102 weeks and 1 day | My captured moments {15.02.2014}

So back to last year,  once again,  for these captured moments. Just over a year to the day, in fact. The babies were a month off their first birthday… and they were on the move. Crawling and cruising round the furniture, at a rate of knots, and giving me a headache as they were into everything! When you’ve been so used to your little charges staying exactly where you put them, it’s easy to get complacent, when you’re a new mama of twins. People warned me that it would get tougher, when they started moving, but I didn’t realise quite how much!! When you have two little rockets — shooting off in different directions — one in the back of the TV, pulling all the wires, and one in a pot plant, eating the soil, you suddenly realise that your nice, calm life is just about to be turned on it’s head! These captured moments… These photographs were taken at my in-laws and it was the first time we’d taken the boys when they were able to move independently. They absolutely loved exploring their grandparent’s house! These pics were taken in the hallway; it’s a huge space — bigger than some of the… Read More

101 weeks and 1 day | My captured moments {26.07.2014}

These captured moments were taken last year. It was July and we’d taken Dolly (our caravan) to a farm nearby our home,  for a camping weekend with a couple of other families. It was a baking hot weekend and our friends were due to arrive,  from London,  later on in the day. We’d finished setting up camp and I’d wandered off with the camera. Haselbech is such a beautiful place. The view from the hill is magical — there are not many places, in the UK,  that still have views of unbroken countryside. These days, the skyline is littered with pylons, telephone lines and windmills. A little slice of heaven… This is a rare place indeed and we’re lucky enough that the farm is owned by the parents of some really good friends and,  as a result,  we’ve been lucky enough to spend a lot of time there. There’s been festivals and parties held there and,  since having the Twinkles,  there’s nothing we like better than to head off on a spur of the moment camping trip. Taking the littles camping is something I LOVE. Particularly when it’s to a non-commercial campsite! Being able to kick of your shoes and run about freely — and safely — is a gorgeous… Read More

50 weeks and 2 days | Me and Mine {February}

This month has whizzed by. Tomorrow is March and in less than two weeks my baby boys will be a year old. The pics for this months ‘Me and Mine’ were taken on a very cold, very sunny, day in our friend’s garden. The sun beating down on our heads belies the temperature… you could be fooled into believing that it was summer — or spring at the very least — but it was February. And chilly. February has been a short, but very busy, month. A month full of germs and illness. We all had flu, we all recovered, we all caught a cold, we all recovered… and repeat. Bertie has had a horrible ear infection too, so altogether we have been a bit of a lurgy-fied household. I’m glad that February is nearly over. I am delighted to welcome in March and all that it stands for. My lovely boy’s birthday, just four days before our baby sons turn one; a HUGE milestone in all our lives. Lots to celebrate and plenty of excuses to eat cake and hang out with our nearest and dearest. So this month, The Twinkles Momma was loving… • Hearing the news that Bertie… Read More

50 Weeks and 1 day | Egg Gate Part Deux

After the ‘Egg Gate‘ episode happened, we had been quickly referred for an appointment at Birmingham City Hospital for Bertie’s immunology testing. Odd — seeing as Leicester (which is closer) has a reportedly amazing immunology department — but hey, we dance to the beat of the NHS drum, so we went along with it and didn’t cause a fuss. Whilst they were pretty quick in organising the appointment, however, there followed a waiting time of 84 days… (that’s a quarter of the Twinkle’s whole lives, so far!!). But finally, on Tuesday, this week, we went to our appointment … only 3 months after Bertie’s egg allergy first reared it’s ugly head. We met a guy called Dr North. He chatted to us about ‘Egg Gate’ — asking why we thought he may be allergic to egg etc etc — he also asked why we’d come so far? Especially given that ‘Leicester is considerably closer and also has a (dare-I-say-it) better department than ours (possibly)’. Hmm. That’s not at all annoying said through gritted teeth. Think the NHS drums must have gotten a little out of sync on this occasion. Anyway. He said he would like to test Bertie’s reaction to… Read More

48 weeks and 1 day | 11 months old today – Siblings {February}

I cannot believe that in one month’s time my baby boys will be one year old! Today marks their 11 month anniversary; a full 11 months of parenthood. Cuddles, storytimes and love, with our very own children. And this last month has seen SO many changes. Probably the busiest month since they were born, in terms of noticeable development. Both babies now have 4 teeth — two front top and bottom — and they are cruising around the furniture at speed. Every once in a while, when they forget what they’re doing, they let go… then stand unaided, looking remarkably un-babylike. A glimpse of the little boys that they almost are. Every time this has happened, it totally takes me aback. They look SO grown up!! In the short time I’ve know them, they’ve changed beyond all recognition. Their personalities are shining through and they are learning new things almost every day. Bertie’s new thing this week has been ‘Downward Dog’. Damn sure, he has no idea that he’s pulling cracking yoga pose but he’s doing a remarkably good job of it anyway. I think he’s enjoying seeing the world from a different angle. Cosmo has been perfecting his pincer-grip!… Read More

46 weeks and 5 days | Happy, happy, happy anniversary day!

Dear Twinkles, Thirteen years ago, to this very day, my beautiful boy — your daddy — and I stood up in front of our nearest and dearest and made our vows of marriage. 03.02.01. Such a memorable date. I’ve spent most of today reminiscing about what we were doing – and at what time – on that day. We were surrounded by our favourite friends and family and — without sounding like a total cliché — it was one of the happiest days of my whole life. We took over a castle; a beautiful fairytale venue, the perfect place to celebrate our union. The weather had been vile for the week leading up to it, so I hadn’t had very high hopes for the day. Especially as I woke in the wee small hours of the night before, to hear the rain pattering down on the skylight, in the room that I was sharing with my best friend. In fact, it’s a wonder I had any sleep that night! I was a bundle of nerves, with your Aunty Laydy snoring like a pig next to me! Eventually, the morning came and I woke with gritty eyes and a tired head…… Read More

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