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Ever thought of creating a Memory Frame? They’re such a lovely thing to make as a reminder of a person or event. I’ve made a new Cherish the Ordinary Papercut to put in ours, to commemorate a very dear friend.

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about her passing.

It was such a shock to hear of her death. Even though I knew she was ill, I didn’t think for a second that she wasn’t going to beat the cancer that had cruelly taken hold of her.

Every conversation we’d had — in the weeks leading up to her passing away — had been very upbeat and positive, to the extent that I had been lulled into a very false sense of security about the extent of her illness.

I’m not sure — and will never know — if she knew how poorly she was (and just wanted to spare me that knowledge) or whether she truly believed she was going to make a full recovery.

Probably the former; she was one of the most selfless, generous people I’ve ever met and probably didn’t want to upset me, knowing her.

My Cherish the Ordinary Papercut

I wrote a diary entry about it. Particularly the fact that her passing was a stark reminder how fragile life can be. With the flip of a coin, our luck can change and the path we were merrily treading can divert off in a totally different direction.

It made me so grateful for my ordinary little life.

So grateful for the simple things. The tedium and normality of the everyday. Cleaning, washing, shopping. Sitting watching TV. Putting the kettle on.

Jen’s passing was a shock to the system and acted as a reminder to be mindful of how lucky I am. And I’ve had the same words spinning around my head since I wrote them down a couple of weeks ago.

So, in her memory, I’ve designed a new Cherish the Ordinary Papercut.

Very simple — not as ornate as some of the ones I’ve made in the past — with an important message. Words that I want to be reminded of on a daily basis.

Cherish The Ordinary

I’ve created it to fit inside one of two lovely Kiko frames from Rose and Grey. These beautiful frames are so simple; two sheets of glass, elegantly framed in paper thin metal. They’re the perfect home for a papercut too as it shows off the artwork without having to mount it onto a backing card.

They’re similar to the ones I stock in my shop but much more delicate. And the best thing of all is, you can change the contents as often as you like.

I like the thought that I can display it, alongside a little memento of an ordinary, everyday event.

Train or bus tickets, that serve to remind me of a lovely afternoon out.  Polaroids of a holiday — perhaps with a stolen beermat.

Or, in this instance, a leaf collected by my little sons on the way back from nursery today.

Snapshots of Life

I can see that these two little frames will act as a little snapshot of what my family and I have been doing, on random days, throughout the year. Memory frames. As the seasons change, the content of one of the frames — and the vase — will too.

But the overriding message, constant throughout the year, will be clear.

To cherish the time we have. Rejoice in the tedium and normality.

Life is so precious — don’t waste it wishing for something exciting, something ‘extraordinary’ to happen. Breathe in the everyday and remember to count our lucky stars.

We’re so blessed to even be here.

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  1. These frames are beautiful Caro, as is your papercut- how talented are you? I love the statement too, something I try and do a lot. I am really sorry to hear about your friend. x

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