Home Etc #55

Last week’s favourite Hoe Etc posts came from Sue at Home Heart Harmony who shared her amazing new kitchen.

Now, regular readers of my blog will know that I DREAM of a new kitchen and Sue’s is absolutely swoon-worthy.

home etc
Sue’s amazing new kitchen!!! Envious much?

Another favourite came from Elfa who blogs over at Californian Mum In London who showed off her new gorgeous Eames inspired dining chairs.

home etc
Elfa’s gorgeous Eames inspired chairs

I LOVE Charles and Ray Eames — I love the fact that they were a husband and wife team and their amazing designs  just haven’t dated.

Their pieces are as covetable today as the day they were first produced. I love the colour combination that Elfa has chose for hers too — just lovely.

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Caro Davies art directed fashion and interiors before leaving the world of design to pursue a career in social media. She can now be found chasing the light — and two small twin boys.

12 thoughts on “Home Etc #55

  1. I have an Eames-inspired chair in white…in face I’m sitting on it now as I type this! I love the colour combination Elfa has chosen. Sadly I can’t afford the real thing, which is shame, but I’ll make do with my ‘inspired’ version for now :)
    Thank you for hosting #HomeEtc

  2. A week later I’m still thinking of Sue’s amazing kitchen! And loved Elfa’s colourful Eames chairs too – big fan myself of Charles and (especially) Ray Eames, and think it’s great these chairs are being reproduced (they had some on sale in Aldi last week!)

    1. ALDI??? You are kidding me?? Our Aldi never has cool things like that!! And yes — Ray Eames is a legend. What a brilliant, forward thinking woman. Bloody marvellous. They had some FAB designers back then — Eileen Gray was another. Extraordinary talent.

  3. Sue’s kitchen is just stunning!!! I love everything about it. I love Eames style chairs, we have them in our kitchen diner (although Jordan’s not a fan, pfffft!) and I think they look fab. I love that Elfa’s chairs are all different colours, I thought about doing that myself or having a combination of 2 shades!

    Gemma x
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