Home Etc #130

So that’s it folks; the last Home Etc of the year! And what a year it’s been. My friend Jess stepped down from hosting and lovely Lins from the blog Boo and Maddie stepped into her shoes. Our hashtag has been used over 7.6K times on Instagram. And we’ve seen amazing home renovations and brilliant… Read More

Home Etc #128

Happy Home Etc day everyone! I wanted to kick of straight away with last week’s favourite post. It’s from Becky who blogs at Pinks Charming. She shared a fantastic tutorial, showing — in glorious Technicolor —  how to make winter wreaths with embroidery hoops and foliage. I won’t show you all of the images (hopefully… Read More

Home Etc #126

What a lovely day I had yesterday. I hotfooted it into the city, to meet my good friend Sarah who blogs over at Extraordinary Chaos. It always amazes me how my blog has brought me so much good fortune. As well as fabulous experiences — and a change in career — it’s also brought me… Read More

A Very British Hygge

Why are we Brits so obsessed with all things Scandinavian? We seem to love Scandi design; type ‘Scandi’ into Google and every major high street brand has a listing on the first page. Each one trying to tempt us to come and check out their Scandinavian inspired offerings. Plus there’s a very well known blue… Read More

Home Etc #124

Happy Home Etc day! And happy November too. I love this time of year. I’m definitely not a fan of winter but the run up to Christmas always fills me with so much excitement. PLUS I discovered yesterday that our home etc hashtag has been used more than seven thousand times! Pretty amazing for a… Read More

Home Etc #122

Did you know, there are just 8 weeks and 5 days until Christmas day? Sorry — for those of you that still aren’t allowing the C Word to be mentioned but I think we need to take a deep breath and acknowledge that it’s on it’s way. Me especially. I’ve been living in a bit… Read More