74 weeks and 5 days | 17 months old | Siblings {August}

So there we are. Another month further on and I’ve barely written a thing. What I have been doing instead is enjoying watching my little men grow and change — on what feels like an almost daily basis — and enjoying this lovely summer.

Granted, it hasn’t been the warmest on record, but it’s the first summer that I’ve had two tiny tearaways to look after and I’ve so revelled in watching them discover the world and each other.

The dynamic between them is constantly changing and they are comedic to watch!

They are both walking running now and whilst there is still a lot of falling over, they are certainly much more steady on their feet than they were last month.

Cosmo’s vocabulary is growing at a phenomenal rate; he is the cleverest mimic I have ever come across. If you say a word to him or tell him the name of something, he will try and repeat it back to you – almost verbatim. Impressive skills for a tiny human.

Words that he says on a regular basis — and in context — are:

Bye-Bye (whilst waving…. very, very cute)
Peppa Pig (god help us all)
Gabi (our cleaner. Nice to see that she’s made the list and I haven’t… ho-hum)

Bert is a lot less vocal. Or, should I say, he is very vocal but none of the words are anything that you’d recognise from the Oxford English Dictionary. That said, he understands everything you say to him and is brilliant and taking instruction; ‘Bertie, please could you bring me your clothy?’ – ‘Please may I have your cup?’ etc, etc — this provides me with much entertainment too. I love watching the recognition on his face and his little pipe-cleaner legs toddle off to go and fetch whatever I’ve asked for! It’s lovely to see. And incredible to think what’s going on in that tiny head of his.

I watched a program recently that suggested that babies understand a wealth of information, as early as 5 or 6 months of age. Its their inability to communicate that makes us think they don’t understand very much.

I can practically hear the cogs turning sometimes. You can see in their faces that they totally understand everything that’s going on, but they just don’t have the words to join in, or answer back. And that’s probably a good thing some days :)

Both babies are gaining lots of new teeth; Bertie has the top two and one to the right. Plus four bottom teeth, with one new molar of the right. Cosmo has the top two and one to the right. Two bottom teeth with two tiny new ones — either side — just breaking through. Plus TWO new molars, one either side.

Their eating has improved enormously too since the last ‘Siblings’ post. As well as now eating PROPER ‘lumpy’ food, they’ve begun to use a little fork at mealtimes :) Granted, unless you’re helping them to guide it into their mouths, the fork has a tendency to rotate 180° thus slopping all of the food down their front/on the table/on the floor, but  it’s all a learning curve and it’s lovely to see them attempting it!

NB I haven’t quite plucked up the courage to let them feed themselves their breakfast cereal and milk, yet, but hey! One thing at a time ;)

We’ve had so many fun times this summer but one of my favourite afternoons, recently, was spent watching the boys as they played in their new wigwam. This was generously given to them by a couple of of our lovely friends, for their naming day. A bit of an odd choice, I guess you would initially think, as it’s not a keepsake or a memento of the day. But on reflection, what it does provide us all with are lots and lots of gorgeous memories. Happy, happy moments for both the babies — as they play and learn and laugh together — and their daddy and me, as we watch them. They’ve had us in stitches!! SO much laughter – who knew that a few sticks and a bit of fabric would keep two little humans — and two BIG humans — entertained for so many hours.

Watching them together — running in and out of the little tent — their laughter echoing around the garden, was magic. My boy and I watched our tiny offspring for a long time… not talking, or getting involved, just fascinated by their antics.

It really gave me an insight into our future. I can see many, happy days — filled with laughter — on the horizon.

Just don’t grow up too quickly…

photo 4

photo 6

photo 2

photo 5

photo 1

photo 3

photo 2


photo 7

dear beautiful

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