69 weeks and 4 days | 16 months old | Siblings {July}

I can’t believe that yet another month has flown by and this is the first post I’ve written since the last ‘Siblings’ entry. Very poor; I shall regret this one day… I need to try and stop enjoying myself for long enough to sit down and write about what we’ve all been doing!! ;)

Since I last wrote, things have been crazy-busy. We didn’t have one weekend at home throughout the whole of June; we had a 40th birthday celebration for a friend, followed by a camping weekend, followed by a wedding, followed by Glastonbury (sans kids, I might add)…

I feel as though I’ve been spinning plates and juggling, whilst balancing both babies on my head. Hectic doesn’t even come close.

And throughout the whole time, my beautiful Twinkles have been transforming from babies into real-life, fully fledged, toddlers!!

And what a transformation!

Their walking has come on in leaps and bounds (if you’ll pardon the pun); the camping weekend in June was particularly instrumental in aiding this.

My recipe for teaching your child to walk is simple and very, very effective:


1. When a toddler is learning to walk and is wobbly on their feet, take them to a field with really bumpy and uneven ground.

2. Shove their feet in wellies that are a size too big.

3. Let them stagger about and fall over.

4. Repeat step 3 on a loop, for an entire weekend.

5. Get home and take their boots off.

6. Let them walk about on a nice solid floor. NB: Carpet is optional.

6. Watch how their walking has miraculously improved within hours.

It was incredible how quickly this method worked!! The combination of the ‘too-big’ wellies and the uneven ground nearly finished them off!! My poor little boys spent most of the weekend tripping over huge clumps of grass, on their hands and knees, often with only one boot on.

That said, when we got home, the combination of taking the boots off — thus enabling them to be able to walk on a surface that was flat and solid — as opposed to grassy and uneven, was nothing short of miraculous!! It was as though someone had flicked a switch from ‘staggering and falling down’ mode to ‘walking normally’ mode. Incredible!! Would highly recommend for anyone wanting to improve their toddler’s gait!

In other news…

Cosmo is beginning to say the odd word; mainly things like shoes, ball and juice.

Bertie doesn’t use any definable ‘words’ but understands pretty much everything you say. Where’s your ball? Put your hat on your head. Shall we go outside? Let’s put your wellies on… cue Bert running to the kitchen to fetch his boots.

This is SUCH a fantastic age!*

*I think I have been saying that at every stage, but watching these changes happen on a daily basis is so magical :)

Also, they have also started eating food with lumps. Whilst this probably sounds like a minor achievement, it is a major breakthough!! For the last few months, even though they’ve been chomping on baby biscuits, toast, fruits and other hard or crunchy morsels, when presented with something in a sauce, they spend the entire time filtering out the bits and spitting them out.

This has seen most mealtimes ending with me — exasperated — blitzing whatever offering I have given them in the whizzer until it resembles window putty. Then spoon feeding until it’s all gone.

However, the weekend that we went to our friend’s — Guy and Kat’s — wedding, on the weekend of the summer solstice, two of boy’s lovely guide-parents generously came and looked after them. In that time they were given pasta and vegetables IN A SAUCE and managed to eat it without filtering out the lumps.


Whilst I’m a little gutted I wasn’t present for this ‘first’, I am over the moon that — finally — the spell has been broken and they are happy to eat food that hasn’t been puréed to within an inch of it’s life.

Finally, one of the sweetest moments that I have witnessed over the last month is the babies love for each other.

We’ve been spending lots of time outdoors and it’s gorgeous for me to be able to potter about whilst they flit around or play near me while I work.

My mission this summer is to renovate some lovely old block paving in one corner of the garden and to rid it of all the moss, lichen and weeds that have been covering it for the last few years. So every opportune moment is spent, sat on a big pice of cardboard, scraping each block by hand and, more often that not, the babies sit nearby and play.

Last week they had been bringing ‘gifts’ to me as I worked.

A pebble… a leaf… they were SO happy and kept beaming at me, with this funny lopsided, ear-to-ear, grin that they do when something is really pleasing them. This was interspersed with fat little arms reaching around my neck to give me a cuddle.

I kept saying; ‘Aaaah… are you giving mama a love??’ then at one point I said to Bertie, ‘Why don’t you give Cosmo a love?’ to which he turned and — with the same huge, lopsided smile — flung his little arms around his brother’s neck.

Cosmo — with the same huge grin — reciprocated.

I spent the next half an hour watching as they beamed at — and cuddled — each other ; often falling over in a heap, then laughing together at how fun this new game was.

Aaaaah. It was utterly beautiful to see these two tiny people, who grew side by side in my womb, and have lived side by side since they were born, showing such honest and pure affection for each other.

It made my heart melt.

How lucky they are. Not just siblings but twins. The most special and complete a union, of two humans, if ever there was.








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  1. They are soooooooo cute!! What a great age and so fabulous to have two at once!! Mine are nearly two (eeeeeek!) it’s going so fast. Love them to bits though and enjoying it all x x

  2. We are SO lucky aren’t we? Twins is a huge blessing :) Having ringside seats to watch them change and grow is brilliant :) I thank my lucky stars everyday X

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