222 weeks and 2 days | Twin Milestones {Siblings June}

How strange time is.

I wrote recently on Instagram about how fickle ‘time’ seems to be. A strange commodity — always the same amount of seconds in a minute, minutes in an hour. But when you’re wishing and waiting for something, time drags it’s heels and takes on a much different pace than when you’re busy and happy.

I remember trying to fall pregnant so vividly.

Each month seemed longer than the last.

Time was governed a small window of opportunity; the four hallowed days when I was ovulating. Then rudely punctuated by the appearance of Aunt Flo; which signified the end of another cycle.

A very visual reminder that our wishes hadn’t been granted on that occasion.

Time was a spiteful old woman. Sneering at me. Slowing her pace and making me despair that I’d never be a mama.

And then we were lucky.

Mother Nature smiled kindly on me and time changed tempo again.


The first 13 weeks of my pregnancy with the twins was agonisingly slow. Each day seemed like an eternity.

And even after we’d had the scan to say that the babies were doing well — and they had good, strong heartbeats — it didn’t really quicken the pace.

I think I only started to fully relax when I reached 27 weeks and my babies were classed as ‘viable’. I breathed a sigh of relief and time seemed to do the same. It swung into a normal rhythm for the first time in years.

Then my loves were born. And literally, from that day to this, time dropped a couple of gears and sped up.

All the firsts, all the twin milestones.

Rolling over — walkingtalking. All noted and recorded in this blog.

Then last Wednesday we went to our little village school for their first settling-in session.


How can my tiny boys be going to school already? I’ve only got 11 weeks and 4 days of them to myself. I know I already share them with nursery but school is a different animal altogether.

This is where they’ll learn to be without me. And it makes my stomach tighten and my eyes sting.

I’m not ready to let them go just yet.

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8 thoughts on “222 weeks and 2 days | Twin Milestones {Siblings June}”

  1. Hey my lovely.. taking a rare opportunity to actually have an hours lie in so I’ve been reading your latest blog.. So beautifully written. I remember that day, the day those two scrumptious boys of yours became ‘viable’ and how we scoffed at the word as it was so clinical.. but I also remember the relief, this was really happening, you were finally getting the chance to be a momma, and what a great one you’ve become ?
    I wish there were more hours in the day so I could get chance to spend time with them (and you).. sending hugs to you all ?? LiLi

    • Aaah I remember it as clearly as if it were yesterday — I remember your wedding and feeling so excited that I had such a massive secret that only the 4 of us knew. Then going for the scan on the Monday after and feeling SO relieved to see those little blobs on the screen. Can’t believe that the blobs are now little boys — time flies when you’re having fun doesn’t it? :) xxxxx

  2. Oh my this is SO lovely. Can relate to all this too. I feel the same. Time was so slow trying to conceive and then during my pregnancy – and now it’s whizzing by. Your boys are so beautiful xx

  3. What a change it is going to be for you Caro, it’s so bizarre handing over all that responsibility to school! I think it took me a good 10 months to come to terms with it with lucas. It really does bring out the best in them though and your beautiful boys will love it. How they have changed over the years and this will just be a fantastic new adventure for them! Always so much harder for the parents leaving them there xxx

    • I know. I just can’t believe it Hayley — HOW can they be going to school already???!!!! I feel really cheated, to be honest. The last 4 years have gone far too quickly!!! I need at least another year with them!!! xx


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