Home Etc #88

Happy, happy 1st March! And welcome to this week’s Home Etc! I’ll make no apologies for being a little bit giddy today; for me the 1st March signifies that spring is very nearly here and the dark, winter days are nearly over. Plus my little Welsh man is always very happy as it’s St David’s day. Hapus Dydd Dewi! Back to this week’s Home Etc. For those not in the know, Home Etc is a weekly link up for bloggers who have written posts that include interiors (wish lists, room tours or DIY), garden or allotment ideas, plus crafting or up-cycling, hosted by myself and my good friend Jess! Home Etc Favourites Last week’s favourites came from Lins at Boo And Maddie with the most stunning door wreath I think I’ve ever seen. It’s from the Big Door Wreath Company and is a work of art!! SO gorgeous and the perfect thing to welcome in the spring! Another favourite came from Suzanne over at Inside, Outside and Beyond. She showed us her cosy and stylish snug. Such a beautiful room. A far cry from my own snug, where the floor is often covered in a sea of Lego! Very well done ladies! Your names… Read More

Home Etc #87

Welcome to this week’s Home Etc ;  hosted by Jess — my very good friend from the blog Mummy Of Boy & Girl Twins — and me. Bringing you the very best home and garden inspiration from the blogosphere. Home Etc Favourites First favourite from last week came from Lizzie who blogs at Marmalade Pie. She shared her gorgeous sitting room with us. Such a lovely room with a modern-vintage feel. I love the pattern and colour she’s used. So bright and fresh. It’s so cheery and welcoming. And makes a lovely change from all the stark white interiors that are so prevalent on Instagram these days. Another favourite came from my lovely friend Rachel, who writes the blog The Ordinary Lovely. She’s always used her pegboard as a styling tool and has shared some gorgeous ideas over the last couple of years. Last week’s post was no exception. I love how fresh and clean it looks. So simple and modern; and the perfect way to welcome in the spring. Well done girls! Your names are in the hat and you’re both in with a chance of winning a voucher from our lovely sponsors Laura Ashley. Thanks so much everyone, for joining in, Jess and I love seeing what you’ve been up to! HOME ETC… Read More

Home Etc #86

Hello everyone and welcome to this week’s Home Etc;  the little corner of the blogosphere that celebrates everything home and garden. Hosted by Jess — my very good friend from the blog Mummy Of Boy & Girl Twins — and me. Home Etc Favourites First favourite from last week came from the lovely Morgana who blogs at Coffee Work Sleep Repeat. She shared her fave copper homeware pieces from the high-street. This trend seems to be set to run and run — the copper vibe has been strong for such a long time now, in interiors, and shows absolutely no signs of slowing down. I love how she’s paired the copper with the blush pink and grey especially — it’s such a lovely combination. Another fave came from Home Etc newbie Richard who writes over at The Wood Daddy. He created a GIANT Jenga game — plus stand — as a wedding present for his sister-in-law. Ordinarily, I share photos on Home Etc but loved his film so much, I thought I’d share that instead! The Jenga-style game is AMAZING!!! Do pop and have a watch if you have a spare 5 minutes. Thanks so much everyone, for linking in, Jess and I love seeing what you’ve been up to! HOME ETC HOUSE-RULES 1) Please include our lovely #HomeEtc… Read More

Home Etc #85

Welcome to this week’s Home Etc! I’m really struggling this week — we didn’t get back from Cornwall until late on Monday night. So instead of feeling relaxed and refreshed I’m playing catch-up and am feeling a little bit tired. I didn’t want to leave, if the truth be told, I could have easily stayed for another couple of days. It’s a long way to go for a long weekend but we couldn’t spare the holiday to stay any longer. But hey. It’s Home Etc day which means lots of lovely homes and gardens to cheer me up and buoy my spirits! Home Etc Favourites First favourite from last week was from Phillipa who blogs at The Maker Place. She interviewed winner of the Great Interior Design Challenge — Daniela Tasca York — who shared her thoughts on being judged by Kelly Hoppen and winning the coveted GIDC title this year. Another favourite came from Catherine who writes over at Growing Family. She gave us a little glimpse of spring, in a lovely post about flowering plants in a late winter garden. Well done to both of you lovelies  — your names are now both in the hat to win this month’s voucher from our fabulous sponsor, Laura Ashley.… Read More

Home Etc #84

Morning all! Wednesday = Home etc day here on the blog. Plus we’ve also broken the back of the working week and the weekend is now in plain view. So much to be happy about! A very warm welcome back to this little home & interiors corner — Home Etc — hosted by myself and Jess, my very good friend from the blog Mummy Of Boy & Girl Twins. Home Etc Favourites First favourite from last week came from the lovely Julia who blogs at Rainbeaubelle. She shared her gorgeous new work-space. Such a lovely set up; the perfect place for her to write her memoirs. I love the clean lines of the desk — plus the wood and white combo. So fresh and the perfect place to get creative. Another fave came from Home Etc regular Keira who writes the blog Dekko Bird. She showed us her fabulous new live-in kitchen. It’s no secret that I’m desperate to create a similar space in our home — I’ve even gone as far as getting an architect in to discuss the plans — so I LOVED seeing the amazing space that Keira has created. I would love a sofa in my kitchen!! It will definitely happen one day — just need… Read More

Home Etc #83

One of the things I love best, since Jess and I have been running Home Etc, is coming across new and interesting  blogs or Instagram accounts. Our little online community is always attracting new members and it’s so nice to see someone new linking in on the blog — or using the tag on Instagram. Here are some of my fave pics from the last few weeks. maisymeowblog  /buntyliving  /theordinarylovely  /littlepaperswan  /noahandthegirls  /buntyliving  /midlifemummy /  georgia_coote   /coffeeworksleep Since we began, our Home Etc hashtag has been used over 2.5K times on Instagram which — in social media terms — is a very tiny amount but it makes me really proud to see people using it and it’s a lovely way of gathering together our little circle. Home Etc Favourites Last week’s favourites came from Becky at The Spirited Puddlejumper and Sabrina who blogs over at The Mummy Stylist. Becky showed off her gorgeous new sofa — complemented by an even more gorgeous newly painted wall! I’m in the midst of making over my bedroom and am painting it an inky blue so it was lovely to see this working so well. Sabrina showed us her fabulous new work space. Everything you need to spark creativity when working from home. Well done girls — you’re… Read More

Home Etc #82

Happy hump-day all!  And welcome to this week’s Home Etc. Jess and I were so delighted by everyone’s lovely reactions last week. It’s always hard getting back into the swing of working life after the Christmas break but the Home Etc community made last week a real joy. Home Etc is often likened to an online interiors magazine and I really missed reading everyone’s posts. It was lovely to settle down for a good read and catch up with what everyone’s been up to. Home Etc is a weekly link up for bloggers who have written posts that include interiors (wish lists, room tours or DIY), garden or allotment ideas, plus crafting or up-cycling. HomeEtc Favourites Last week’s favourites came from Lizzie at Marmalade Pie and Karen who blogs over at Well I Guess This Is Growing Up. Lizzie posted a lovely piece on spring bulbs and how you can use them to brighten up the home. So gorgeous and a lovely reminder that spring  is definitely on the way. Secondly, Karen showed us how she transformed her little daughter’s bedroom using a wall mural. Literally the best thing ever!!! Such a cool pattern and made such a difference from common or garden wallpaper. Pop and have a look at Karen’s… Read More

Home Etc #81

Happy new year to our lovely Home Etc community! It’s the first one of 2017 and my lovely friend and co-host Jess and I are looking forward to another year of being treated to glimpses of your homes and gardens. Before Christmas, in my last Home Etc post of 2016, we announced that were going to be changes but — with a little more thought over the festive period — it was decided that things are good the way they are. Jess and I will carry on hosting Home Etc on a weekly basis and hopefully grow our little community over on Instagram too. Talking of which! Here are my favourites from the last few weeks. Home Etc on Instagram letstalkmommy / mummyofboygirltwins / insideoabout / thebusymumnet /littlepaperswan /acupfullofglitter / thetwinklesmama  / maisymeowblog  / brickdustandglitter It’s so nice to see that the hashtag is catching on and being used more often — lovely to welcome new faces along to our Instagram community too. And that the images that folks are posting are already feeling much fresher and cleaner after the festive period. Makes me feel happy to know that spring is on the way! If you’re reading and are keen to get involved — if you write a blog, upload your home and garden related posts to the Home Etc linky window each Wednesday (on… Read More