Styling The Seasons — April


April been a hectic month already; the tiny boys have started pre-school — and we’ve upped their days to 4 long mornings a week — plus my in-laws are moving house.

They’re downsizing from their large 5 bedroom family home to a 3 bed penthouse apartment. Contracts have already been exchanged, the removal men were in yesterday, the cleaners tomorrow and the new owners will take possession of the keys on Thursday.

And breathe… I literally feel as though I was holding my breath as I typed that.

It feels so odd!

I absolutely love moving house myself but it feels really weird for them to be doing it — almost like the horizon has shifted. When our own  status quo is unsettled and things are new and unfamiliar, it’s always lovely to think we have their house as a safe haven. Solid ground, if you like.

It’s definitely the end of an era; in so many ways. Really strange to think that we’ll never set foot in there again.  I’m feeling excited and unsettled in equal measures.

Needless to say, there has been a lot to do.

My boy and I left the twins with my parents a couple of weekends ago and went down to help sort through the belongings that 62 years of marriage accumulates.

Stuff to keep, stuff for charity — a LOT of stuff.

We were lucky enough to be given some lovely things; framed prints for me and some beautiful books for him.

They are a set of 3 that belonged to his maternal grandfather:

The Reader’s Digest Complete Library of the Garden.


As relevant today as the day they were printed. Which makes them the perfect heirloom for my gardening mad boy.

Since we’ve owned our own home he’s always loved to garden; plus this year we took over a plot in the village allotment, so he’s got even more room to grow things.

As a result, he’s been poring over magazines and books, planning a growing schedule, plotting his space. So these books are are such a welcome asset.

Plus they’re absolutely gorgeous. Beautifully bound with wood effect covers, pretty embossed spines and pages and pages of the loveliest botanical etchings.

Styling The Seasons | April
Styling The Seasons | April
Styling The Seasons | April
Styling The Seasons | April
Styling The Seasons | April
Styling The Seasons | April

So my styling the seasons post for April is a little bit mixed.

This month is bringing such a lot of change. Growth in our garden and allotment, change at home. New milestones for the Twinkles. A new and exciting era for my extended family.

We’re embracing it all so this month I’m putting out the bunting and celebrating new beginnings.

Styling The Seasons | April
Styling The Seasons | April
Styling The Seasons | April
Styling The Seasons | April
Styling The Seasons | April
Styling The Seasons | April

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46 thoughts on “Styling The Seasons — April

  1. Those are proper books, Caro. So beautiful. And gorgeous photos, too. Myself, I love moving but I’m not sure how I’d feel if my parents were to sell our family home. It’s lovely to have the constant. Hope the inlaws are settling in to their new abode x

  2. What a gorgeous post! Those books are absolutely beautiful and I love the sparkly gold bunting – sounds good that you feel able to embrace and celebrate all the changes taking place. I love new beginnings especially at this time of year so I hope they bring only good things for you xxx

    1. Thanks so much Katy. It’s been a weird old time, that’s for sure. Even if it’s something we feel a bit uncomfortable about, celebrating the changes are the only way of dealing with things sometimes aren’t they? Otherwise we’d get bogged down by things. Thanks so much for your lovely comment xx

  3. I know what you mean about change – always feel really unsettling when family homes are sold. But I guess everything moves on, and for a reason. Those books are beautiful and I LOVE how you’ve styled them :) Jess xx

    Thanks for being a fab co-host #HomeEtc rocks! xx

  4. Love this post, what beautiful styling! It’s clear those gardening books will be treasured for years to come. They’re a little part of the happy memories your in-laws’ old house held for you x

  5. I know exactly what you mean about parents/in-laws moving house. It feels so strange! My mum sold and moved out of the family home I grew up in 18 months ago after splitting with my dad and it was a sad time, but at the same time it’s nice to have new beginnings and create more memories elsewhere.

    I love those little gardening boots too, there’s just something about old books or even other items that feel like little treasures almost.

    The British Feather – Life, Travel & Home Decor

    1. I guess it’s how we react to change that we have no control over. When my boy and I have moved ourselves it’s cos we’ve chosen to but in the case of his parents moving, we’ve had no control over that happening so it’s all a bit unsettling. As you say though, the next place will see lots of new memories made, I’m sure! :)

  6. Oh what a beautiful post. I know exactly what you mean about having mixed feelings about your I laws house move, I’d be utterly devastated if my parents move! But those books. Those beautiful books! They are just divine and I’m green eyed with jealousy right now just looking at those gorgeous pictures. I love old books like this, and I would especially love those for their subject. Just lovely. Thanks so much for hosting again. Steph xxx #HomeEtc

    1. Thanks lovely — it’s so odd. I feel very mixed about it. Excited on one hand and totally unsettled on the other. I guess it’s because this is their last move — and we all know that. It just makes life feel just a little bit fragile, if you catch my drift xx

  7. ah, what a lovely post. Moving house and leaving a lifetime of memories from it is always such a big thing, emotionally and for all the stuff. Wishing your in-laws all the very best for the next phase of their lives, and I’m secretly hoping my in-laws would take the plunge and do the same as we worry about them, but until they’re ready nothings going to happen. Thanks for hosting #homeetc xx

    1. Ah thanks lovely. They moved a LOT in their younger years — it’s something crazy like 15 times in 20 years (maybe more!) due to my father in law’s job — but they’ve been in this house for 32 years and it’s been such a lovely house that’s seen so many happy times. It’s such a wrench. As much for us as for them, to be honest xx

  8. awww so many memories just popped in my head after reading this. My dad had a lot of Readers Digest books and seeing these again reminds me of that collection which I loved. I think it was more about the comfort of the familiarity than anything, they were just always ‘there’ hope your inlays settle in ok. #homeetc

    1. Thanks lovely. It’s so weird isn’t it? We bowl through life, for so many years, and nothing really changes. Then BAM — something happens to totally change the landscape of our world. I think it will all be lovely once they get into their new place. They completed today so are officially ‘homeless’!! Their new place isn’t ready ’til June so they’ll be living in a hotel until then!! ;)

  9. It must be a strange, but exciting feeling for them to leave their home after such a long time. The books you have are wonderful, there is something magical about older books. It’s great that you will get a lot of use out of them for your allotment!

    1. I think it will be a fab change, to be honest. Once we’ve all got our heads round the fact that they’re in a different place!!! And yes! The books have already been a great help. We went down to the allotment last night — SO much to do!! :)

  10. Ah, my parents are just in the process of thinking about downsizing – I’ve encouraged them but I don’t think I’ve really thought about all the emotional implications of them moving! They’ve been where they are for over 20 years and I have so many memories of that house. I hope the move goes smoothly for your in-laws.

    I love those books – they’re beautiful! Gorgeous binding, and the botanical drawings are lovely.

    1. It’s weird isn’t it? I’ve harped on to my own mum and dad about moving but, feeling the effects of my in-laws move, I hope they don’t do it too soon after!! I think it will be fine, once they’ve settled in their new place but we’ve taken SO many memories from the old one!! :)

  11. Even though it sounds like quite an upheaval with lots of things to sort for the move of your in-laws, it’s great that you’ve focused on the positives and acquired the beautiful gardening books in the process. We throw so many things away now without a second thought (or give them away) that it’s nice when items are kept in the family and are adored rather than kept because there’s the feeling ‘you have to’.

    1. It’s been a big upheaval — particularly as my mother-in-law has been ill and had an op halfway through. Terrible timing. But hopefully now she’s on the mend, when they’re settled it will be a good thing :) Exciting times ahead I think. And you’re so right, there’s such a throwaway culture these days. It’s lovely to keep things in the family :) xx

  12. It must be strange time for you all. I know the feeling – my parents moved house last year from our childhood home. Once they were in, decorated and surrounded by all their things it felt like home – I’m sure you’ll feel the same! :)


  13. I can’t imagine what a task it must be helping your in-laws to move from somewhere they’ve lived for so many years. I remember when I helped my parents move a few years back and I found some brilliant pieces which my mum had just hidden away. Sometimes it takes a fresh pair of eyes to really see the value in items – these books are fabulous xx #HomeEtc

    1. Gosh — there were so many things from so many periods in their lives. They travelled a lot in their younger years so there were lots of mementoes of times past. I’m looking forward to a bright future though — the only downside is, the completed today and their new home isn’t ready until mid-June!! They’re going to be living out of a hotel until then!!

  14. I know exactly what you mean! I love moving house, less when my parents move. It’s like you almost feel like you are losing a bit of your safety net or perhaps your anchor would be a better way of explaining it. Like you say, it is the idea of always having the nest to fly back to should you need to and then when your parents decide that they want to leave then it can leave you feeling a little disorientated. You will soon get over the initial anxious feelings and I am sure love their new place! How gorgeous are those books too! Something to really treasure, very special :-) #HomeEtc

  15. Lovely post and gorgeous pictures – they books are beautiful. I hate moving so understand how it can be stressful for everyone – but moving after such a long time in one home is heart wrenching. When my gran moved after being in her home for 56years – as my grandad passed – I had such a massive cry as spent my whole childhood there – but we have made her little bungalow home and it feels right for her. x x x #homeetc

    1. Thanks darling :) The books are divine aren’t they? We’re so lucky to have things like that passed down to us. It’s weird — I LOVE moving! The thrill of getting the keys to your new house and running round all the rooms exploring. I love it. This feels really final though, as it will be their last move, I think. They completed today so are officially ‘homeless’!! Their new place isn’t ready ’til June so they’ll be living in a hotel until then!! ;)

  16. I love your Styling the Seasons posts so much – just beautiful, words and pictures. Here’s to April and weathering the showers and all the changes ahead x

  17. Such beautiful books, I’m a sucker for an old book. Me and James visites Hay On Wye on our honeymoon and bought loads of random old books just because. It’s so nice that you now have them and they’ve been passed down! I hope you’re in laws are happy in their new home, my mum recently downsized to an apartment and she seems so much more happier, easier for her to manage and she is literally just around the corner from us which is lovely xx

    1. I wish they had moved closer to be honest — they’re still in the same place which is tough, as we don’t see them as often as we’d like. And yep – am totally with you re the old books! I bought a stack off Ebay the other day, just because I liked the covers! Dickie is chuffed to bits with these of his grandad’s. So nice to have something that has been passed down :)

  18. Aah I totally get what you mean with regards to your in-laws moving. Mine downsized last Jan after nearly 30 years in a beautiful home. It was weird and sad for everyone for a while, but now they have a lovely place nearby that’s become a new home-from-home, and we’ve loved making new memories there! x

    1. It’s SO weird!!! I’ve always loved moving house but that feels OK, cos everyone else is still in the same place!! Now my surrogate ma and pa have moved I sort of feel like I’ve lost my balance slightly. But you’re right. When they’ve settled in their new home, I’m sure everything will be right in the world again :)

  19. Caro, beautiful post and I love the photos. I can imagine how emotional and difficult the move of your in-laws must have been. My boyfriend is moving back to London and therefore started to clean out our flat. Even though we only lived there for about three years there are so many memories attached to it. Therefore I can only imagine what it must be like for your in-laws.
    However, it is great that you were able to get those beautiful gardening books and some other things that remind you of the good times.

    1. Thanks so much for your lovely message Mina! :) It’s been such a strange time. My boy and I have been together for 20 years so I’ve known that house for half of my life! It was so weird when we drove away the other day, knowing that I’d never go there again. Really unsettling. But I’m sure that when they’re in their new home, everything will be back to normal and the balance restored once more x

    1. Thanks so much for your lovely message :) You’re right — houses hold SO many memories. But I’m sure they’ll love their new home when they settle in — and we’ll make lots of lovely memories there too :)

  20. I can understand how you feel Caro. My dad is considering selling the family home and, since I have never known any other, it would be really strange. On the other hand, living there alone is a burden.
    So lovely that you got a few heirlooms. I have two Penguin Specials from WWII that your husband would love – food growing and storage for the war effort. Still relevant now, although we have better storage options now.
    Lovely post Caro.

    1. I dread to think what will happen when my mum and dad sell their home!! They’ve been there since I was 18 months old so I can’t imagine how weird it will be. Similar to your dad though, my in-laws’ house was a burden. Too big — and the garden especially was too much for them to manage. The Penguin books sound AMAZING btw! :)

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