40 weeks and 4 days | The twins crawling, weaning & Christmas

Forty weeks and four days. If the babies were still in the womb, they would be classed as ‘overdue’.

As it is, they have been with us now for nine months and nine days. And I can’t believe after all this time I am still pinching myself in utter disbelief that I am a mother of — not one but — TWO children!!

I feel absolutely blessed and totally giddy with love for them both.

So many things have happened recently.

I have been pretty lax about keeping my diary up-to-date and just been happy living in the moment — watching them change and grow, literally before my very eyes.

I need to pull my finger out and start writing everything down before I forget!

They are looking SO different. Their newborn looks are being replaced so quickly now. Fleeting glimpses of the little boys they will soon grow into are happening more and more often.

They are absolutely gorgeous.

It’s just two days until Christmas. The sky is blue today and the sun is out.

The babies are asleep for their lunchtime nap and everything in our cottage is quiet. A couple more days and the mayhem will commence!! Bring it on; I am SO ready for it!!

This Christmas is going to be really special :)

Wishes, Lottery Wins & Haircuts

Every year (for the past seven and a half) I have wished for a baby — this year I have got two! I can start wishing for a lottery win instead!! With my luck, we’ll win the jackpot!!

We cut Bertie’s hair last night; it was SO long on the top! Brushed up, his Hoxton Finn was starting to resemble a full on Mohawk; brushed down, my friend noted that he looked like an accountant.

Now, I personally don’t have any problems with accountants (given that one of my best-friends is one) but, as this remark was said with some distaste, we figured it was time to cut it.

My tiny baby boy having a hair cut at nine months! Some children don’t even have any hair at nine months — let alone having it cut! I was bald ’til I was two!! But hey. It’s done now and his hair is back to it’s quirky, beautiful self. Not an ounce of punk — or accountant — to be seen.

The Twins Crawling & On The Move

Both boys are crawling properly now. Even the thought of crawling twins gives me a bit of a headache!

It started a couple of months ago with Cosmo doing ‘The Worm‘ and Bertie going round in circles… although this has changed pretty quickly in the last few weeks.

Cosmo began to move his arms and legs independently and his ‘butterfly stroke’ was replaced with a proper baby-style crawl, whilst Bertie  now crawls ‘commando style’ — really quickly — to his destination of choice.

More often than not it’s to knock down a tower of stacking cups. This is, without question, the favourite game. Who knew that a selection of plastic beakers could hold so much joy for a little baby? They absolutely LOVE them.

Forget expensive toys… plastic stacking cups are where it’s at, when you’re nine months old.


Weaning is going really well too… our schedule hasn’t changed for ages; we’re still doing the same routine we were doing a month or so ago. So they are both eating three meals a day; and having three milk feeds.

They are eating lots of protein and veg — not pureed now, but still in mashed up form — and have toast with their breakfast.

Not sure when they start eating totally solid food… think that starts at ten months; something else to get my head around! I met a friend yesterday who has a baby the same age as The Twinkles.

She was full of questions about weaning too and began comparing notes with me. It’s so good to know that every new mother has these questions. Sometimes you feel as though you should know it already; almost as though you should be pre-programmed at birth.

Motherhood is definitely a learning curve.

Thankfully, I have found it fairly easy in the main, but ‘easy’ doesn’t mean it’s not a challenge some days. As the boys are getting bigger — and heavier — I’m finding that I’m getting more and more tired throughout the day. It’s a struggle to lift them sometimes!

Having said that, seeing the rate in which they learnt to crawl, I know that it won’t be long before my tiny boys are finding their feet and beginning to walk. So, for now, I am happy to carry them for as long as they need me to. Before we know it they will be ‘toddlers’.

And then the fun will really start! :)

Thoughts on the twins crawling, weaning & Christmas
Santa’s little helpers!


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