54 weeks and 4 days | My first mother’s day and all those thereafter…

Well, well, well…

Today is Mother’s Day — and not just any old Mother’s Day — it’s my very first Mother’s Day.

A day that I have been looking forward to for the last, ooh, eight years or so..?

A day that, at one point, I thought that I would never be able to celebrate myself. Never receive a card for. Never have someone say ‘Happy Mother’s Day’ to me.

But now I am a mother and this is my special day.

Last Mother’s Day — I remember it well — there was snow on the ground. Mothering Sunday fell on March 10th and little did I know but I was just three days away from meeting my beautiful sons. My lovely boy had just finished wallpapering the nursery and, on that particular Sunday morning, was busy assembling two cotbeds.

Little did we know that the next day we would go to the hospital to be told that our babies had stopped growing. That my precious cargo was in jeopardy and the consultant was worried enough to admit me — there and then. That in three more days our lives would change forever, as our family went — in a matter of minutes — from two to four, and we became parents.

We unknowingly spent the day before bimbling about and doing normal Sunday things; the only difference being, I had been given two ‘Mummy To Be’ cards by my own lovely mum and my thoughtful husband! Had I known that this was my last full day at home for a week, I probably would have done a little more to get the place ready for our new arrivals!

But we didn’t know. And it doesn’t really matter anyway. Thankfully everything turned out OK in the end.

So the build-up to this Mother’s Day has been quite spectacular! One of the godfathers came on Wednesday for supper, armed with two, HUGE, beautiful orchids in pots; apparently Bertie and Cosmo has called him to ask if he would buy them on their behalf!! Bless him — SO thoughtful!!

I have been SO excited about today; especially as, I found out earlier, my lovely boy had organised a secret lunch in a secret venue!

Sadly, we never made it to lunch.

In all my daydreams about my first Mother’s Day I hadn’t envisaged — for one second — that I would be spending the day at home; furiously washing load after load of soiled bedding and dirty clothes, because my little sons would both be unwell.

But that is exactly what has happened. Both babies have a sick bug; S&D everywhere this morning. So much so that we’ve had to VAX the carpet in the snug… I won’t go in to any more details, just to say that — even the heaviest duty of nappies couldn’t handle the fall-out — it wasn’t pleasant.

So there we have it.

I am spending my first Mother’s Day being a mother. Caring for my offspring and looking after them in every way I can.

Because after all, that’s what I signed up to.

Sure, it would have been lovely to go out for lunch, with all of the other mothers, but ultimately I am just happy that I am a mama. That I finally have my babies to look after. Albeit, it’s bad timing!! But hey! There’ll be other Mother’s Days.

Every day of my life, in fact.


2 thoughts on “54 weeks and 4 days | My first mother’s day and all those thereafter…”

  1. Oh I am sorry that your boys were poorly on Mothers Day. Sometimes it takes these moments to actually cuddle their poorly little bodies and realise that actually those moments are the sweetest. That the lunches and treats are amazing but the specialness is the fact that you get to be the one that they need. And hopefully you can go out for a special lunch soon to make up for it. ;) You will have to give your partner subtle hints. ;)

  2. Aaaah bless you Katie — what a lovely message — thanks so much! :)

    It was awful timing but, as you say, it is pretty awe-inspiring to be so needed by someone; and, in this instance, two someones!! My lovely husband is already planning another lunch, so it’s all good :) XXX

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