’s day, it’s something I never leave home without. I do not have many vices but expensive sunglasses is most definitely on the list. These are my old Prada ones. One of the nose-pads has broken but I still love them.

In fact, I think I may be due a new pair.

8. Car-keys.

And house keys. And supermarket loyalty-card fobs.

All on the same keyring SO I DO NOT LOSE* THEM. Note the reoccurring theme here.


9. A pair of gloves.

This is a seasonal item. Although I have found gloves in my bag in the middle of summer before, too, but that is down to sheer laziness and not intentional.

10. A pair of baby socks.

This seems to be a staple in my bag these days.

11. Loose coins.


In fact, I’m amazed that there was just one solitary coin in here this time. Very often, when I’m out and about, I sound like I’m rattling a charity tin!

So there we have it.

A big yellow bag full of my worldly possessions. I have revealed ‘what’s in my handbag?’.

Now, what’s in yours?


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Caro Davies art directed fashion and interiors before leaving the world of design to pursue a career in social media. She can now be found chasing the light — and two small twin boys.

23 thoughts on “97 weeks and 6 days | What’s in my handbag?

  1. OMG best “What’s In My Bag” ever. We share the same tatse in Vaseline. I love the yellow handbag. It’s lush. I too also have a to. Of supermarket loyalty key fobs. You are so right, why do we feel the need to drag everything around with us? Loved seeing all your handbag possessions hun. Shame we can for 12″ vinyl in their too hey? Ha ha xxxxx

    1. Thanks for the comment lovely — and thanks for the tag too — what a BRILLIANT idea for a post! Let’s think of some more!! :)

      It’s odd isn’t it?? The need for a woman to cart everything around on her person?! My boy takes his wallet, keys and phone. And that’s it.

      I, on the other hand… well, you’ve seen for yourself!! Haha! And re the 12″ vinyl… thankfully, most of it is compressed into WAV files on my iPod!! :)

  2. Haha, I have baby socks in all my bags too, all odd and I don’t really know why! Oh and raisins, always raisins! If I’m lucky they are in a box but otherwise randomly scattered at the bottom! Your yellow bag is lush, what a cheerful handbag. I have loads of lip stain sticks in mine, then I wonder where they all are! xx

  3. I knew I’d love your handbag. I want to be your BFF even more now!! This is amazing! Love the baby socks and coin! Random! I feel like I need more things in my bag now!! *runs off to fill it! Jess :) xxxxx

  4. This is brilliant. I adore your yellow handbag. I need a new bag as mine is totally falling apart! (Which is why I haven’t done my “what’s in my bag?” post! I love to see that you are a lipstick girl too. Wearing a bright lipstick always makes me feel so much happier about the world. I think I have 2 or 3 in my bag. Hugs Mrs H xxxx

    1. Thanks pet! I do love a bit of yellow here and there! ;)

      YES — do buy yourself a new bag!! Don’t be carrying one around that makes you feel miserable. I view a physical handbag like mind baggage… try to eliminate the stuff that makes you unhappy or weighs you down. Try to carry things that make you feel happy (mind and body) :) Lippy is one of the best things for cheering me up. I LOVE it. Every girl needs more lipstick in her life!! X

  5. Love your yellow bag, it’s gorgeous! I still usually cart round my iPad, several chargers, nappies, snacks etc without ever emptying my bag out! Not good :) I am a big lip balm fan but don’t think I suit lipstick so don’t wear it very often. I am very envious of your glamour! Xx

  6. I have a ton of junk in my bag and I don’t even have one child yet! (Who knows what it’ll turn into! I may have to do a post about it soon! You’ve inspired me haha!

    1. It’s weird Kay — I seem to have less now I’ve got children!! Although, what I fail to mention is that I’ve got a GIANT nappy bag for them FULL of their stuff, which I carry round with me all the time!! ;) PS — yes! Please show us what’s in your bag! I’d love to see your post! :)

  7. Love the yellow bag, funny enough I saw a yellow bag I love in Manchester today. I have to write a whats in my bag post, I am going to have to do some major editing as its like a bin ha ha x

    1. Aaah I LOVE yellow :) You can’t feel grumpy whilst carrying a yellow bag around! ;) I’m pretty amazed I didn’t have to do ore editing to be honest… although, perhaps I’d have had to do more if I’d used my other bag!!

  8. Loved reading what ‘s in your beautiful bag, I literally lose my purse everywhere too, gorgeous bag-reminds me of the yellow Manhattan and Brisbane bags I model for Nova Harley. Perfect for spring too and love the idea you can’t lose it if it’s bright, so right. Stylishly useful! Thanks for linking up to #brilliantblogposts x

    1. Thanks lovely! I’m fairly obsessed with yellow so it seems churlish not to have a yellow bag to haul my belongings around in! :) Yes — I absolutely love the Nova Harley bags — I’d love one of those to cart the babies stuff around in. It would certainly negate the need to have a change bag and a handbag! x

  9. Your bag is so, so pretty! And yes, I definitely carry around a lot of stuff like you. You know what? The reason men can afford to only carry wallets is because they can get everything else from the nearest female when they need something! Ha. Thanks so much for linking up, I loved reading this! :)

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