107 weeks and 1 day | The Eccentric English

This captured moment takes me back to last year. We were having a lovely weekend camping when I got a message from an old uni friend saying ‘will you help me out with a design project I’m doing’. Never one to shy away from helping a mate, I agreed and asked him what I needed to do. And this was the brief. Think of a place that means something to you.   Then go and measure a 10″x10″ square — on the ground — and dig it up. In one piece.   Next, stand behind the hole — holding the piece in both hands — and have your photograph taken behind the hole. Erm… OK. Obviously I couldn’t do it there and then, as we were in the middle of a field, having a rare old time with our friends but I promised I’d help him out when I got home. Which, obviously, was the best — most meaningful — place I could think of, in which to dig my 10inch hole. (Plus, I wouldn’t get into any trouble either!!) So a couple of days later — armed with a spade — my boy and I went out into the garden to take my photo for the project. Now, I could have worn my everyday clothes. I could… Read More

Our Bluestone Adventure | Part 2 {Getting Around}

The Bluestone National Park Resort is set over 500 acres of amazing Pembrokeshire countryside with some breathtaking views and gorgeous fresh Welsh country air. Needless to say the site is pretty big! As Bluestone is mostly traffic free, on the first day you drive down to your lodge to unpack and then you’re asked to take your car back up to the car park — where it will stay for the duration of your stay. Obviously you have access to it whenever you want and you can drive off the site,  at any time, but you aren’t able to drive back into the site, to your lodge, until the day you leave. So to get around at Bluestone it’s recommended that you hire the golf buggies or bikes that are available. You can also use your legs but it can be a long walk, some of it quite hilly too. The site As the road system is one-way, although our lodge looked pretty close to the car park —on the map — because of the road layout it was as far away as it could possibly be! We had chosen to hire bikes, which on a sunny day is by far the best way to… Read More

Our Bluestone Adventure | Part 1 {The Lodge}

It’s always so exciting to go on holiday. Even more so when you arrive, to find that your accommodation is lovely! We had no idea what to expect when we opened the door to our Caldey Lodge at  the Bluestone National Park Resort, in Pembrokeshire, but our anticipation was rewarded with the most brilliant little home from home! The front door opened to reveal a little hall with a coat rack and space for shoes and wellies, then an internal door led into a fabulous open plan living space. First off was the kitchen; a lovely modern L-shaped design — with cream gloss units — that wrapped around the wall of the lodge.  It was full to bursting with everything you could possibly need for a self-catering holiday. We had a kettle, toaster, a microwave, an oven and hob, dishwasher — literally everything — including the kitchen sink! ;) The kitchen opened out to a little dining area — complete with a table and 4 chairs plus two highchairs. One highchair and one cot is available for free with each lodge but if you need any more — which we did of course — you have to pay a little extra. It was £12.50, for an extra cot and highchair, which we thought was really reasonable. Next to the dining… Read More

105 weeks and 1 day | Technology {captured moments 6.02.2015}

These captured moments are only from last month. As my dad had been in hospital over Christmas, I hadn’t given the boys their presents from my parents as I thought it would be nice to wait — until both my mum and dad could see their grandsons open the gifts they’d chosen for them. So in February, we had a mini second Christmas! Sadly my daddy was still too ill to  come over and see us in person, so I set up a Facetime on the iPad and the boys unwrapped their presents with my mum and  dad watching! It’s times like this I’m so grateful that we have this kind of amazing technology at our fingertips! To be able to chat to my parents and have them in the room — virtually — when their little grandsons were opening the gifts they’d bought, was magical. If you’d have gone back in time — even 10 years — this kind of technology in the home would have been considered space-age. We’re so incredibly lucky to live in an era — and a country — where this kind of innovation is almost considered commonplace. Technology is a beautiful thing, that’s for sure. Captured Moments  … Read More

104 weeks and 2 days | Happy birthday Twinkles! {Siblings March}

I can’t believe it! Today we are celebrating my babies’ second birthday. No longer babies — in the truest sense of the word — these little siblings are now walking, talking little man-cubs; picking up new words and learning different skills every day. The last two years have flown by so quickly; it seems like just last week that they were born and only yesterday that we saw them celebrate their first birthday. So many things have happened in the last year. They started crawling, walking, running. They had their naming ceremony. They began to talk. They went to their first festival, went swimming, went camping for the first time. They started nursery, two long mornings every week . There have been so many firsts, so many milestones and so many developments happening — amidst all the other tiny miracles that occur on a daily basis — that it makes my head spin just to think about it. Incredible that the tiny, helpless little newborns that arrived in the world,  just 24 months ago,  are now  real people. With personalities and memories of their own.  I feel utterly privileged to call myself their mother; to have ring-side seats to watch them grow and a first class ticket to join them on their journey. As we are on holiday at Bluestone, in Wales, at the moment— more about that… Read More

103 weeks and 6 days | Decorating a little girls bedroom

About 5 years ago I was asked if I would decorate a friend’s daughter’s bedroom. It was years before the advent of wall decals and vinyl stickers and they wanted something fun and pretty to break up the vast expanse of magnolia. The room was a bit of an odd shape — it had an alcove with a sloping roof  — but I thought this would lend itself well to creating something really lovely. I was obsessed with Enid Blyton books,  when I was a child,  and particularly loved The Magic Faraway Tree. I loved the idea of creating a secret space, so the little girl could lie in her bed and pretend she was in an enchanted forest. As her bed fit really well in the alcove, I imagined a tree’s branches surrounding the bed, almost giving her the feeling that she was sleeping in a tree house. I started off by painting the alcove in hot pink emulsion, waited for it to dry then started on the tree design. Although most of my work is created on the Mac, these days, it’s lovely to create somethings by hand occasionally, so I drew the tree freehand — with a white pencil — then filled in the lines with white paint. Next came the foliage! I’d made… Read More

103 weeks and 1 day | A fancy dress party

I think it’s fair to say that my friends and I like a fancy dress party. In fact, I would go as far to say that we are pretty professional at it. If party organising/attending/revelling were an Olympic sport, we’d definitely be representing our country. So, when a couple of our dear friends turned 40 last year it only seemed right — and proper — that we celebrate in style. The birthday girl hosted the most incredible costume party, at her parents farm — you can read more about the farm here —  which included a sit down meal for 170 people,  followed by dancing through the night in a beautiful forest. The theme was ‘Best Of British’ and our amazing group of friends certainly pulled out all the stops, to ensure it was,  truly,  the best. My boy went as an institution — the British national press — resplendent in a home-made shirt, covered in the most ridiculous tabloid headlines of the last few decades (Freddie Star Ate My Hamster, etc). My best and I went as Pats and Eddie from Ab Fab. Of course. The Patsy Stone costume was complete with dark roots, felt-tipped onto the wig, a dab of cornflour on my nose and… Read More

102 weeks and 3 days | Me and Mine {February}

February. You’ve been a mixed month. We’ve seen my boy struck down with pneumonia, the Twinkles both with bouts of conjunctivitis; we’ve all had sickness, coughs, colds… …yet another month of germs. But there is now a shiny, bright light at the end of the tunnel. I have just been to put the chickens away for the night — and at 10-to-6 — it was still light!!! Hurrah! We’ve broken the back of the winter.  Another 4 weeks and  the clocks will go forward. And it will be spring! And with it will come the warmer weather, the longer days and we can hopefully say  goodbye to all of the winter ills. Hallelujah to that! These photos are so last minute. We’ve been so bogged down with ailments that there really hasn’t been much opportunity to get outside this month. In fact, Bertie is running a temperature as I type. Poor little bobbin doesn’t look very well on these photos. The pics are taken on my phone this month — with the aid of the trusty selfie-stick — the light’s not great and they’re all grainy but we’re all together. And that’s really all that matters. Me and mine have had a rough time over the last couple of… Read More