Seven Things About Me

So without further ado, my seven facts — in no particular order — are:

  • From the ages of 16-22, I presented a weekly 2 hour show on a pirate radio station.
  • My friends and I once followed Prince (the artist formerly known as a symbol) and his entourage from Manchester to London, through the night, in a movie-worthy car chase. Running red lights, reversing up sliproads on motorways (them — not us!)  and other ridiculously reckless behaviour to catch a glimpse of our idol. Which we did, eventually.
  • I was an art-director for over 15 years. I shot both fashion and homeware for brands such as Freemans, John Lewis, Tesco and M&S, to name a few. I worked in lovely locations (Barbados) and grubby East-End studios but loved every single day on the job. And I was really, really good at it (which is a rare thing to be able to say).
  • My beautiful boy and I have been together for nearly 20 years. We met in our favourite London club, Turnmills, which has since been razed to the ground and have been together ever since. Our club may have been destroyed but our love is still going strong and we can occasionally be found dancing the night away in various festival fields, rather than on a dancefloor!
  • Our amazing Twinkles were conceived after 7 long years of trying for a baby. We had all but given up hope and they were the miraculous product of our third — and last — round of IVF.
  • I used to have crippling arachnophobia. I couldn’t even look at a picture of a spider in a magazine — or on the TV — let alone see one in real life without hyperventilating and freaking out. But before journeying to Australia, in 2002, I attended the Friendly Spider Programme at London Zoo and am now totally cured!! It’s an incredible course for arachnophobes and I can honestly say it has revolutionised my entire life.
  • I am totally and utterly obsessed with homes and interiors and have got every singe back copy of Living Etc since it was first published in 1998. Funnily enough, as my career progressed, I worked with a lot of the photographers that I used to hold in such high esteem. And now, I am proud to call them my friends, and value them even higher.

4 thoughts on “Seven Things About Me”

  1. You are so sweet and I am glad you are happy to be nominated. It feels weird when someone calls me an established blogger as I only started late Aug last year. You have a lovely blog. I LOVE your facts, especially the arachnophobia fact as I have this and even a picture will make me feel sick. Thanks for joining in xx

    • Ahh thanks so much again — it means a lot! :) And yes — you are an established blogger! Your blog is read by lots of people plus, don’t forget, I’ve seen your spreadsheets!! LOL!

      I can’t recommend the Friendly Spider Programme enough. John Clifford is a magician… he cured me of my phobia! I cried when my husband left me there but was beaming by the time we went home! Book yourself in — it’s worth every penny!! X

  2. Thanks for nominating me, I’m definitely there alongside esteemed company in your nominations, so it’s much appreciated.. I think I’ve been nominated before so won’t do another post. It’s great to hear more facts about bloggers though.

    • No worries Emma! I don’t expect everyone to reciprocate with a post, but just wanted to let everyone know whose blogs I find inspiring. Thanks so much for commenting X

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