Happy third birthday little blog!

Today I’m wishing my blog a very happy third birthday!


When I began writing, I hadn’t really thought too much about its future.

My head was full of the tiny people that I was carrying inside my belly. Day-dreams of my future as a mama; after such a long time of longing and patiently waiting. The destiny of my blog held no place in my thoughts.

It was simply a way to record my feelings. A cathartic channel, if you will.

The first post was so positive. So full of hope and expectation but about impending parenthood.

I certainly didn’t pause to contemplate the journey that my online diary may take me on.  

But roll forward three years and it’s still here. And not only just ‘still here’ but it’s more of a part of our lives that I’d ever thought possible.

A creative outlet, a source of income and the best record of our lives — a virtual memory box — for my tiny sons, that I could possibly wish for.

So what has changed over the last 12 months?

Well, last year, I was still writing on a free WordPress platform. In January, this year, I took the decision to go self hosted.

Something I wish I’d done a little sooner; I haven’t regretted that decision for a single second. For any blogger, deliberating on the merits of self hosted over the free option, I’d say go for it!

My hosts at IFDNRG are fabulous.

They’re a small outfit — based in the UK — and there’s always someone at the end of the phone, if I need it.

I have met a fantastic and supportive group of fellow bloggers.

New friends offline — as well as online

They offer support and advice; and give blogging a real sense of community and purpose.

In the first year I was blogging, it felt like a very solitary pastime.

I rarely received comments on my posts and was a lone voice in the wilderness.

This year — I made a conscious effort to get involved more. Comment on others’ blogs, participate more.

And the difference it’s made, to the way I feel about blogging, is immeasurable.

I’ve also attended a few blogging events. 

The first was Blog Camp, in Birmingham, in April.

Followed by Britmums; a conference on a much, much larger scale, which was held in June.

Mingling with like-minded folk; learning about the industry I’ve found myself in.

Plus meeting my online friends in real life was something that — if you’d told me last year, that I’d be putting myself out there and walking into a room full of virtual strangers — I would definitely not have believed.

But that’s exactly what I’ve been doing. Who’d have thought it? Not me, that’s for sure!!

In the last 12 months, my blog has been nominated for three awards, made the finals for the MADS (down to the last six in my category, out of thousands)  — which I attended in September — and incredibly has just won best interior blog in this year’s Blogging Edge blogging awards.

When I write it all down, it makes my head spin!!

I made the decision, after my blog’s second birthday, to take it a little bit more seriously. This little online diary is part of my life now. I love recording the boys’ milestones, family days out, sharing lovely things that I’ve found. This year I’ve started to add more of what I like — interiors and fashion — plus this is such a fab platform to share my crafty makes and DIY exploits.

I’ve no idea where the next year will take us. But suffice to say, the last few months have been full of extraordinary opportunities and amazing adventures.

Happy birthday little blog! Here’s to you — and the next 12 months.

blog birthday balloon
blog birthday balloon 2

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About Caro Davies

Caro Davies art directed fashion and interiors before leaving the world of design to pursue a career in social media. She can now be found chasing the light — and two small twin boys.

71 thoughts on “Happy third birthday little blog!

  1. Aww Happy Blog Birthday! Your blog is one of the ones that inspires me to keep going with my not even one year old blog! Congrats on your award too, thoroughly deserved #TwinklyTuesday xx

  2. Aww happy blog birthday! You look well happy in the pics. You have come really far – it’s amazing and winning that award must have been the cherry! Keep at it Hun as you are fab at it! Was also a pleasure to meet you at Brit Mums xx thanks for hosting xx

  3. Happy 3d birthday to your blog and congratulations on your award! You have achieved so much in 3 years and I’m sure your blog will continue to grow, after all it is a great blog :) xx #TwinklyTuesday

  4. Your blog is just gorgeous, you know how much I love it. You deserve every single one of those nominations and now an award- I missed that you won, so sorry but wow massive congratulations that is fantastic news!!!!! xxx

  5. Congratulations on all you have achieved and happy birthday. I love the design of your blog. It always looks very professional. #TwinklyTuesday

  6. Happy birthday Twinkle Diaries! You have had a busy blogging year and should be super-duper proud with yourself. You’ve made a lovely space to come to here xx #twinklytuesday

  7. Happy Blog Birthday and well done for working hard and it and being so successful! #twinkytuesday

  8. Happy birthday little blog & keep up the amazing work! I’m so pleased you won the blogging edge award, I live your interiors section. #twinklytuesdays

  9. Happy Blog Birthday lovely Caro – it was awesome to get to meet you in person this year and I hope this next year of blogging and all the ones to come bring you happiness and adventure :)

  10. And now an award WINNER!!! Ah Happy Blogging Birthday honey, your blog has come along way in the past three years and I just know it’s now going to go from strength to strength. I can’t wait to follow you on this journey.

  11. A well deserved balloon Mrs Twinkle!
    Your hard work has paid off and your blog is beautiful, well written and a total joy.
    Well done xx

  12. Happy blog birthday beautiful lady. Your blog is fabulous and as stunning as you are. I am so honoured to have you as a blogging buddy and an amazingly supportive friend. Here’s to next year and blog domination. Lots of love and many hugs Lucy xxxx

  13. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to one of my favourite blogs and people around :) You’re so talented, you write beautifully and your photographs are amazing. You inspire me and make me laugh. Thanks for all your hard work on our linky #HomeEtc :) Wouldn’t be anything without you. Here’s to another 12 month for you and who knows what you will achieve???!!!! YAY xxxxx

    1. Aah thanks darling!! SO happy to have met you — our little group is one of the things I love most about blogging. I LOVE the friendships we’ve formed — we’re so very lucky xxxx

  14. Happy Birthday Blog! I hope we get to meet up at some blogger event (I’m hoping to go to BritmumsLive this year, are you?) x

    1. Thanks so much lovely! YES — it would be so lovely to meet up! Sadly next year, I think I’m going to give BML a miss. It falls on the same weekend as Glastonbury and — although we failed to get tickets in the first sale — I’m hoping we’l manage to get tix in the second round! I’ve got my ticket for Blogtacular instead, which looks REALLY up my street!! You may like that too — very creative apparently — sounds lovely :) xx

  15. Happy blogging birthday! My blog will be 3 next week (I think) but I was so on & off with it, until recently that I haven’t achieved that much with it. I still love blogging though and I’m so glad I started!xx

    1. Aaah happy birthday for next week!!! :) I’m amazed that I stuck with it — through the babies being born and their first — and now second — year! I didn’t think it would be something I’d continue with — so happy it’s still here :) xx

  16. Oh Caro you have done so well – you are an inspiration lady. :) 3 years is amazing and you’ve achieved so, so much. ANNNND now you’re award winning too. Totally chuffed for you, lovely. xxx

    1. Aah thanks so much darling!! Can’t believe what an amazing year it’s been!! SO happy to have our little group — that’s by far my favourite thing about blogging!! :) xx

  17. Happy Birthday Blog! :) It’s amazing how fast time flies with blogging! 3 years is a great achievement! I really must attend more blogging things actually, my blog is 4 years old in January eek! x

    1. Isn’t it?! I can’t believe how fast the time has gone — especially as I never really intended for it to be a longterm thing!! I LOVE the blogging events — amazing meeting the lovely people you chat to online, in real life :) xx

  18. Happy blog birthday! And well done to you for all your achievements so far. I totally agree about self-hosting, I’m glad I did it when I did. Good luck for the next 12 months! :-)

  19. Happy birthday to your blog! Sounds like it’s been an incredible journey and long may it continue to bring you happiness :) I love the pictures on this post x

  20. You have done so well in the space of 3 years! Happy birthday blog!! :)

    Gemma xx

  21. First of all Caro where did you get that coat? It is fab!
    I’m glad you decided to promote your blog or I may neve have come across it. It is brilliant, one of my favourites as you know from my recent post on my go to blogs. You seem to have a natural talent for writing as well as a flair for design that is enviable.
    Well done you for getting out there and making your blog into something big. Congrats on the award and nominations too. Great achievements. x

    1. Aaaah pet — what a really lovely comment — thanks so much :) I feel quite choked up.

      I was SO embarrassed to share my blog for so long — it felt too personal. But since I’ve added more stuff that I love, it doesn’t feel so cringeworthy now :) And I’ve had that coat for about 20 years — it’s probably older than me!! I’ve another too, with snowflakes on it. They come out every winter, without fail. Some would say they’re a bit childish — but I guess that’s me all over ;) xx

  22. Happy Blog birthday lovely lady! I’m so proud of you, I’ve been reading for quite a while now and I’ve seen how much it has grown. What a beautiful little space of the internet you have xxx

    1. Aww thanks darling — that means a lot. Have just replied to Julia’s comment and will repeat it to you — SO happy to have met you! AM so thankful that my blog has been the catalyst for meeting such a fab group of girls xxxx

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