28 weeks and 5 days| Fast Day Number 4 {the 5:2 diet and why it doesn’t work for me}

It’s Monday again…

I was just reminded of last week’s post and thought I’d write an update. Following last Monday’s rant, I decided I wasn’t going to upset myself any further by enforcing another fast day on Thursday — as it suggests in the book — as I figured the reason I wasn’t losing any weight was because the ‘feast’ days ended up exactly that. Me eating anything and everything I could get my hands on! Almost as a knee-jerk reaction for having been deprived for a couple of days; basically I think I was making up for lost time ;)

So the 5:2 diet has sort of morphed into the 6:1 diet… and guess what?

I stepped on the scales this morning and I’d lost just over 3lb. Hurrah! Seems that just one day of fasting suits me better than two. Happy days :) I am happy to watch my calorific intake slightly during the week (whilst still eating like a pig on the weekend) and the fast day is fairly easy now I know that I only have to suffer it once every week.

To be honest, even if I lose just a pound a week that is a result. I do not want to crash diet — I just want to lose the baby Snickers weight gradually, so I know that it will be gone for good and there’s no chance of piling it all back on again the week after Christmas.

Diet update over, now on to my precious babies…

This weekend saw yet another milestone in the life of my boys!

They are now ‘officially’ eating ‘solids’.

Still not quite what I’d describe as ‘solid’ food — ie chips, cake, chocolate, pie, etc — as the texture was still a little mushy, for my taste. Buy hey! It was vegetable matter, rather than wallpaper paste baby rice.

So the Twinkles have now sampled peas, broccoli, sweet potato, apples, banana, prunes, pears, all in various states of puréed loveliness. Nice.

I LOVE watching their little faces as they take a spoonful!!! There are some hilarious expressions going on. I WISH I had a hand free, so I could video them. I’d make a fortune on ‘You’ve Been Framed’.

Joking aside, it is a very humbling thought to know that each and every spoonful of something new is an absolute first for these little boys. They have been drinking milk for their whole lives, so a spoonful of pear or carrot must be very strange indeed. So exciting to think of all these ‘firsts’ that they are going to experience. And I am going to be witness to each and every one.

Makes me so happy I could burst :)

Some thoughts on the 5:2 diet and why it doesn't work for me
Some thoughts on the 5:2 diet and why it doesn’t work for me







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