Miserable Monday and a 5:2 Diet Fail

Bleurgh. Today is a rubbish day, thanks to my 5:2 Diet Fail.

I woke up feeling cross, have subsequently felt cross all morning. And, 5-something hours later, I STILL feel cross.

I think know that this feeling of annoyance has been kick started by ‘dieting depression’…

I spoke to a friend a few weeks ago who had started the wondrous 5:2/FAST Diet. She was singing it’s praises and made it sound really straightforward and manageable. Plus — having done a little bit more research — the health benefits sound truly excellent.

So, as a result, I have completed two weeks of the said diet and not lost ONE SINGLE POUND.


5:2 Diet Fail

Dieting — generally — makes me feel pretty miserable. I LOVE food!! I LOVE eating and drinking and to be honest, depriving oneself of the pleasurable things in life, generally makes one feel a bit rubbish.

That said, if I’d lost a couple of pounds each week (as promised in the 5:2 book) I would probably be swinging from the chandeliers now and this post would be bathed in a much different light.

My beautiful Twinkles are now over 6 months old, so to keep hiding behind the fact that I’ve ‘just given birth‘ is pretty hard to do, since half a year has whizzed by since that event actually happened.

Twin Pregnancy Weight

I put on a lot of weight throughout my twin pregnancy.

And when I say a ‘lot’ I mean a LOT!

Granted, I was carrying two babies — PLUS all of the gubbins that comes with it; placentas, water, amniotic fluid etc etc.

But I also used the fact that I was pregnant, as a pink ticket, to enable me to eat whatever I wanted.

Cake, biscuits, chocolate — and a Snickers bar a day, does not a svelte woman make! ;)

At the time I was in denial and had all but convinced myself that it was just baby weight, but 6 months on, I am having to now face up to the facts that the left over ‘baby weight’ most probably consists of chocolate, caramel and peanuts.

Plus a whole heap of other tasty treats that weld themselves to your backside, like glue, the minute they’ve passed your lips.


Weight loss is hard going. And the thought of 9 months of calorie counting or, at the very least, ‘watching what I’m eating’ is enough to put me in a very bad mood. Because after all, it took 9 months for the weight to go on, it stands to reason that it will need a similar time to come off. Hence today’s grumpy diary entry.

I put 4 and a half stone on during my pregnancy — FOUR AND A HALF STONE!!! — and still have 2 to lose, before I’m back to the weight that I was before I fell pregnant.

At this moment in time, it feels like an overwhelming task. And I can’t bear thinking about it.

The only problem is, if I don’t start doing something about it fairly soon, I can just see my weight creeping up and up until the ‘overwhelming task’ is an insurmountable one. I am already the heaviest I have ever been, prior to becoming pregnant.

I really thought that the 5:2 diet was the answer, but it seems it’s not the regime for me.

2 starvation fast days a week probably meant that I was making up for it on the other 5 days. I think that that is the issue. Despite the book saying that you can eat what you like for the other 5 days… hmm… I’m not sure that cupcakes and chocolate are what they had in mind.

Which makes me think that I’d rather calorie count for all 7 days a week, rather than starve myself for 2, then calorie count for the other 5. At least I wouldn’t be hallucinating and grumpy on a Monday and Thursday.

I am going to give the 5:2 diet one more week and then I am ditching it for Weightwatchers.

A miserable Monday thanks to my 5:2 Diet Fail
This 5:2 diet fail makes me feel like I’m going to try Weightwatchers again!

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