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This captured moment takes me back to last year.

We were having a lovely weekend camping when I got a message from an old uni friend saying ‘will you help me out with a design project I’m doing’.

Never one to shy away from helping a mate, I agreed and asked him what I needed to do.

And this was the brief.

Think of a place that means something to you.


Then go and measure a 10″x10″ square — on the ground — and dig it up. In one piece.


Next, stand behind the hole — holding the piece in both hands — and have your photograph taken behind the hole.

Erm… OK.

Obviously I couldn’t do it there and then, as we were in the middle of a field, having a rare old time with our friends but I promised I’d help him out when I got home. Which, obviously, was the best — most meaningful — place I could think of, in which to dig my 10inch hole.

(Plus, I wouldn’t get into any trouble either!!)

So a couple of days later — armed with a spade — my boy and I went out into the garden to take my photo for the project.

Now, I could have worn my everyday clothes.

I could have even worn my  gardening clothes.

But that would have been too normal.

After all, digging a square of earth and standing in front of the hole — whilst having your photo taken — is pretty odd behaviour right?


So why not fully embrace an eccentric English project, by looking like an eccentric English person? Party frock with wellies anyone?


So here is the result.


A properly odd captured moment!! Looking like a properly eccentric English woman.

What my friend Rich didn’t get to see was the outtakes!

I look back on these and they really make me laugh! Two tiny boys — who’ve only recently started walking — careering in and out of shot. Falling over. Getting back up.

Aaah — these captured moments are some of my favourites! I’ll be so happy, in the future, that I took part in this crazy project! They epitomise a really happy summer, spending time together as a family and doing fun, random, things.

The Eccentric English




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About Caro Davies

Caro Davies art directed fashion and interiors before leaving the world of design to pursue a career in social media. She can now be found chasing the light — and two small twin boys.

49 thoughts on “107 weeks and 1 day | The Eccentric English

  1. That is BRILLIANT. And oh – your dress with those wellies! I’d be seriously tempted to turn this picture into a print for the kitchen… it’s wonderfully eccentric and quite lovely.

  2. Brilliantly bonkers. Your garden is AMAZING! I love walled gardens but we just have a broken fence. I like the idea of random challenges. Might have to start this with our friends. Could get dangerous.

  3. Wow you look a character in a book! This is so bonkers but amazing at the same time! Also what a gorgeous garden
    Becky xx

  4. Oh my word, your garden, amazeballs! It’s so secret garden and you look all Alice in Wonderland in the pics. Love crazy ideas like this one (and the crazy kids photobombing you) #twinklytuesday

  5. What a creative response to an ambiguous request! I’m not sure exactly why, but this post and your response make me want to spend the day creeping on your blog, lol! I love it!!

  6. Lol, that is brilliant and I love the way you’ve embraced the eccentricity by taking the photo in a party dress and wellies – brilliant. Love the outtakes with your twins too – such fun photos :-) #twinklytuesday

    1. HA! That’s why I did mine at home!! I could just imagine being arrested for digging up a square of earth in a prominent public position! Good job ‘home’ is my most meaningful place! :)

  7. Awe you look too cute, think I want that dress, sunshine yellow, love it! #Twinkly Tuesday

  8. What a lovely, yet unusual, project to be a part of!
    I’m loving your outfit and your out takes, the boys wandering round is just so darn cute!
    I have to admit I’m completely jealous of your garden! You have my dream garden and I’m not surprised you chose it as your most meaningful place. xxx #mycapturedmoment

  9. Hahaha – what a fabulous omen to have on film – though of course yes I agree – the outtakes are what has made it all the more memorable! Love you, you nutter!!! Fab! Steph xxx

    1. Aaah thank you!! It was SUCH a funny thing to do… I’ll really appreciate these pictures in years to come!! The Twinkles will grow up knowing thinking that their mama is a loon! :)

  10. You’re amazing! And beautiful. Love this photo and all the out-takes! Such an amazing post :) Jess xx

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