54 weeks and 5 days | Me and Mine {March}

This month’s ‘Me and Mine’ photo was going to be taken yesterday.

I was planning to use a pic from my first Mother’s Day but given the circumstances, I have used a photo from another memorable day from this month instead; The Twinkles first birthday.

Such a happy day, my boy and I were giddy at the fact that our beautiful sons had reached such an important milestone and we were celebrating a full year with them! Plus we were full of Champagne and birthday cake ;)

Whilst we didn’t manage to take a ‘Me and Mine’ photo on Mothering Sunday, this little set of pics marks the most happy of days. And as I have said before, from here-on-in, Mother’s Day is every day for me.

So to round up March; in a nutshell…

The Twinkles Mama was loving…

 Celebrating my beautiful babies’ 1st Birthday.
 Being given my very first Mother’s Day card.
 Losing the SECOND stone of baby weight!
 Fitting into my pre-pregnancy jeans!
 The sunny days and lighter evenings… roll on SUMMER!

The Twinkles Daddy was loving…

 Our two new chickens; Bianca and Pearl.
 Working in his garden.
 He’s lost 2 stone and his jeans look great on.
 That he’s foiled the rat and sorted out his shed floor.
 That he’s able to eat bread and have the odd ‘celebration’ meal!

Bertie-Bean was loving…

 Whole beef tomatoes.
 Standing up.
 Pointing at the lights on the ceiling.
 Throwing the ball — clever boy!
 His new Gruffalo — touch and feel — book.

Cosmo-Bear was loving…

 Doing high-fives!
 Sitting up in the bath and splashing the water down with his hands.
 Stacking the cups — clever sausage!
 His new bus and garage from Early Learning Centre.

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About Caro Davies

Caro Davies art directed fashion and interiors before leaving the world of design to pursue a career in social media. She can now be found chasing the light — and two small twin boys.

10 thoughts on “54 weeks and 5 days | Me and Mine {March}

    1. Thanks so much Louise! They had a lovely day — although I’m not sure they really understood what was going on! LOL! I think their daddy and I were more excited about them turning one! :) X

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