89 weeks | Cutting the apron strings…

This week has seen my babies through one of their biggest milestones yet! Yesterday, they went to nursery for the very first time. Such a huge step — for them and us — it’s incredible to think that those two tiny, mewling, creatures, born just last year, who depended on me for everything, are now walking, talking, playing, learning… and now setting off on new adventures without their mama.

From next week onwards, they will be going to our local nursery for 4 hours each Tuesday and Wednesday morning.

Initially I was a bit apprehensive. I work from home so technically they don’t need to go to nursery but this new step is something that my boy and I have discussed at length and we both feel that, in terms of their development, this is something they do need.

The Importance Of Socialising

It’s important for them to start socialising with other children; to see how other kids behave in certain situations —mealtimes, times of friction — be given guidance from another adult if it’s needed, be away from me for a little while…

And although I would love to mollycoddle them and keep them safe and hold them close until they’re much, much bigger, I know that that probably isn’t the best thing for them.

Speaking to one of the key-workers at the nursery, she said that very often the older children who are starting nursery for the first time have a much harder job settling in. They may be far more aware of things and can often anticipate being left, whereas a younger child may be too engrossed in it’s new surroundings to notice a parent slipping silently away.

They have just had two taster sessions so far— 2 hours yesterday and today — and they absolutely loved it!


Cosmo — once he realised where he was this morning — was really excited to be back! Cue lots of jumping and happy chatter from my second born.

He is much more confident than his (very slightly) older twin. Put him in unfamiliar surroundings and he takes everything in his stride. Such a confident and self-possessed little personality emerging.


Bertie, on-the-other-hand, is quite clingy. 

I was exactly the same when I was little; hanging on to my mum’s petticoat and peering through her legs until I felt bold enough to join in. Funny how they are so different.

They are being brought up exactly the same way so this is most certainly nature, rather than nurture, playing a part.

So at 88 weeks and 6 days, I cut the apron strings (just a little) and let my precious boys take their first steps into the big wide world without me.

Something I’d better get used to. It may be the first time, but it certainly won’t be the last…

Cutting the apron strings

Cutting the apron strings | November 2014
Cutting the apron strings | November 2014

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Caro Davies art directed fashion and interiors before leaving the world of design to pursue a career in social media. She can now be found chasing the light — and two small twin boys.

6 thoughts on “89 weeks | Cutting the apron strings…

  1. Ahh, how sweet. I’m glad they enjoyed it and that Cosmo wanted to go back. It is good for them but hard as well to let go as their mum. I always think with twins at least they have each other but I think my two are more clingy to me than they are each other so who knows. I hope it is still going well and I’m sure you will see such a difference in them as they continue to go! xx #multiplemadness

    1. Thanks Hayley! I agree — my two are not clingy with each other yet… just to me and their daddy!!

      It’s going really well!! I felt so happy last week when I picked them up on Wednesday ay 1pm. I peeped through the window and they were playing totally independently from each other!! Bertie was sat at a tale, with a little girl, looking at a book and Cosmo was with the key-worker, painting!! It totally reaffirmed that we’ve made the right decision — and it’s just the right time for them too!! So happy that they’ve settled in so well!! :) x

  2. Its hard letting go and taking them to nursery, well I find it hard. I want to know everything they have done and what they ate etc but on the other hand its great getting that bit of freedom! Least they have each other and not as scary as being on their own.

    Hope it goes well and Thanks for joining in with The sunday round up x

    1. Thanks Sara — I have really mixed emotions about the whole thing… part of me feels elated to have a little time to myself. I am a designer by trade and work from home, so to have some unadulterated time to get on with my work seems like such a luxury.

      That said, I feel devastated that they are experiencing things without me already!! I want to be their universe for a little longer yet! The baby years are so finite. I can’t believe they are toddlers already!! X

  3. Aaah Jess — you (all of you!) will be fine!! :)

    It’s such a weird feeling to not have your little companions with you but also so nice to have a little bit of free time to crack on with stuff. I still feel really odd that the Twinkles are going to be experiencing new things without me being there but having seen them settling in over the last couple of days, I know that we’ve made a good decision.

    B&C aren’t two until March but the nursery have decided to put them in with the toddlers, rather than the babies. They said that it takes 6-8 weeks for a child to fully settle, so if they go into the baby room, they’ll be moving on almost as soon as they’ve settled in.

    Initially I felt a little apprehensive but they don’t look out of place there at all. Plus it’s a lovely nursery — lots of outdoor space, chickens, ducks — a garden where the older children can grown stuff. Fingers crossed they’ll get on OK next week!! 4 hours both days next week, rather than 2!!!! Not sure they’ll cope!!! xx

  4. Me too! Mine start in january, two mornings a week. I’m excited about the break! But secretly think I’m dreading it too! Glad yours settled in so well. Jess xx

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