151 weeks and 4 days | Me and Mine {January}

That’s it folks. In approximately 3.5 hours, January will be over for another year. I can’t help but breathe out a long, metaphorical sigh of relief.

As I mentioned in my Styling The Seasons post for January I’m not the biggest fan of this month and almost as soon as the sparkle of Christmas has faded, I begin longing for the warmth of spring.

That said, the last few weeks have been so busy and seem to have gone really fast, thankfully.

The boys have enjoyed nursery days and playdates. Bertie’s speech is improving week on week and his brother’s imagination is growing with the passing of each day.

We had a fun weekend in the snow a couple of week’s ago too. The twins last saw snow a whole year ago — and they didn’t really remember too much about it — needless to say they loved it!




My boy has finally taken over his allotment.

At the moment — as it’s been untended for so long — the earth is as hard as iron and digging it over is back-breaking work. I think we’ll probably hire a rotavator, one weekend, to lessen the load and make things a bit easier.

In other news, my garden building is coming on in leaps and bounds! The Twinkles’ daddy never ceases to amaze me. He’s built it himself, with the aid of a couple of friends on occasions.

The walls and roof are up and the windows and doors are in. An electrician is putting a quote together and very soon we’ll be having the first fix done.

More excited than I can possibly say. But, of course, you knew that already ;)

Another exciting thing to happen was that we’ve been asked to join the Great Little Trading Company testing team for 2016. I heard the news on my birthday last week and — as the boys had been suffering from a winter tummy bug — it hadn’t been the best few days.

When I read the email, I was SO excited, I literally bounced on the bed. I love GLTC products so it is the most perfect job for me and my boys. I’m feeling very lucky indeed — there have been quite a lot of ‘pinch me’ moments happening recently. I keep wondering when I’m going to wake up.

Our family shots for this month were — as ever — taken at the very last minute. We went to my sister’s house this afternoon and these were hurriedly taken just before we left.

I’ve always thought that Cosmo is a carbon-copy of his daddy but, looking at these photos, Bertie is beginning to look SO like his dad.

What a fortunate girl I am, to be surrounded by these lovely boys.


Me and Mine ~ January 2016

So just to recap:

This month’s highs ~
• A day in the snow.
• My garden office being built.
• My birthday.
• Finding out that we’re on the 2016 testing team for GLTC.

This month’s lows ~
• The dreaded winter vomiting bug. I don’t think I need to expand on that any further.

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Caro Davies art directed fashion and interiors before leaving the world of design to pursue a career in social media. She can now be found chasing the light — and two small twin boys.

24 thoughts on “151 weeks and 4 days | Me and Mine {January}

  1. So jealous that you had snow! We’re still to have any here in forever! Also huge congratulations on joining the GLTC testing team how exciting!xx

    1. I was SO chuffed to see the snow :) The boys had only seen it once and they were probably a little bit too young to remember! Having a little snowday this year was lovely — so sweet to see how they reacted to it!! :) And thank you SO much. Still pinching myself — I’m so thrilled to be part of their team! xx

  2. Lovely pictures! We only had a sprinkling of snow a few weeks ago, but still enough to be outside for a good few hours. January is my least favourite month too. I love Christmas and the run-up to the new year, but a few days into January I am desperately awaiting warmer weather. Congratulations on becoming a GLTC tester! #MeandMine

  3. Sounds like minus the sickness bug you have had a pretty good January congrats on the GLTC job thats awesome and yes both your boys do look very much like their dad don’t they! Think its the eyes xx

  4. Wow, well done on being sleected as a GLTC test member. Great news!

    I must admit that I am looking forward to spring when the temperatures (hopefully) rise, the evenings are longer and the plants begin to grow.

  5. Aww sounds like it’s been a fabulous month for your family! So many new and big achievements :) Even though it is a crappy month, I’m glad you all had more highs than lows xx

  6. I’m so happy I found your blog! I have 7 month old boy girl twins and am always wondering what the next stage looks like! I’ll be following your progress with your gorgeous little ones!

  7. Congratulations on the ambassadorship, their toys are amazing! Lovely photos of you four and good luck with your garden project(I do recommend a rotavator, we had one in when we used to have an allotment and saved us a lot of back breaking digging!)xx

  8. Awww, hope you are all feeling better after your sickness bug. I hate January too, yay to Spring almost here!! :) Lovely photos too :)

    Gemma xx

  9. Will look forward to seeing how you style the GLTC stuff, they do such nice things. And a gorgeous photo of your little gang as always Caro- the twins are looking so grown up! x

  10. Congratulations of getting the GLT testing! I love their stuff and look forward to seeing how you style it. Lovely photos, especially the second one of the four of you.

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