100 weeks and 2 days | 23 months today! | Siblings {February}

So here we are. Another Siblings post.

My boys are celebrating another month ‘birthday’ and today they are twenty-three months old.

Twenty three months already!

100 weeks and 2 days of living with these two fantastic little creatures. Twenty-three months of being someone’s mama. Twenty-three incredible months of watching two tiny babies grow into little boys.

And just one month to go until they leave their second year and enter the third. Go from one (still a baby) to two (a real, bonafide, toddler).

  • They’ll be eligible for their own seat on a plane (horrors — the thought of paying for four full price seats fills me with dread).
  • We’ll have to pay for them to enter some theme parks and attractions.
  • The local soft play will no longer be free.

But nevermind.

My Twinkles are growing up fast — although they are still two little dots!

My boy and I are both short-arses; neither of us are from lofty stock. Both sides of our family are vertically challenged; me standing at 5’4 — in my stockinged feet — and Dickie at 5’8 (and a half which is incredibly important when you’re Lilliputian in stature). Needless to say, my Twinkles are not the tallest boys in the nursery.

But, as my nanna has always said, small things come in lovely packages. And that’s certainly true in this instance. They are gorgeous little boys, with infectious personalities.

And this month has seen a real shift in their development.

They’ve settled in so incredibly well at nursery. They are so happy to go each Tuesday and Wednesday mornings — I almost feel a bit gutted — that perhaps they should be a little sadder to say goodbye to me!

I took them to a playgroup today with a good friend, who’s happily just moved into the next village. She has a son a month younger (and about a foot taller!) and it’s lovely to know that our boys are going to be growing up together.

Cosmo let go of my hand almost straight away. Scoping out the room – checking out the toys. Bertie stayed close to me; held my hand and didn’t stray too far initially.

For forty minutes or so they played totally independently of each other. Bertie made a Valentine’s card for his daddy. Sat happily, sticking and colouring. Looking up occasionally to check that I was still there.

Cosmo played with other children, boldly went and fetched toys he wanted to look at and played, literally, across the other side of the room from us.

Until I gathered them together for a drink and a snack and then, it was almost as though their favourite friend had just arrived. None of that awkwardness that other children have when they come back to a friend they played with earlier (and yes, I know they are brothers but to watch them was just gorgeous). They had such an affinity with each other; delighting in each others company and creating ridiculous games that no-one else was involved in. None of the children in the hall were playing ‘together’ — they were all playing alongside each other. Apart from Bertie and Cosmo.

I’ve written about ‘Tandem Play’ in children before and funnily enough it was in last years Siblings post for February!! You can read about that here.

Anyway — I digress — it made me realise what a special thing it is to be a twin. And how lucky they are.

All the other ‘siblings’ in the nursery were babies and preschoolers. They had nothing in common at this stage in their lives (apart from their parents). And whilst some of the other children of the same age had friends in the room, their relationships were not as well rounded or natural as Bert and Cosmo’s.

These are the moments that make being a mama of twins so special. That realisation that my two little sons are so very fortunate. They share a magical bond with another person.

An incredible, invisible thread that draws them together. Inextricably linked with another soul.

Two little people. Independent in mind, body and spirit; but part of a pair.

My sons.








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About Caro Davies

Caro Davies art directed fashion and interiors before leaving the world of design to pursue a career in social media. She can now be found chasing the light — and two small twin boys.

26 thoughts on “100 weeks and 2 days | 23 months today! | Siblings {February}

  1. My best friends are twins and I’m always jealous of the bond they have. So lovely to know your boys will have this as they grow up! :)

    They look so happy! :)

    Thanks for joining our #HappyDaysLinky

    Jenna at Tinyfootsteps xx

    1. Thanks so much Amy!! Yes — I’m so happy they have each other! I was an only child until I was 9 and a half!! Growing up was sometimes a little lonely for me — it’s lovely to have a sibling that’s so close in age! X

  2. Wow – such lovely, giggly, happy little boys! It must be amazing to be a twin and to be at the same stage as your sibling from the word go – a playmate on hand all the time. I think the transition from one year old to two year old is quite a fundamental one: I remember getting quite emotional when my M turned two. Lovely post. x

    1. Ahh — thanks so much Kelly — they really are! It’s lovely that it comes across on the photos!

      I certainly think I’m going to be a bit of a teary mess when they turn two; certainly if their last birthday is anything to go by!! ;)

  3. Aww that’s such a lovely post (and fabulous pictures too). It’s so lovely that your boys will always have a friend at their stage of development; even though my three are quite close in age it’s taken a couple of years before Elma can keep up with Kitty and it will be another couple of years before Pip can really get stuck in too. There are advantages and disadvantages to being a twin but I think this definitely chalks up on the plus side :)

    1. Thanks Carie — I agree — having a built in playmate can have it’s advantages and disadvantages! When they’re fighting, biting and scratching, it’s not so fun but the days when they’re loving each other and playing nicely, it’s just magical!

  4. There is something very emotional about your child’s second birthday. I felt it with both my girls, they’re not babies anymore and that’s so tough for us mums. Sounds like the boys are happy and doing well at nursery, which is great! Although I know what you mean. Lili started school last year and I was a mess, she walked in with her head held high and didn’t look back – probably for the best as I was so emotional.

    Thanks for linking up to #SundayStars

    1. I was incredibly emotional when they turned one!! I couldn’t believe that these babies, I’d dreamt of for so long, were not only here but had made it through a whole year!! I cried all day! Mostly happy tears ;) It’s going to be another teary day next month, I think, that’s for sure! Thanks for hosting x

  5. Goodness – they do seem ever so grown-up all of a sudden! I love these pics so much. They seem to really enjoy each other’s company, and that is lovely to see.

  6. Lovely post, the bond that they share really is special. Must be wonderful to have someone alongside you for each new adventure. Love the photos, so full of fun and complete relaxation in each other’s company x

  7. Oh what a lovely lovely post. How wonderful that they are confident enough to play seperately but have such a beautiful friendship when they’re together. Your photos are gorgeous by the way! Vx


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