1940s Fancy Dress and 1940s hair | Me and Mine November 2014

What a crayzeeee month. To (very nearly) top off a totally crazy year. Fave thing of all was getting togged up with 1940s fancy dress and 1940s hair!

November has seen some pretty spectacular things happening in our household.

• It was my best girlfriend’s 40th birthday

• We’ve celebrated my mother and father in-law’s diamond — SIXTY YEARS!! — wedding anniversary

• The babies boys have started nursery — click to read all about that!

Any of the above would have been memorable.

Three in one month proves too much to handle.

As a result of burning the candle in spectacular style — I’ve been ill with viral laryngitis for a couple of weeks. Nice.

That said, it was worth every second!! ;)

My BFF’s birthday was epic!! It had been in the planning for months.

Seven in fact.

The birthday girl had no idea of any of any of it either, until we all leapt out at her and shouted SURPRISE!!!

Bless her — she thought she was going to a Michelin starred restaurant for a swanky lunch. She had absolutely no idea that all her dearest friends had trekked halfway across the country to celebrate with her!

Her husband (our best man) had organised a country house, in Shropshire. For 50 of us to go and stay at for a long weekend.

We had a ‘Roaring Forties’ fancy dress theme. And were treated to a very nice sit down meal (and enough cocktails to sink a ship). Needless to say it was a messy affair; most revellers didn’t go to bed until the next morning.

1940s Fancy Dress and 1940s Hair

It was a magnificent party.

I had organised for a couple of stylists from the Le Keux salon in Birmingham to come and do all the girls’ hair.

Le Keux specialise in vintage hairstyles. So we ladies — 23 in total — spent a really fun afternoon having our hair done. A combination of Victory Rolls and pincurls, whilst drinking much Champagne.

It was a lovely way to spend an afternoon and made the whole affair even more exciting!! So lovely to dress up with 1940s fancy dress and 1940s hair, and really look the part.

1940s fancy dress and 1940s hair
Me rocking 1940s fancy dress with 1940s hair

Party On

My in-law’s party was a only very slightly more subdued affair ;)

There were 17 of us — all close family — and we took a beautiful collection of cottages in the Cotswolds for yet another long weekend. 5 acres of gardens, an indoor freshwater swimming, a Hammam (traditional Turkish bath).

Sadly, this is when my immune system decided to pack up.

I had been feeling pretty rough since just before my bestie’s party and just tried to ignore it and carry on.

As every mother does.

Nevertheless, a boozy Friday night spent talking to my lovely in-laws didn’t help matters. Then Saturday morning we took advantage of the amazing indoor pool and took the Twinkles swimming, which they absolutely LOVED!

Unfortunately, I think the combination of damp, foggy weather, mingled with wet hair for a couple of hours, did me no favours and by the evening my voice was really failing and I was feeling pretty rough.

Burning The Candle

Sunday saw me in bed, for most of the day. Happily there were lots of family members on hand to help my boy with the twins, so I didn’t feel too guilty and really made the most of the extra recuperation time.

I got up shortly before these next pics were taken… my boy had seen that the sun was setting and it looked like the sunset was going to be a belter.

We pulled on our wellies and got down to the perimeter wall of the garden just in time to see the most spectacular sunset.

Red, gold, violet, orange… a HUGE sky, filled with colour, as far as the eye could see. Absolutely awe-inspiring and totally and utterly worth dragging myself out of bed for.

It made me feel very small and very humble. And so, so grateful to be there. Looking at such a magical scene with my three beautiful boys.

So November has truly has been a month filled with ‘Me and Mine’. My gorgeous, amazing friends. Our wonderful extended family.

I know how lucky we are; how lucky my little boys are, to be growing up surrounded by a raft of loving, incredible, influential people.

We are truly blessed.

Me and mine…

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About Caro Davies

Caro Davies art directed fashion and interiors before leaving the world of design to pursue a career in social media. She can now be found chasing the light — and two small twin boys.

13 thoughts on “1940s Fancy Dress and 1940s hair | Me and Mine November 2014

  1. As ever – stunning photographs. I can’t believe (yet again) how much your boys are growing! You look lovely and hope you feel better now! Jess x

    1. I know!! They seem to have shot up in the last couple of weeks!!! My DH and I said just that a couple of days ago. It’s just incredible how fast they’re growing!! Thanks so much for your lovely comment Jess ☺️

  2. Hi Caro, stunning pictures of the sunset, although your little ones look as if they’d rather not have their photos taken! And what a wonderful birthday surprise for your BFF, I love the outfits and hair from the 1940’s, they are so stylish and feminine.

    Hope you are feeling much better now and hope you and your family continue to be blessed!


    1. Thanks ao much! The babies didnt want to be held for a picture – they wanted to run around!! That said, they’ll thank us for it, in years to come, when we have lots of pics of our little family! Xx

  3. Gorgeous post lady, gorgeous you and your beautiful family and love the sound of that party (you look ah-mazing)! What I love most about this post is it’s brimming with love, so glad to have discovered you and your blog x

  4. Oh wow what a stunning sunset! It does sound like you’re month has been full of time with family and friends and now your pictures are the icing on the cake!

    1. It was absolutely stunning Carie — the photos really don’t do it justice!! The sky was ENORMOUS… nothing to block it at all and the colours were utterly awe-inspiring. It certainly made leaving my sick bed much easier to bear!! :)

  5. What a fabulous month you have had! And the photography is glorious, as always. I’m enjoying watching your fraternal boy twins grow up, and imagining mine in a few years time…

    1. Thanks so much Amber! It has been fabulous but utterly exhausting too! Yes — make the most of your boys and savour every second! Mine are 20 months old now and it has gone by in the blink of an eye! Hard to believe that they were only born last year!!

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