184 weeks and 1 day | {Siblings September}

At last. A siblings update that’s on time!!

A sure sign that life is beginning to settle back down into it’s groove, once again, now that the summer holidays are over for another year.

It’s been a bit of a weird time too.

Some of my tiny boys’ very favourite friends from nursery have left (to go to primary school) and instead of being the littlest in the pre-school room, my Twinkles are on the home straight for the next intake of children starting school next year.


We had a couple of letters, just a few days ago in fact, ominously declaring that:

‘It has been noted that there is a child nearing school age, living in your property’

Weird that it wasn’t one letter. But hey. I guess they’re individuals, after all.

It made me get a lump in my throat. I know it’s a whole year away but it suddenly feels very real — and very close — when you receive a letter to say that you need to select the school — SCHOOL!!! — for your little person (or in our case, people) to attend.

It’s too soon!!!! They’re so little!!!

But then, speaking to parents who’s children have just started in reception class over the last couple of weeks, the phrase I keep hearing — on repeat — is ‘they’re so ready for school’.

So I’m taking comfort in that.

I haven’t spoken to one person who’s said, ‘My child definitely wasn’t ready for school at this point in their lives’.

Albeit, if your child is a July or August baby — and has only just turned four — you might be the parent that is saying that.

I wonder what I’ll be saying, this time next year? I wonder if I’ll be the parent who says;

‘They were so ready.’

I hope so.

Twin Siblings September
Picking blueberries | Siblings September
Twin Siblings September
Little love | Siblings September
Twin Siblings September
Looking a lot like daddy here | Siblings September
 Twin Siblings September
Haha! Catalogue pose | Siblings September
Twin Siblings September
My cheeky one | Siblings September
Twin Siblings September
My thoughful one | Siblings September
Twin Siblings September
Up to mischief | Siblings September
twin siblings
My beautiful babies, always looking out for each other | Siblings September

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12 thoughts on “184 weeks and 1 day | {Siblings September}

  1. Ah Caro your little guys are just delicious! I love those super-hero t-shirsts, they look a little vintage which makes the shots look slightly retro too – so cool. I know exactly what you mean, Poppy started at the school nursery yesterday and goes to reception next year. How can that be already!!!? Love this post hon xx

    Thank you so much for linking up to #MyCapturedMoment

  2. OH babes I feel you I have applied for MM for September start and I can’t imagine the house empty. It scares me to death. I had tears the other day just thinking it’s almost time for her to start school too. Where have our babies gone? They grew up faster than the first for me and I just don’t like it at all. Bless them. Your boys look so grown up though they really have changed this summer for sure. Can you believe this next chapter in life is upon us soon? Such a lovely bond they must share together. I love twins having each other at the same milestones and big steps in life together side by side. It must be a great feeling. They are so lucky to have each other. I have always wanted twins. You are such a great momma to them too you can see it in their smiles and happiness and everything you write about them sweets. So great to catch up with you this weekend. You are beautiful. #siblingsproject

    1. It’s so weird isn’t it? To me, they’re still babies!! I can’t believe that in a year’s time we’ll be packing them off to school!! How can that be? Hopefully, by then, they’ll be a little more ready for it. And yep — I always wanted twins too. Be careful what you wish for!!! ;) I think that twins are granted to the people that want them!!!

      And snap — it was SO lovely to see you on Friday. You’re always one of my favourite people to catch up with at those events :) Always make me laugh!!!! xx

  3. These are beautiful photos. Arthur has just started pre-school to start full time school next year, and I am not ready for my youngest to be getting that big! But even a year ahead I know he will love it, he is so confident and full of beans, a complete contrast to how Harry was when he first started school. Its a huge step I am not looking forward to filling in his school forms soon. x

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