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April has flown by. Every waking moment has been spent thinking about the Twinkle’s naming ceremony, in a couple of weeks time, and my mind is fully occupied with fleeting thoughts about marquees, flowers, food and other ways of making their special day go with a bang!

Apart from the hiccup at the beginning of April — when the boys had the dreaded lurgy and the house was germ ridden — this month has been really lovely.

Beautiful sunny days giving a hint (maybe?) of the summer that’s yet to come.

The garden is blooming; all the little green shoots that were peeping through the soil, just a couple of weeks ago, have surfaced and are now showing off their colour.

We went to Cornwall last week for a wedding… THE most beautiful setting. It made me wonder why we don’t go down there more often…? It such a gorgeous county and, although the weather was changeable, it really felt like we were on holiday. The babies went swimming for the first time and they absolutely LOVED it. They are born under the sign of Pisces and they are well and truly two little water babies. My tiny fish were born to swim!

We’ve had long and lovely lunches, most weekends, with good friends and our house has been busy and full of laughter — and is such a happy place to be.

This months pictures were taken after one such lunch a couple of Sundays ago. We’d had a lovely day, catching up with our dear friends in the next village who had had mutual friends, of ours, staying for the weekend. We were all full from a lovely, big lunch and our London friends had gone home.

The afternoon sun was casting a really odd light and our friend Harry took pics of us as we sat feeding the babies their tea… they are really peculiar photographs!! It looks like some miracle had taken place… which perhaps it had.

So to recap… in April:

The Twinkles Momma was loving…

 Going down to Cornwall for our friend’s wedding.
 Making plans for our babies naming ceremony.
 Watching the garden come to life.
 The white wine we had in Cornwall… Vourvray. Absolutely delicious.
 My two ‘Sofa Workshop’ sofas that I bought from EBay for £9.99!!!

The Twinkles Daddy was loving…

 Rusty’s wedding; he was the ONLY work colleague to get an invite!
 Our stay at the Cornwall Spa Hotel.
 Taking his boys swimming for the first time.
 Watching his seedlings grow.
 The lighter evenings, which means he can garden after work.

Bertie-Bean was loving…

 Swimming for the first time!
 Choosing a tiny morsel off a plate; much better than being fed. Obvs.
 Holding his own spoon!
 Mama singing the Fraggles theme-tune on a loop.

Cosmo-Bear was loving…

 Swimming for the first time!
 Philadelphia on toast.
 Practising walking without holding on!
 Going outside and patting the grass.
 Saying ‘Oh Dear’ when he drops something… bless.

photo 4

photo 3

photo 2

photo 1


dear beautiful

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Caro Davies art directed fashion and interiors before leaving the world of design to pursue a career in social media. She can now be found chasing the light — and two small twin boys.

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