65 weeks and 2 days | 15 months old today on lucky Friday 13th! | Siblings {June}

So today my tiny boys are 15 months old!

This time last year, I had two 13 week old newborns; was learning how to be a mother for the first time, trying to keep my head whilst everything around me was new and strange.

This year, I am an accomplished mother of twin boys. I have two happy, healthy little toddlers, who eat well and sleep even better. They are amazing. They are mine.

You’d think, by now, that I would have gotten used to the fact that they’re here, but I’m still pinching myself. After such a long and arduous journey, to parenthood, the mere thought of them is enough to reduce me to tears. In a good way.

I feel utterly blessed that we finally got there. All the wishing and waiting came good and we were rewarded twofold.

I watched them this morning — so vocal and SO busy — they are hilarious. I feel privileged to have front-row seats to observe these two little characters emerge from these tiny bodies. They take everything in — like sponges — and are so interested in everything and anything. I have always tried to retain a childlike perspective on things, but they are on a totally different level.

Both of them are walking; Cosmo started properly on May 2nd (incredibly, I was filming him when he did it!! He walked the entire length of the snug — much to his mama’s astonishment). Bertie was close behind; he began, in earnest, a week or so later.

This new ‘milestone’ has changed things enormously.

The fact that their daddy and I can go outside and do ‘normal’ things like gardening whilst the Twinkles stagger around the lawn, like two little drunkards, is fantastic!! They are totally happy to buzz around us and entertain themselves and this has given us all such a sense of freedom. Pre-walking, the garden was a bit of a no-go zone on a rainy or cold day. You can’t get stuck in to the gardening whilst carrying a child (very easily anyway; I’ve tried) and when a baby is crawling — or only sitting — the great outdoors is a bit dull. Being stuck on a blanket on the cold — or wet — ground isn’t much fun for anyone. But now that they can move about freely, the garden is a place of wonderment. They love it!! They throw their little arms into the air and shriek with excitement when they’re let loose. Watching them cannon around is very entertaining, seeing their excitement is heartwarming; it takes my breath away.

Over the last 15 months, we’ve seen so many changes. Each new development has given a different spin to the dynamic in our family.

This new chapter in their lives is brilliant.











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