43 weeks and 5 days | 10 months today — Siblings {January}

I have been taking a photo of the babies on the 13th of each month, since they arrived. Unbelievably, that was 10 months ago today!!

10 months ago, my boy and I were in the hospital and our precious sons had been with us for just a matter of hours.

I was lying on a gurney, with a baby on each breast and my beautiful boy at my side. After such a long wait, our family was finally complete.

I have taken so many snaps of the Twinkles, as they’ve been growing, but the most important pic — each month — for me, is the one taken on the anniversary of their birth.

I mentioned in a previous post that I had intended to have a collection of 12 photos, at the end of the first year, that captured each stage of their lives so far. And that’s what I’ve been doing! Although our days are busy and there just don’t seem to be enough hours to cram everything in, our ‘birthday’ photo is the one thing I do remember to do every month. Without fail.

This month is slightly different though… this month I have taken my pic of the boys, as usual, but am delighted to post it on my little blog and also link up with the 10 lovely girls who have launched their ‘Siblings’ project.

They will be spending the next year capturing their own children, in a monthly photo, which they will share on their blogs. I am so happy to join in and  will be linking up at the Siblings project with the lovely Lucy at Dear Beautiful Boy.

I have taken a stack of pics today.

Sadly only  couple are really in focus — the rest are soft. Difficult to capture two little dynamos as they rocket about; even though they were contained in one cotbed! But actually, I like the fact that they’re not quite perfect. They are a true representation of this morning’s antics; it wasn’t still or quiet. It was busy and noisy and hectic.

Exactly how I like it :)

Happy, happy 10 month-birthday my beautiful, beautiful Twinkles! I love you to the moon and back X

The twins at 10 months
10 months | Siblings
The twins at 10 months
Siblings at 10 months
The twins at 10 months
The twins at 10 months