86 weeks and 1 day | Happy birthday little blog!

So today sees my blog celebrate it’s second birthday!

I wrote my first post on 6th November 2012. I was 17 weeks pregnant with my precious twin cargo — amazing to think that 24 months and 94 posts later, I would still be writing.

When I began, the aim was just to chart my pregnancy and I never really anticipated that it was something I’d continue once the Twinkles arrived. That said, I am so happy I persevered. These posts will make amazing memories, for my my family and me, one day.

Although my blog will never win any prizes and isn’t all singing-all-dancing — like some of the lovely blogs I read — it is written from the heart; plus it’s for my babies.

I had an interesting discussion with a lady on Twitter, earlier in the week. She had written a fantastic post about how blogging has changed over the years. She had noted that there seems to be an influx of new bloggers who are literally jumping on the bandwagon in order to get ‘free stuff’.

It seems a pretty soulless reason to start a blog but when you see the people who do it well, getting given clothes, holidays and days out at luxury spas, I can totally see why some people would be dazzled by that.

According to some people, blogs — like mine— featuring a million and one pics of the ‘blogees’ kids, are scorned by the higher echelons of the Bloggerati. All I can say to that is, if they offend you so much then don’t look at them!!

Personally I would much rather see a glimpse into other people’s lives and read something of worth, than a blog that’s just full of sponsored posts or reviews. A mix of the two is lovely though.

It seems such a shame, that there has to be such blog-snobbery these days. Who’s to say what’s right or wrong? And as for ‘there are so many new bloggers these days’ *said in tone of disgust* — I think there’s plenty enough room for everyone.

So here’s to my little blog — happy birthday!

I look forward to seeing where the next year takes us!

happy second birthday to the twinkle diaries
Happy birthday little blog!

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