108 weeks and 5 days | Tiny friends | Siblings {April}

We’re almost halfway through April and my boys are yet another month older. Seems like just yesterday that we were celebrating their 2nd birthday; crazy to think that it was a whole month ago today!

Their daddy and I have noticed lots of changes recently; one in particular is that their sense of humour is really starting to develop.

It’s so gorgeous to see. They’ve always had a lovely time in each other’s company but over the last few weeks these tiny friends have been purposefully doing things to make one another — or us — laugh. It’s hilarious to watch.

Their speech is really coming on too. Cosmo has always been really fast to pick up new words — he’s an incredible mimic and has been able to parrot words back to us for a while now — but his understanding of words and sentences is really coming along. That said, he still has little words of his own — my absolute favourite is ‘billaboojshe’ — balloon. So sweet. I love hearing his sweet little sing-song voice, chatting away to his brother or himself.

Bertie still has fewer words but after we saw the cranial osteopath, back in February, he mentioned that Bert’s anterior fontanelle had still not fully closed; therefore his soft palette had not fully developed. This would explain why his speech was slightly behind Cosmo’s — it’s not that he didn’t want to speak — he just couldn’t quite form the words properly.

I was mulling over whether we should take him to see someone but, to be honest, over the last 2 or 3 weeks I’ve noticed a real improvement in his speech. At the end of the day I think it’s only made more noticeable because I have another child, exactly the same age, to compare him to. If he was a single child, I probably wouldn’t have batted an eyelid.

And anyway, he has other talents!!

He’s a whizz at puzzles and jigsaws! Amazingly talented at building towers and will spend hours looking at this things up close and working out how to take them apart — or put them back together.

A budding engineer, in our midst, maybe?



Normally for their monthly pic, I would round them up and sit them together to have their photograph taken. This morning though, they were playing so nicely and I watched them for a while before sneaking off to get the camera.

It was lovely watching them play. Two tiny friends that have each other — a little playmate — to share their days with. Granted, sometimes this can cause a few headaches too but, in the main, they’re such great company for each other.

This months pics show them, as I see them most days. Two bed-headed little boys, engrossed in a game, and happy in each other’s company.

To say I’m grateful for these ordinary little moments is an understatement. It makes me so very proud to call myself their mama.





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About Caro Davies

Caro Davies art directed fashion and interiors before leaving the world of design to pursue a career in social media. She can now be found chasing the light — and two small twin boys.

46 thoughts on “108 weeks and 5 days | Tiny friends | Siblings {April}

  1. Such a gorgeous post. I agree that where one strives another shows strength elsewhere. It’s hard not to compare but they look so happy and clearly have the sweetest bond. Thank you for joining #CountLuckyStars and I hope to see you tomorrow x

  2. Oh so SWEET! I love how natural these pictures are; watching your boys play makes me feel so excited for my future. And their furry sibling is just gorgeous!

    1. Yes — you have a very bright future ahead of you! Watching the boys as they become more interested in each other has been so lovely. It’s a real privilege to have front row seats,watching them grow! You’ll experience the same thing, I’m sure :)

  3. Aww they’re just adorable together – it must be fascinating to be able to see them do different things at different times but I suspect the flip side is you then worry about one or other in a way that singleton parents don’t – ah well, it all comes out in the wash!

  4. These photos are lovely and capture the wonderful bond between them, brilliantly! Those puzzles look like such fun. It is lovely seeing them play together, isn’t it? #Siblings

  5. Gorgeous! My Miss Three loves puzzles too – I’m sure I couldn’t do the ones she does at her age. Maybe kids today are just smarter. How wonderful that you have two boys the same age – they will share so much in love and be such a great support and complement to each other.

    1. I loved puzzles when I was little — I remember doing them with my mum. But I’m not sure I was so young! 2 seems very little to be such a whizz with jigsaws. His twin just isn’t interested at all. And yes, I absolutely agree. It’s wonderful to have two of the same age :)

  6. Gorgeous photos and clever boys Caro! They are just delightful- you must be so proud of them. Mads was a jigsaw nut when she was their age too- LL isn’t so keen. x

    1. Aaah thanks Katie, that’s lovely of you. It’s odd that Bertie loves them and Cosmo’s just not interested! I guess we all have our hidden talents! Thanks for your lovely comment x

  7. That looks like a LOT of fun! Great to see the cat joining in – ours won’t go near Baby B just yet. I don’t want to wish any time away but I am definitely looking forward to being able to play with our boy when he is big enough to know what the little people are meant to be and make up games. For now I will enjoy watching him carry around his paint brush and point at trees :)

  8. Lovely photos :-) and it’s so lovely to see their speech coming on isn’t it – Noah who is 2 in July has just started to really talk and it’s great. Can’t understand a lot but he’s a chatter box xx #twinklytuesdays

  9. this is so lovely and adore the pictures. Comparison is silly as you say and he seems to have lots of talents. Clever boys! Thanks for linking to #countluckystars lovely xxx

    1. Thanks pet :) It makes you realise that all the ‘competitive parents’ — comparing their children — are so ridiculous!! I have two boys who are exactly the same age, being bought up in exactly the same way and their development is SO different.Thanks so much for hosting! xx

  10. I love watching my kids play together, and your photos are just wonderful!! I have to say, my girls starting demonstrating their senses of humour around the same age, and it only gets better from there!

    1. Aaah me too. I watched them for ages before speaking away to get the camera. Wish I’d have filmed them actually; it was too funny with the cat getting involved! There was much laughter!! :)

  11. It must be hard not to compare twins, but all children have their own pace for developing and, like you say, have their own particular talents. This is a lovely post.

  12. I just spend the weekend with my brother’s twins. Its really neat to see the way they interact with each other, but what a lot of work! #twinklytuesday

  13. Oh they are TOO cute! Toby will soon have a little brother and I can ‘t wait to see them playing like this together and doing this to make us laugh. Bertie’s speech will be fine, and he does look like a whizz at those puzzles! x #twinklytuesday

  14. Lovely post. It must be so nice for the boys to have each other, to play with and rely on. They must have such a great bond.
    I can see it must be difficult to not compare their development as its only human, I constantly compare my children and what age they started to do things.

    1. Aah thanks so much :) It’s amazing to see — I think it must feel incredibly special to grown up with a sibling who’s exactly the same age. You’d never feel lonely, that’s for sure!

  15. Puzzles are great, he’ll be good at Maths I bet. They are such cuties and I am in love with your cat! #Twinkly Tuesday

    1. It’s amazing isn’t it?! Looks like we’ve got a couple of little comedians on our hands! :) And yes — she was really getting involved with what they were doing and making them laugh!!

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