50 weeks and 2 days | Me and Mine {February}

This month has whizzed by. Tomorrow is March and in less than two weeks my baby boys will be a year old.

The pics for this months ‘Me and Mine’ were taken on a very cold, very sunny, day in our friend’s garden. The sun beating down on our heads belies the temperature… you could be fooled into believing that it was summer — or spring at the very least — but it was February. And chilly.

February has been a short, but very busy, month. A month full of germs and illness. We all had flu, we all recovered, we all caught a cold, we all recovered… and repeat. Bertie has had a horrible ear infection too, so altogether we have been a bit of a lurgy-fied household.

I’m glad that February is nearly over. I am delighted to welcome in March and all that it stands for. My lovely boy’s birthday, just four days before our baby sons turn one; a HUGE milestone in all our lives. Lots to celebrate and plenty of excuses to eat cake and hang out with our nearest and dearest.

So this month,

The Twinkles Mama was loving…

 Hearing the news that Bertie will be able to eat cake on his birthday.
 Losing another half a stone of baby weight. Only one more stone to go.
 The second series of Line Of Duty on BBC2. The best thing on TV at the moment.
 My girlfriend Bex also being on mat.leave so she can join me for a cuppa.
 Snowdrops in our garden. Spring is a-coming :)

The Twinkles Daddy was loving…

 Watching the Rugby.
 Watching Wales win
 The discovery that that Pork goes with Fennel.
 Planning our trip to Cornwall.
 Playing with his sons and making them laugh.

Bertie-Bean was loving…

 Being given a little bit of cake for the first time.
 Tomatoes — whole!
 Having his teeth brushed.
 Mama. Makes a change as he is a daddy’s boy!
 Practicing his ‘camera’ smile.

Cosmo-Bear was loving…

 Pushing the walker along and practicing his steps.
 Having a bath and banging his legs to make the water splash.
 Trying a little bit of cake.
 His panda-bum leggings.

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About Caro Davies

Caro Davies art directed fashion and interiors before leaving the world of design to pursue a career in social media. She can now be found chasing the light — and two small twin boys.

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    1. It’s SO delicious!! Definitely try it!! :) Dried fennel seeds work well, but fresh caramelised fennel is out of this world! X

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